Top Dentists 2009

The 299 best general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists, and other specialists who can take very good care of your teeth.

How were these top dentists chosen? By their peers.

To put together the list, we first mailed surveys to more than 1,500 randomly chosen dentists. Dentists see one another’s work, so we asked them to name the general dentist and the specialists to whom they would send a member of their own family. The practitioners who received the most recommendations, from the 380 completed surveys, are listed here. Names marked with an asterisk (*) are the top vote getters.

Just because a dentist isn’t listed doesn’t mean he or she isn’t good. How do good dentists get left off? Some have small practices with limited referral networks, so they’re less well known. Others are very good but are new or in out-of-the-way locations. Or they’re not active in dental circles, meaning their peers may not know them. To fill in these gaps, we did more research and reporting, asking experts about good but overlooked dentists.

Although the dentists on this list come highly recommended, that doesn’t mean a dentist will be right for you. While dentists can gauge a colleague’s skills, they may not know if a fellow dentist has a good chairside manner, if he or she charges fair prices, or if the office staff is pleasant.

We suggest using this list as one guide; you might also ask coworkers, neighbors, and friends for the names of dentists they like.

General Dentists | Endodontists | Oral Surgeons | Orthodontists | Pediatric Dentists | Periodontists | Prosthodontists 

General Dentists

Jeffrey Almo, Northwest DC; 202-362-5596.

Robert Argentieri, Springfield; 703-569-6644.

*David Bertman, Burke; 703-425-6100.

*Michael M. Blicher, downtown DC; 202-638-5400.

Sharon Brown, Spring Valley; 202-244-4477.

David Butts, Falls Church; 703-671-1020.

Paul Callahan, Sterling; 703-444-4104.

Emilio Canal, Reston; 703-318-8200.

Samuel D. Cappiello, McLean; 703-734-0100.

Daniel Cassidy, Alexandria; 703-370-2333.

*Joseph A. Catanzano III, Foxhall Square; 202-244-1601.

John A. Chick, Chevy Chase; 301-652-2277.

*Andrew C. Cobb, Friendship Heights; 202-686-9100.

Jason A. Cohen, Chevy Chase; 301-656-1201.

*Paul Cohen, downtown DC; 202-659-9100.

Sara Cohen, downtown DC; 202-659-9100.

Shane R. Costa, Great Falls; 703-757-0833.

Margaret Culotta-Norton, downtown DC; 202-833-1111.

Joseph Cusumano, Arlington; 703-525-4071.

Daniel J. Deutsch, downtown DC; 202-223-6630.

*Robert H. DeWitt, Tysons Corner; 703-734-5707.

Marc D. Doctors, downtown DC; 202-223-6630.

*John W. Drumm, Foxhall Square; 202-244-1601. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

James S. Dryden Jr., Falls Church; 703-532-7586.

Mohammad Eghtessad, Ashburn; 703-726-0333.

Paul D. Ellington, Potomac Falls; 703-444-5108.

Ali R. Fassihi, downtown DC; 202-293-9804.

Barry E. Feldman, Rockville; 301-468-1555.

Charles Ferrara, McLean; 703-356-2020.

Stanley B. Foxman, North Bethesda;301-770-5353.

Ronan Freyne, Chevy Chase; 888-237-0346.

*Eugene C. Gadaire, West End; 202-331-1554. Also a top vote getter for cosmetic work.

*Eugene T. Giannini, Tenleytown; 202-244-4111. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

Paul Gibberman, Alexandria; 703-823-6616.

Lawrence Goldbaum, Rockville; 301-770-1555.

Leonard S. Gordon, Gaithersburg; 301-258-1998.

*Brian Gray, Tenleytown; 202-244-4111. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

Danine Fresch Gray, Clarendon; 703-525-5901.

Cecilia M. Gyllenhoff, McLean; 703-734-0100.

James Gyuricza, Burke; 703-978-5660.

Robert Hall, Reston, 703-437-8811; Ashburn, 703-858-0000.

Gary Hartz, Reston, 703-437-8811; Ashburn, 703-858-0000.

Ronald Hauptman, Falls Church; 703-241-0666.

R. Alan Hinkle, McLean; 703-356-4034. Vote getter for cosmetic work.

Johanna Huijssoon, Foggy Bottom; 202-466-4530.

Margaret H. Irvin, Tenleytown; 202-244-6650.

Gary Kaihara, Northwest DC, 202-466-3333; McLean, 703-356-3556.

Eric Katkow, Columbia; 410-730-2020.

Kim Kitchen, Alexandria; 703-836-7000.

Henry J. Konigsberg, Southwest DC; 202-488-8300.

Sousan H. Kunaish, Falls Church; 703-532-7212.

David Q. Le, Ashburn; 703-723-1400.

Chong Lee, McLean, 703-448-1020; Arlington, 703-841-0016. Vote getter for cosmetic work.

Thomas Lenz Jr., Vienna; 703-938-6669.

William D. Lessne, Arlington; 703-526-9700

Paul E. Levine, McLean; 703-356-3960.

Robert Levine, Fairfax; 703-280-1300.

David E. Liebeskind, Silver Spring; 301-495-9222.

Samuel Lievano, downtown DC; 202-728-0896.

Melanie R. Love, Falls Church; 703-241-2911.

Philip M. Maiese, Foggy Bottom; 202-466-4530.

H.R. Makarita, Oakton; 703-255-1150. Vote getter for cosmetic work.

John Martin, Tenleytown; 202-966-1900.

Stanley Mayer, Bethesda; 301-654-4848.

Katherine A. McGrath, Fairfax; 703-978-6556.

Mark Miller, Falls Church; 703-241-2911.

Richard A. Miller, Rockville; 301-468-9383.

Patrick A. Murray, Rockville; 301-330-4600. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

Charles A. Nardiello, Fairfax; 703-591-5637.

Dennis S. O’Leary, Palisades; 202-966-8108.

Bradley J. Olson, Waldorf; 301-843-6621.

George Papastergiou, Vienna, 703-938-7174.

*Judith A. Penski, Tenleytown; 202-244-6650.

Dean J. Phass, Falls Church; 703-824-0055.

Steven Philips, Spring Valley; 202-244-5900.

Michael Pollowitz, Spring Valley; 202-244-4477. Recommended for cosmetic work.

Adel Rizkalla, Falls Church; 703-671-2222.

Clark Rogers, Herndon; 703-471-7164.

Richard Rogers, Frederick; 301-663-1700.

Kurt C. Rolf, McLean; 703-356-3035.

Lawrence D. Rosenman, Springfield, 703-256-8554; Lorton, 703-541-3110.

Stuart Ross, downtown DC; 202-223-6300.

Barry Rudolph, Vienna; 703-281-7104. Also a top vote getter for cosmetic work.

Kevin A. Ryan, Springfield; 703-354-8811. A vote getter for cosmetic work.

D. Gordon Rye, Fairfax; 703-352-2010. Vote getter for cosmetic work.

Adam Schneider, Gaithersburg; 301-948-3111.

Everett Schneider, downtown DC; 202-296-8252.

Richard Schneider, Burke; 703-323-1400.

Craig Scimeca, Oakton; 703-281-6201.

Salvatore Selvaggio, Northwest DC; 202-362-5596.

Jeffrey Sisel, South Arlington; 703-931-5333.

Christopher Spagna, Falls Church; 703-532-7212.

Michael S. Stern, Rockville; 301-610-9909.

Marcus Stephen Tappan, Silver Spring; 301-565-8212.

Sherman Telis, downtown DC; 202-223-6630.

Mark A. Tromblay, West End; 202-331-1554.

Rena Vakay, Alexandria; 703-256-7700. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

Eric C. Vasey, Woodbridge; 703-670-5376.

Gary J. Weiss, Fairfax, 703-278-8866; Ashburn, 703-726-9313.

Mark Winkler, Springfield; 703-451-8332.

Brenda J. Young, Fairfax; 703-560-6301.

Mary M. Ziomek, Rockville; 888-643-1972.


Endodontists specialize in root canals.

Ali Behnia, Rockville; 301-340-9494.

*Edward Besner, Reston, 703-437-6666; Springfield, 703-569-0000.

John Douglas Bramwell, Reston, 703-437-6666; Springfield, 703-569-0000.

Frederick L. Canby, Leesburg; 703-779-7900.

Edward Chun, McLean; 703-847-0989.

Albert A. Citron, Vienna; 703-938-5920.

Steven C. Cohen, Chevy Chase, 301-654-1818; Rockville, 301-984-3800.

Gael M. Delany, Friendship Heights; 202-364-0234.

John Ehreth, Manassas and Warrenton; 703-257-0481.

*Michael A. Fabio, Reston, 703-437-6666; Springfield, 703-569-0000.

Reza Farshey, Chevy Chase; 301-907-2931.

Tim Golian, Fairfax; 703-273-8798.

Nelson J. Goodman, downtown DC; 202-659-2552.

Scott Hetz, downtown DC, 202-659-2552; Rockville, 301-984-3800.

Tony Hsu, Rockville; 301-881-6882.

Gary J. Johnson, Vienna; 703-883-3990.

Martin D. Levin, Chevy Chase; 301-654-6077.

Kim A. Menhinick, downtown DC, 202-659-2552; Rockville, 301-984-3800.

Julian Moiseiwitsch, Friendship Heights; 202-364-0234.

Angela P. Noguera, downtown DC; 202-861-0045.

*David Palmieri, Old Town Alexandria, 703-836-0006; Seven Corners, 703-534-0330.

Michael I. Pascal, downtown DC; 202-822-0732.

Jayesh S. Patel, Fairfax; 703-631-1136.

Michael Peterson, Silver Spring; 301-754-0500.

Frank Portell, Springfield; 703-569-0000.

*Michael J. Ribera, downtown DC, 202-659-2552; Chevy Chase, 301-654-1818.

Clara Rodriguez, downtown DC; 202-659-8568.

Carolina Rodriguez-Rad, downtown DC; 202-659-8568.

Paula L. Russo, downtown DC; 202-861-0045.

Fredric H. Simon, Chevy Chase, 301-654-1818; Rockville, 301-984-3800.

Edward J. Strittmatter, Centreville; 703-815-3636.

Ronald C. Taylor, Bowie, 301-218-7711; Silver Spring, 301-562-9455.

Ian Walker, Rockville; 301-231-0744.

Michael Weber, Rockville; 301-231-0744.

*Pirooz A. Zia, Chevy Chase; 301-907-2931.

Oral Surgeons

These surgeons operate on the mouth, jaws, and face, including tooth extraction, reconstruction of fractured jaws, and implants.

Ralph W. Alman Jr., Rockville; 301-881-8803.

Joseph M. Arzadon, Gainesville, Arlington, and Manassas; 703-753-5268.

Christopher E. Bonacci, Vienna; 703-255-9400.

Brenton Burger, Sterling, 703-444-2206; Centreville, 703-266-8770.

Theodore P. Corcoran, Falls Church, 703-534-6500; North Arlington, 703-522-6440.

Jane M. Daly, Bowie, 301-262-1800; Olney, 301-924-2155.

Edward B. Delgado, Vienna, 703-506-1414; Alexandria, 703-317-1717.

*Patrick J. Dolan, Centreville, 703-266-0026; Reston, 703-435-7100; Fairfax, 703-385-5777; Burke, 703-764-2077.

Steve Dorsch, Leesburg; 703-771-1771.

William R. Dzyak, Kensington, 301-942-4900; Gaithersburg, 301-926-1100.

*Robert W. Emery, West End; 202-386-7100.

Gary Funari, Rockville; 301-990-8400.

Leonard Goldman, Silver Spring; 301-439-3550.

Stuart L. Graves, Burke, 703-425-5010; Reston, 703-736-1640.

*Steven A. Guttenberg, downtown DC; 202-466-3323.

H. Ryan Kazemi, Bethesda; 301-654-7070.

Michael Kuzmik, Alexandria, 703-317-1717; Tysons Corner, 703-506-1414.

J. Daniel LaBriola, Annandale, 703-256-2307; Woodbridge, 703-494-9173.

Jeffrey A. Lane, Burke, 703-764-2077; Fairfax, 703-385-5777; Centreville, 703-266-0026; Reston, 703-435-7100; Woodbridge, 703-672-4200.

Clarence C. Lindquist, Chevy Chase, 301-652-8555; downtown DC, 202-466-7555.

John J. Mennitt, Olney, 301-924-2155; Bowie, 301-262-1800.

Leonard Merlo, Rockville, 301-468-0020; Dupont Circle, 202-223-3391.

Jay S. Nokkeo, Gaithersburg; 301-948-9801.

George Obeid, Washington Hospital Center; 202-877-7332.

Jeffrey Posnick, Chevy Chase; 301-986-9475. Specializes in complicated jaw surgery.

*David S. Ross, Bethesda; 301-656-9565.

Jeffrey Rothman, Alexandria; 703-370-3012.

Harlene D. Sandler, Rockville; 301-762-0062.

Kevin G. Schwartz, Olney, 301-774-6200; Mount Airy, 301-831-0110; Rockville, 301-990-8400.

Kimberly Silloway, Centreville, 703-266-0026; Fairfax, 703-385-5777; Reston, 703-435-7100; Burke, 703-764-2077.

*Peter W. Smith, Reston, 703-435-7100; Fairfax, 703-385-5777; Burke, 703-764-2077; Centreville, 703-266-0026.

Mitchell A. Stark, Rockville; 301-340-0101.

Daniel Theberge, Fairfax, 703-385-5777; Reston, 703-435-7100; Burke, 703-764-2077; Centreville, 703-266-0026; Woodbridge, 703-672-4200.

Richard Williams, Germantown, 301-540-8844; Chevy Chase, 202-364-9400.

*Henry W. Zussman, Fairfax, 703-385-5777; Reston, 703-435-7100; Burke, 703-764-2077; Centreville, 703-266-0026; Woodbridge, 703-672-4200.


Orthodontists straighten teeth.

Kolman P. Apt, Herndon, 703-437-8700; Ashburn, 703-729-9060.

M. Alan Bagden, Springfield; 703-451-3900.

Rena Barakat, Dulles; 703-433-9330

Greg Bath, Vienna, 703-938-4614; Great Falls, 703-759-9453.

Scott C. Berman, Falls Church, 703-241-9191; Herndon, 703-481-3339.

John Bilodeau, Springfield; 703-451-4666.

Jill Bruno, Chevy Chase; 301-656-3310.

*Darlene Byrd, Tenleytown; 202-686-2108.

Zach Casagrande, Ashburn; 703-327-1718.

William E. Crutchfield, Chantilly; 703-263-0575.

Lisa DeMarco, Silver Spring; 301-593-6363.

Garret Djeu, Fairfax; 703-691-8388.

Michael Dunegan, Manassas; 703-361-5698.

Henry F. Dutson, Annandale, 703-750-9393; Burke, 703-250-2214.

Duane Erickson, Silver Spring, 301-236-0600; Olney, 301-774-5040.

Daniel Farber, Rockville; 301-881-5560.

Wanda Flinn, Gaithersburg, 301-977-4200; Olney, 301-774-1600.

Allen S. Garai, Vienna; 703-281-4868.

*Eduardo Gerlein, Chevy Chase; 301-951-4114.

Linda Hallman, Chevy Chase; 301-654-7910.

Charles C. Harrington, North Potomac; 301-977-1441.

Wayne Hickory, Dupont Circle; 202-518-5910.

David R. Hughes, Springfield; 703-451-0502.

Herbert Hughes, Alexandria; 703-360-8660.

Rodney J. Klima, Burke; 703-425-5125.

Edwin Lee, Falls Church and Herndon; 703-241-9191.

Christopher Liang, Chevy Chase, 202-966-7711; College Park, 301-927-9000; Potomac, 301-983-3132.

Amy Light, Potomac; 301-983-9804.

Robert B. Marzban, McLean; 703-356-8781.

Richard Mattson, Olney; 301-924-2405.

Deirdre J. Maull, McLean; 703-556-9400.

Michael McCombs, Falls Church; 703-820-1011.

Kevin McGrath, Oakton; 703-938-1900.

Andrew M. Orchin, Friendship Heights; 202-686-5100.

Jeremy D. Orchin, Friendship Heights; 202-686-5100.

Carmine N. Petrarca, Bethesda; 301-897-5880.

Mehdy Rad, Potomac, 301-299-3993; College Park, 301-345-7710.

Jack J. Rosenberg, Burke; 703-250-2208; Gainesville, 571-248-4355.

*Shadi Saba, Sterling; 703-404-7222.

Andrew L. Schwartz, downtown DC, 202-785-4746; Rockville, 301-610-9909.

*John Shefferman, downtown DC; 202-338-7128.

Hani Thariani, North Arlington and Herndon; 703-527-5654.

Nancy Tilkin, Silver Spring; 301-593-6363.

Stephan Tisseront, Reston; 703-773-1200.

Pediatric Dentists

These dentists treat children and teens.

Girish Banaji, Fairfax; 703-849-1300.

Mark V. Barren, Gaithersburg; 301-977-2200.

Dawn Crandall, Manassas; 703-368-1000.

Liliana Cuervo, Montgomery Village; 301-869-5437.

Jeff Davis, McLean; 703-848-8444.

Jayne E. Delaney, Alexandria; 703-370-5437.

Ronald Gravitz, Rockville, 301-762-2236; Greenbelt, 301-345-2880.

*Dana Greenwald, Friendship Heights; 202-966-0045.

Heidi Herbst, Sterling; 703-444-3710.

Gary Kramer, Burke; 703-978-0051.

Alan Kuwabara, Friendship Heights; 202-244-6111.

Scott H. Leaf, Springfield, 703-455-1339; Burke, 703-455-9683.

Niloofar Mofakhami, Oakton; 703-255-3424.

Maryam Mohammadi, West End; 202-331-3474; McLean, 703-752-2200.

Robert Morgenstein, Kensington; 301-881-6170.

*Ricardo A. Perez, Chevy Chase; 301-718-1012.

Christine Reardon, Arlington; 703-778-7610.

Cris Ann Ternisky, McLean, 703-356-1875; Reston, 703-481-9200.

Michael Ternisky, McLean, 703-356-1875; Reston, 703-481-9200.

Bob Testen, Germantown; 301-540-5757.

Jack Weil, Vienna; 703-255-2573.


Periodontists concentrate on gum work and the placement of dental implants.

Georgann Apgar, Chevy Chase; 301-652-3355.

Sanford A. Barber, Rockville; 301-881-2323.

William K. Brayer, Rockville; 301-869-5595.

Lillian C. Carpio, McLean; 703-288-3570.

Charles C. Chen, Olney, 301-260-1201; Bethesda, 301-656-0331.

Michael Colasanto, Arlington; 703-525-7471.

*Sally J. Cram, downtown DC; 202-785-3021.

Roy L. Eskow, Bethesda, 301-493-6200; Foggy Bottom, 202-337-0200.

Harold H. Fagan, Alexandria; 703-823-2422.

Mehrdad Favagehi, Falls Church; 703-237-3700.

Brian Feeney, McLean and Burke; 703-821-4040.

Charles R. Fields, Reston; 703-689-4442.

Mark R. Gordon, Alexandria; 703-683-0117.

*A. Garrett Gouldin, Falls Church; 703-534-1766.

Jean-Claude Kharmouche, Sterling; 703-444-4377.

Michael Kossak, downtown DC; 202-393-6154.

Alan M. Levine, Chevy Chase; 301-652-6409.

Rustin Levy, downtown DC; 202-298-6111.

Madjid Matin, Chevy Chase; 301-656-6424.

Garry M. Miller, downtown DC; 202-298-6111.

Gregory Nosal, Fairfax; 703-273-7144.

Michael E. Oppenheimer, Fairfax; 703-591-6700.

Peter Passero, McLean and Burke; 703-821-4040.

David C. Pfohl, Sterling; 703-430-0938.

Karl Anthony Rose, Chevy Chase; 301-652-3355.

Ronald M. Rosenberg, Vienna, 703-893-1640; Leesburg, 703-777-4740.

David Sarment, Alexandria; 703-823-2228.

David H. Schneider, Chevy Chase; 301-652-9295.

Chester M. Stein, downtown DC; 202-659-3500.

Michael P. Stiglitz, West End; 202-296-3360.

Dennis E. Winson, Bethesda, 301-656-0331; Clinton, 301-868-7716.

J. Alexander Withers, Fairfax; 703-273-3300.

Bruce S. Wyman, Springfield; 703-569-4040.

Edward A. Zupnik, Bethesda, 301-656-0331; Clinton, 301-868-7716; Olney, 301-260-1201.

Robert Zupnik, Bethesda; 301-656-0331.


Prosthodontists specialize in implants, dentures, crowns, and bridges.

Howard Benson, downtown DC; 202-785-3030.

Brendan Bernhart, Fairfax; 703-645-8001.

Hugo A. Bonilla, Annandale; 703-560-2672.

William Chmar, Rockville; 301-468-1808.

Kambiz Fotoohi, Bethesda; 301-530-6311.

Abraham Ingber, Bethesda; 301-652-2300.

Brian A. Mahler, Fairfax; 703-273-7846.

Eric S. Markowitz, downtown DC; 202-833-8240.

Gerald M. Marlin, Friendship Heights; 202-244-2101.

Michael J. O’Shea, Falls Church; 703-998-8826.

Vincent Prestipino, Bethesda; 301-652-2300.

*Keith Progebin, downtown DC; 202-296-8126.

Lawrence Rothenberg, Chevy Chase; 301-652-1545.

Lida Sadr, Ashburn; 703-858-3456.

Robert J. Sanker, Rockville; 301-468-5566.

Peter G. Savramis, Chevy Chase; 301-718-8885.

Steven Somers, Fairfax; 703-573-0011.

*Neil L. Starr, downtown DC; 202-293-7177.

Daniel Y. Sullivan Sr., West End, 202-466-3333; McLean, 703-356-3556.

Richard W. Toth, Fairfax; 703-273-7846.

*Benjamin O. Watkins III, West End, 202-466-3333; McLean, 703-356-3556.

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