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About Us

The Washingtonian, the magazine Washington lives by, is the region's top source of information for dining, shopping, entertainment, and personalities. It has been Washington's most trusted guide to living, working, and playing in the area for more than four decades thanks to features like "100 Very Best Restaurants," "Top Doctors," and "Great Places to Live." The magazine is read each month by more than 400,000 people, who spend an average of 96 minutes with each issue and save each issue for an average of five months. The Washingtonian, under the guidance of its longtime editor, Jack Limpert, is a five-time National Magazine Award winner for its reporting and writing., the online extension of the magazine, helps hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors explore and live in the nation's capital. From planning a night out on the town to locating the best pediatrician or lining up a new hairstylist, is the region's premier destination for lifestyle information. Through online chats with editors, online columns, events calendars, and blogs, the site helps readers keep up with everything happening around them. Whether you're contemplating moving and want to know the area's best places to live or contemplating switching jobs and want to know the region's best places to work, is the national capital region's one stop for trustworthy, dependable, and thoughtful advice.


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