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Washingtonian Articles

June 2015 Contents: Eat Great Cheap!

May 18, 2015
Volume 50, Number 9 Cover Story Eat Great Cheap! 100 restaurants where you can have a thrilling meal for less than $25. Edited by Sherry Dalphonse.--> Subscribe to the Magazine Subscriber Services About Us Features “I Like the Party... more

Recipe: Baked Blue Catfish from the District Fishwife

May 15, 2015
With a little lemon and white wine, Fiona Lewis’s turns blue catfish into an easy, healthy dinner more

Recipe: Marinade for Blue Catfish from Vidalia

May 15, 2015
Pernod and fennel add a hint of anise flavor to Jeff Buben’s simple marinade more

Neighborhood Guide: Shaw and Bloomingdale

By Emily Codik May 13, 2015
These DC neighborhoods are among the most exciting places to eat and drink right now. more

Recipe: Paris-Brest from Chez Billy Sud

May 11, 2015
This lovely dessert, a wheel of choux pastry filled with praline pastry cream, makes for a nice ending to a heavy bistro-inspired dinner. more

May 2015 Crossword Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney May 8, 2015
Across 1. For face value 6. Ann Cashion and Ris Lacoste, for two 11. Clinton’s 1996 opponent 15. GOP rivals 19. Joe who managed the Yankees to four World Series titles 20. Great-seal bird 21. True 22. Exude 23. Nickname... more

May 2015 Contents: Great Walks

April 17, 2015
Volume 50, Number 8 Cover Story Great Walks City scenes, wetland paths, rocky trails—here are 20 options, from low-impact to seriously strenuous, for stretching out your legs. Edited by Sherry Dalphonse. Subscribe to the Magazine Subscriber Services About Us... more

Neighborhood Guide: Reston and Herndon

By Caroline Cunningham, Anna Spiegel April 15, 2015
Here's the very best of what these neighboring Northern Virginia towns have to offer. more

The Story Behind the National Cherry Blossom Festival

April 7, 2015
How Washington's beautiful blooms got here in the first place. more

Recipe: Chicken Souvlaki from Kapnos Taverna

April 3, 2015
The secret to this super-tender chicken? Greek yogurt and lots of lemon. more

Recipe: Lomo Saltado from China Chilcano

April 3, 2015
Here's how to make José Andrés's upscale riff on a chifa classic at home. more

Recipe: Sour Soup from Thip Khao

March 26, 2015
Tamarind juice is the secret to this addictive Laotian-style broth. more

Recipe: Larb Salad from Thip Khao

March 26, 2015
Like it hot? Check out the recipe for this fiery Laotian salad. more

Recipe: Greek Caesar Salad from Kapnos Taverna

March 24, 2015
Mike Isabella gives the traditional Italian salad a refreshing, lemony twist. more

Quiz: How Washingtonian Are You?

March 19, 2015
How many of these 50 unforgettable Washington experiences have you actually done? more

April 2015 Contents: Capital of the Future

March 18, 2015
Volume 50, Number 7 Cover Story CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE The stunning changes coming to our region—and what they mean for how (and where) you'll live, work, and play. Edited by Kristen Hinman and Marisa M. Kashino. Subscribe to... more

What It's Like to Miss Final Goodbyes

By Julia Parsons March 17, 2015
Facing the loss of two loved ones while on a year-long escape in Costa Rica. more

Recipe: Chicken Thighs Fra Diavolo from Red Hen Chef Michael Friedman

By Rebecca Gale March 11, 2015
An Italian classic courtesy of Red Hen chef Michael Friedman. more

Washingtonian's Cutest Pet Contest 2015 Winner

February 26, 2015
See who won our first cutest pet contest. more

Inside the Great Ice Cream Parlor War

By Emily Codik February 25, 2015
Fistfights. Lawsuits. $1,000 sundaes. Washington's Serendipity 3 had them all. more

Eleanor Roosevelt's Worst Enemy Was Her Cousin

February 24, 2015
While FDR was fighting for the New Deal, his wife waged her own family battle. more

March 2015 Crossword Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney February 19, 2015
Across 1. What March comes in like, as found in the first four starred entries 5. Represent 11. Put in 14. Follow up on ____ 19. Woody Guthrie’s son 20. Texas city 21. Language of Southeast Asia 22. “Hand it... more

Saying Goodbye to Our Last Dog

By Jack Limpert February 19, 2015
Are we up to raising one more puppy? more

The Most Spoiled Dogs in Washington

By Melanie D.G. Kaplan February 19, 2015
Karen Feld's poodles eat at the Palm, wear cashmere, and go to Broadway shows. They socialite says they help her cope with "hidden disabilities." more

March 2015 Contents: The Great Washington Bucket List

February 19, 2015
Volume 50, Number 6 Cover Story The Great Washington Bucket List 50 things every local needs to do (and how to do them without feeling like a tourist). Edited by Sherri Dalphonse. Subscribe to the Magazine Subscriber Services About... more

How to Take Really Cute Pet Photos

By Hallie Golden February 19, 2015
Follow these top tips from professional animal photographers. more

How to Will Your House to Your Cats

By Hallie Golden February 19, 2015
And other ways the law does and doesn't protect your pets. more

Which Dog Park is Best for You?

By Ann Limpert February 18, 2015
The best parks for perfectly behaved dogs, misbehaved dogs, high energy dogs, dogs with protective owners, and more. more

Pet Superlatives

February 18, 2015
Meet Washington's Most Stylish cat, Most Photogenic dog, and more. more

Dog-Friendly Luxury Apartments in the DC Area

By Marisa M. Kashino February 18, 2015
The Apartments at CityCenter: Dogs get to enjoy the swankiest new downtown DC development—and have a private SkyBark park to romp in. 825 and 875 Tenth St., NW; 888-481-7392. City Market at O: After playtime in a private rooftop... more

Washingtonian's Ultimate Pets Guide

February 18, 2015
Washingtonian's report from the new world of pet love, plus a comprehensive guide to the area's very best pet care. more

Dog-Friendly Stores in the DC Area

By Caroline Cunningham February 18, 2015
Anthropologie: 950 F St., NW; 202-347-2160. Bluemercury: 3059 M St., NW; 202-965-1300. Decorium Gift and Home: 116 King St., Alexandria; 703-739-4662. Frager’s Hardware: 1323 E St., SE; 202-543-6157. Free People: 2700 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington; 703-528-6718. Lululemon Athletica: 1461 P... more

Washington's Best Gourmet Pet Treats

By John Scarpinato February 18, 2015
Baked & Wired: In addition to cupcakes and other goodies, the popular Georgetown bakery whips up Zillabonez, named after the owners’ dog, in four flavors: peanut-butter crunch, bacon and cheese, chicken and cheese, and BBQ kitty riblets. 1052 Thomas... more

7 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the DC Area

By John Scarpinato February 18, 2015
Art and Soul: The Capitol Hill spot not only allows dogs on the patio; it also offers a dog-specific menu that includes grilled steak and beef tips with rice. 415 New Jersey Ave., NW; 202-393-7777. Foxfire Grill: Dogs are... more

Specialty Day Camps Around Washington

By Sara Gilgore February 18, 2015
Does your child like to cook? Play computer games? Horseback-ride? These camps offer something for every interest. more

6 Dog-Friendly Hikes in the DC Area

By Gwyn Donohue February 18, 2015
Manassas National Battlefield Park: Leashed dogs are welcome throughout the 5,100 acres of former Civil War battlefields, less than an hour from DC, and park rangers lead tours. One warning: Dogs scared of loud noises should steer clear in... more

If You Want a Friend in Washington...

By Marisa M. Kashino February 18, 2015
For these Washingtonians, conflict—and sometimes controversy and ridicule—comes with their jobs. But at the end of the day they can count on the love of their dogs. more

5 Dog-Friendly Workplaces in the DC Area

By Kay Wicker February 18, 2015
Advanced Simulation Technology (Herndon) Dogs have been coming to work at this communications-technology firm—which now has 40 employees—for 25 years. The company’s original owners believed that having companion animals close by was a benefit everyone should enjoy. Google (Northwest... more

Why Hasn't Ethiopian Food Gone Upscale?

By Todd Kliman February 12, 2015
Other immigrant cuisines have developed fancy American mash-ups. We went to Addis Ababa to find out why there's no artisanal doro wat. more

A "Disciplined Young Man": Washingtonian's 1994 Brian Williams Profile

By Barbara Matusow February 9, 2015
Washingtonian's 1994 profile of the rising NBC News star. more

Vote: Which pet is the cutest?

January 31, 2015
Cutest pet contest finalists are in. Which is the cutest? more

The Untold History of Postwar Washington’s Nightlife

January 29, 2015
Gangsters, strippers, tomcatting politicians, and a guitar-playing horse: The seedy edge of the nation’s capital was part Hee-Haw, part Congressional Record. more

February 2015 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney January 27, 2015
Across 1. Its last letter stands for “missile” 5. Cairo hello 11. Where beekeepers work 19. Clarinet cousin 20. One of the Three Tenors 21. One of a clicking pair 22. Able to work well with others 24. Roll... more

Recipe: Cayenne-Spiced Popovers from City Perch

January 26, 2015
Sherry Yard's quick popovers make a case for bringing back the freshly baked dinner roll. more

Recipe: Spaghetti-Squash-and-Zucchini Parmesan from True Food Kitchen

January 26, 2015
A gluten-free, all-veggie alternative to that Italian-American classic, chicken parm. more

Recipe: Smoked-Salmon Carpaccio from Crane & Turtle

January 26, 2015
Chef Makoto Hamamura shows you how to turn store-bought smoked salmon into a restaurant-worthy appetizer. more

There's a Coffee Company Behind Those "Coexist" Bumper Stickers

By Rebecca Nelson January 25, 2015
A behind-the-scenes look at the business of philanthropy. more

Upcoming Summer Camp Fairs in Washington

January 23, 2015
Five events that can help you decide which camp is best for your child. more

February 2015 Contents: The Ultimate Pets Guide

January 21, 2015
Volume 50, Number 5 Cover Story The Ultimate Pets Guide Plus—215 groomers, vets, doggie daycares, pet-friendly restaurants, and more. Edited by Marisa M. Kashino. Subscribe to the Magazine Subscriber Services About Us Features Agents of Change Meet the two... more

Washingtonian's 100 Very Best Restaurants 2015 List Is Now Online

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, Cynthia Hacinli January 16, 2015
Our critics rank the area’s top restaurants from 1 to 100. more

How Millennials Mourn

By Emily Kaiser January 11, 2015
A twentysomething with no kids, no partner, and few adult obligations lost her mom. Then she had to figure out how to grieve like a grown-up. more

2014 Washingtonians of the Year

By Leslie Milk January 9, 2015
Nine local heroes whose good works and generous spirits make Washington a great place. more

In Search of Magic: Online Dating at Midlife

By Theana Kastens January 8, 2015
How to handle fleeting connections in the virtual world. more

What Happens to the Holocaust Museum When the Last Survivors Are Gone?

By Sarah Wildman January 8, 2015
For the past decade, meeting eyewitnesses has been the most affecting part of a visit to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. But: “We are a finite group,” one survivor says. more

The Washingtonian Guide to GOP DC

By Kate Bennett, Luke Mullins January 7, 2015
Everything you need to know about Washington's rich Republican heritage. more

Closed Doors Don’t Work for Modern Publications, Says Nat Geo Editor Susan Goldberg

By Andrew Beaujon January 5, 2015
The publication's first female editor talks retooling for a digital future. more

Here's What Every Ex-Congressman Is Doing Now

By Emma Foehringer Merchant, Hannah Schuster January 5, 2015
Since the 1994 GOP Revolution, more than 1,000 individuals have claimed a seat in Congress. What happens once they leave? We tracked as many as we could find. more

The Town Without Wi-Fi

By Michael Gaynor January 4, 2015
Green Bank, West Virginia, outlaws all kinds of modern technology. No cellphones. No wi-fi. But it's a refuge for a group of people who believe modern marvels are making them sick. more

Sounds of Silence: The Quietest Places in Washington

December 31, 2014
We found some of the most peaceful spots in the area. Plus—a few spots to avoid. more

How Daily Laughter Can Help Beat Stress

By Sherri Dalphonse December 31, 2014
No joke—a daily dose of chuckles is one way to de-stress. That’s the idea behind "laughter yoga." more

10 Peaceful Places Around Washington

December 31, 2014
Need some fresh air? Time to think? A change of scenery? Here's where to go to get your mind off things. more

4 Ways (Other Than Yoga) to Chill Out

December 31, 2014
Yoga's not for everyone. Here are four fun alternatives for escaping the day-to-day. more

In Defense of Naps

By Brennen Jensen December 31, 2014
In Washington’s hard-driving culture, enjoying a quick shut-eye at the office is sometimes frowned upon. Here’s why nappers shouldn’t take that lying down. more

4 Easy and Effective Ways to Relax

By Sherri Dalphonse December 31, 2014
Only have a few minutes to de-stress? That's all you need. more

The 10 Most Relaxing Songs

December 31, 2014
Find your happy place with these soothing tunes. more

This Might Be the Most Tranquil Place in Washington

By Joseph Guinto December 31, 2014
A retreat house on the grounds of DC’s Franciscan Monastery offers a place to tune out the world for a day or two—if you can turn off your phone. more

4 Helpful Meditation Apps

December 31, 2014
Meditation may be an ancient art, but these modern-day apps and podcasts can help those new to the practice. more

How a Lifelong Worrier Learns to Let Go

By Cathy Alter December 31, 2014
Living “in the moment” is one way to have a happier day. But for a serial worrier, things aren't that simple. more

How to Meditate

By Kristin Clark Taylor December 31, 2014
Learn to achieve purposeful stillness—and discover the health benefits associated with meditation. more

8 Stay-All-Day Spas Around Washington

By McLean Robbins December 31, 2014
Dream about a whole day of pampering? At any of these soothing havens, you may come out feeling like a new person. more

3 Easy Yoga Inversions to Help De-Stress

December 31, 2014
How being upside down can help you feel more upbeat. more

Dream Kitchens 2014 Resources: Cabinets and Kitchen Designers

December 22, 2014
Enhanced Listing Photos 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Email Cameo Kitchens, Inc. Attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned Cameo Kitchens, Inc. a place among the most respected custom kitchen firms... more

Dream Kitchens 2014 Resources: Large Appliances

December 22, 2014
Enhanced Listing Photos 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Email Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery At Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, you can see, touch and compare top-selling bath, kitchen and lighting products in... more

Dream Kitchens 2014 Resources: Test Kitchens

December 22, 2014
At these kitchens, you can try out stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances. There’s no pressure to buy; because the stores are wholesalers, no products are for individual sale. Appointments are frequently made by dealers and designers, but you... more

Dream Kitchens 2014 Resources: Referral Services

December 22, 2014
Haven’t quite found that match made in kitchen heaven? A referral service can direct you to contractors, remodelers, and other prescreened home-improvement businesses. Delbe Home Services Offers annual membership for $175; members are assigned to representatives, who suggest contractors... more

Dream Kitchens 2014 Resources: Counters, Floors, Tile, and Other Features

December 22, 2014
Enhanced Listing Photos 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Email Design Tile Inc. Design Tile Inc., independently owned and established in 1980, is located in the heart of Tysons. The vast designer showroom is arranged... more

How David Gregory Lost His Job

By Luke Mullins December 21, 2014
Last summer, Gregory was let go from his gig as host of "Meet the Press." Here's an inside look at his fall from the top—and what it says about the state of TV news. more

January 2015 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney December 18, 2014
Across 1. Kinda 6. City next to Oakland 13. Ring shot 20. Belted hunter 21. Food served in corn husks 22. So mad 23. It comes with 15 white and 15 brown checkers 25. D-listers 26. Low jewelry 27.... more

January 2015 Contents: 100 Very Best Restaurants

December 15, 2014
Volume 50, Number 4 Cover Story 100 Very Best Restaurants Plus—9 restaurant openings we're looking forward to and foodie trends to watch for in 2015. By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, and Cynthia Hacinli. Subscribe to the Magazine... more

First Person: Art of the Birthday

By Evelyn Bence December 12, 2014
A young girl, a widow, and me at the National Gallery—and a lesson in celebrating. more

Neighborhood Guide: Arlington

By Jennifer Sergent December 10, 2014
There's a lot to explore in this sprawling suburb, so here are local gems broken down by neighborhood. more

3 Weekend Itineraries It's Worth Waking Up For

December 10, 2014
Routines around Washington that you won't want to sleep through. Plus—the best time to visit the National Zoo. more

4 Early-Morning Eateries in DC

December 10, 2014
1. Eastern Market’s Market Lunch 225 Seventh St., SE Tuesday through Friday 7:30 AM, Saturday 8 AM, Sunday 9 AM If your client can wait to eat till the market opens at 7:30, the famous crabcake and eggs makes for... more

4 Early-Bird Washingtonians and Their Morning Routines

December 10, 2014
Erica Skolnik. 1. Erica Skolnik Owner of Frenchie's Artisan Pastries and Desserts 11 PM Preparing the kitchen: “We use a catering kitchen, Healthy Bites [on Georgia Avenue in Brightwood Park], that operates during the day so we have the... more

Morning Routine: NBC4's Eun Yang and Aaron Gilchrist

December 10, 2014
The news anchors share how they start their day and manage to make it to the office by 3:30 AM. more

The Crowd-Funding Craze Hits the World of Pet Surgery

By Hallie Golden December 9, 2014
Online campaigns have financed films, potato salads, and Kenny Loggins concerts—but do they work for people facing steep vet bills? more

Recipe: Corn with Manchego and Aioli from Estadio

December 8, 2014
At Estadio, Haidar Karoum makes magic with sweet corn, creamy aioli, and grated manchego cheese. more

The Catfight Over Katharine Graham’s Former Estate

By Luke Mullins December 4, 2014
Two local titans are dueling over a garage addition. Here's what it says about Georgetown. more

Can a Better Football Helmet Save Your Kid’s Brain?

By Patrick Hruby December 2, 2014
Three years ago, researchers at Virginia Tech developed a novel rating system for football helmets. Since then, NCAA squads, NFL teams, and parents across the country have demanded the top-rated equipment. Helmet makers followed suit, changing designs to meet the new standards. There’s only one problem: the scientists who say the safety data is fatally flawed. more

Montgomery County School Chief Joshua Starr’s Biggest Problem—Everyone Wants to Go to His Schools

By Kevin Carey December 1, 2014
Starr’s early focus on reforms such as limiting standardized tests has been overtaken by practical issues like school crowding. more

Top Money Advisers 2014: 5 Things to Know Before Seeing a Financial Adviser

By Sherri Dalphonse December 1, 2014
1. They won’t lecture you. “In the same way that if you’re embarrassed to tell your doctor something, it keeps you from going to the doctor, the fear of being judged can keep people from going to a financial planner,”... more

Top Money Advisers 2014: Till Debts Do Them Part

December 1, 2014
It’s not too hard to sneak a new piece of jewelry by a spouse. (“This bracelet? I’ve had it awhile.”) But a horse? We asked financial advisers: Have you seen or heard of someone keeping a big purchase from a... more

Top Money Advisers 2014: Where Washingtonians Waste Their Money

December 1, 2014
Some Washingtonians are driving themselves into debt. Literally. We asked hundreds of local financial advisers: Is there anything area residents often waste money on? Pricey autos were the most frequent answer (cited by 17 percent of respondents), with palatial houses... more

Top Money Advisers 2014: Why Washingtonians are Bad Investors

By Michael Farr December 1, 2014
Washington investors are different. While most investors deal only with valuations and risk, local residents have hurdles that are more cultural and psychological. This is a competitive town, after all, full of people with robust self-opinions and an unquenchable drive... more

Bank On It: Top Money Advisers From Big Washington Banks & Brokerages

By Sherri Dalphonse December 1, 2014
On this year's list of the area's top financial advisers, you won't find many names from big banks and brokerages. The reason? Financial advisers at these large institutions tend to get most of their clients from an existing bank relationship,... more

Top Money Advisers 2014: Insurance Advisers

By Sherri Dalphonse December 1, 2014
These experts provide guidance on and sell insurance. Most are independent agents who don't sell just one insurance brand. Enhanced Listing Contact Robert G. Silverman Ney Silverman Insurance Associates, LLC Bob brings expertise to his clients as an all... more

Top Money Advisers 2014: Estate Attorneys

By Sherri Dalphonse December 1, 2014
Estate lawyers prepare wills, trusts, and health-care powers of attorney. While the following all have law degrees, we've noted which are also CPAs. We've also noted particular specialties, although most of these attorneys offer broad estate planning for any type... more

Top Money Advisers 2014: Tax Accountants

By Sherri Dalphonse December 1, 2014
These CPAs can handle tax returns and suggest ways to reduce your tax burden. Most do a range of accounting, but we've noted any specialties. Enhanced Listing Joseph J. Romagnoli Managing Partner CST Group Joe Romagnoli is the Managing Partner... more

Top Money Advisers 2014: Financial Advisers

By Sherri Dalphonse December 1, 2014
These professionals charge flat fees for some services and may earn commissions on products they sell, such as mutual funds. Although some argue that advisers who earn commissions can't be free of bias, the people listed here are said to... more

Top Money Advisers 2014: Fee-Only Financial Planners

By Sherri Dalphonse December 1, 2014
This category includes certified financial planners (CFPs)—who create detailed financial plans and often also manage money—as well as advisers who invest and manage portfolios. Fee-only advisers don't accept commissions or referral fees—a practice, they say, that keeps them unbiased. All... more

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