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Washingtonian Articles

From the Archives: Everything To Live For

By Jennifer Mendelsohn September 15, 2014
Sean Bryant was smart, charming, and fun to be around—a shining star at the University of Virginia. Then one night he killed himself. more

First Person: Finding Happiness in the Simple Things in Life

By Ananya Bhattacharyya September 12, 2014
A simple loaf of bread or piece of literature can contain an unexpected world of joy. more

Unhappy Medium: The Challenges With Archiving Digital Video

By Vicky Gan September 10, 2014
As Hollywood goes digital, the Library of Congress and other local repositories are scrambling to find byte-based alternatives. more

What Made Me: CIA Deputy Director Avril Haines

By Rebecca Nelson September 10, 2014
She shares how owning a bookstore helped prepare her for public service. more

Herd Historian: Restocking Mount Vernon’s Barnyard With Rare Breeds

By Cara Parks September 9, 2014
Livestock manager Lisa Pregent is bringing back animals even George Washington might recognize. more

The World’s Top Breast-Reconstruction Artist Runs a Tattoo Parlor in Maryland

By Michelle Cottle September 8, 2014
Meet Vinnie Myers, known as the “Michelangelo of Nipple Tattoos.” more

Dads Want to Have It All, Too

By Brooke Lea Foster September 2, 2014
Working guys all over Washington want to lean out and see more of their kids. more

Washingtonian Style Setters 2014

By Kate Bennett August 24, 2014
Secrets to great style from ten Washingtonians who dare to break the rules. more

Recipe: Lamb Burgers from Brandon's Little Truck

August 21, 2014
Brightly flavored spinach-and-fennel salad and rich roasted-garlic aioli dress up these Mediterranean-inspired patties. more

Recipe: Kimchee-Style Slaw From TaKorean

August 21, 2014
This just-spicy-enough slaw works on more than just tacos. more

September 2014 Contents: Learn Something New

August 21, 2014
Volume 49, Number 12 Cover Story Learn Something New Washington is full of smart people who love to learn new things. Fortunately, it's also full of cool classes. Here are 87 of our favorites. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse Subscribe... more

Recipe: Tico's Caju Caipirinha

August 20, 2014
A bracing, tangy refresher for your cocktail repertoire. more

Recipe: Clam Chowder from Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls

August 20, 2014
This New England-style chowder isn't as heavy as most versions. more

Recipe: Tico's Roasted Beets with Pistachios and Spicy Yogurt

August 20, 2014
Think beet salads are boring? Not this one. more

Gentrification on the Waterfront

August 20, 2014
Southwest DC is undergoing a massive redevelopment. Will that change the vibe on its houseboats? A look inside, right as the cranes rise. more

Recipe: Egg Salad from Linda's Luncheonette

August 20, 2014
An ultra-creamy egg salad for your lunch rotation. more

Recipe: Gazpacho from the Pepe Truck

August 20, 2014
Make the most of your summer tomatoes. more

Recipe: Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll from Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls

August 20, 2014
This lobster sandwich is as delicious as it is easy to make. more

September 2014 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney August 20, 2014
Across 1. King or Keyes 5. Ms. Huffington 12. Bawl 15. Tell everyone 19. Fibula or femur 20. Camper's light 21. Wine crystal 23. How a community activist might canvass 25. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? stage star 26.... more

25 Places to Take Fun Classes in Washington

By Sherri Dalphonse August 20, 2014
Where to go if you want to learn something new. more

Recipe: The Fava Pot's Spicy Feta Dip

August 20, 2014
This zesty Middle Eastern dip was born out of a food truck but would be at home at an upscale mezzeteria. more

This Old House: Maintaining a Historic Washington Home

By Marisa M. Kashino August 18, 2014
Historic homes add to Washington’s beauty, but they’re not always easy to maintain. Designers suggest how to keep them fresh. Plus—tools to keep on hand and repairs that older homes typically require. more

8 Tools Every Washington Homeowner Should Own

By Marisa M. Kashino August 18, 2014
You might have the basics, but here’s what else local tool experts say you should keep on hand. more

8 Common Maintenance Problems in Washington Homes

By Marisa M. Kashino August 18, 2014
Thinking of buying an older place? You’ll likely get character and charm—and extra work. more

6 Updated Spaces in Historic Washington Homes

By Marisa M. Kashino August 18, 2014
How local designers rejuvenated vintage spaces while maintaining their original character. more

The Beltway Turns 50: Stuff You Didn’t Know About Washington’s Infamous Road

By Michael Gaynor August 14, 2014
On the 50th anniversary of its opening, here are some surprising facts and figures about the road Washingtonians love to hate. more

Should You Take Your Pet on Vacation With You?

By Priscilla Alvarez August 12, 2014
For pet owners, little compares to the agony of leaving animal companions behind. But is bringing them aboard an airplane any better? more

The Making and Unmaking of Tony and Heather Podesta’s Power Marriage

By Luke Mullins August 11, 2014
The superlobbyists brought glamour and exceptional pride to Washington’s influence industry. Then they landed in divorce court, trying to outlobby each other for control of their powerful brand and all its assets. more

President Richard Nixon Resigned 40 Years Ago Today

By Vicky Gan August 8, 2014
Here’s a look at what else was in the news that day. more

First Person: One Family’s Unexpected Reason for Loving Ocean City

By Jim Gray August 6, 2014
My kids would be happy going to the beach and never setting foot on the sand. For them, it’s all about the arcade. more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Counters, Floors, Tile, and Other Features

August 5, 2014
Enhanced Listing Photos 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Email Design Tile Inc. Design Tile Inc., independently owned and established in 1980, is located in the heart of Tysons. The vast designer showroom is arranged... more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Referral Services

August 5, 2014
Haven’t quite found that match made in kitchen heaven? A referral service can direct you to contractors, remodelers, and other prescreened home-improvement businesses. Delbe Home Services Offers annual membership for $175; members are assigned to representatives, who suggest contractors... more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Test Kitchens

August 5, 2014
At these kitchens, you can try out stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances. There’s no pressure to buy; because the stores are wholesalers, no products are for individual sale. Appointments are frequently made by dealers and designers, but you... more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Large Appliances

August 5, 2014
Appliance Builders Wholesalers 8951 Brookville Rd., Silver Spring, 301-589-1445; 21750 Red Rum Dr., Suite 167, Ashburn, 703-726-8805; 5214 Nicholson La., Rockville, 301-770-8579; Appliance Distributors Unlimited 729 Erie Ave., Takoma Park, 301-608-2600; 14911 Bogle Dr., Chantilly, 703-263-2300; The... more

From the Archives: James Brady’s Long Journey Back

By Mollie Dickenson August 5, 2014
“I don’t think he’s going to make it,” Dr. Arthur Kobrine said when he saw Jim Brady in the emergency room. But with the help of his wife Sarah, Dr. Kobrine, and many others, Jim Brady now can find a lot to smile about. more

What Made Me: Alice Rivlin

By Harry Jaffe August 5, 2014
The former White House budget director on discovering how to shape opinion. more

From the Archives: The Saving of President Ronald Reagan

By John Pekkanen August 5, 2014
A minute-by-minute, inside-the-hospital account of what happened to President Reagan after he was shot: the critical decisions that saved his life, the human drama, the heroes, the entire untold story. more

The Spies Next Door

By Matt Mendelsohn August 4, 2014
Great espionage stories are hiding in neighborhoods all over Washington. My mission: to track down the story of the Glomar Explorer, the most ambitious operation in CIA history. more

Beautiful Bathroom Resources 2014: Tiles, Fixtures, and More

By Maleana Davis August 1, 2014
The area’s best tile and fixtures shops to help create your dream bath. more

Alaska: Where the Tea Party Trail Runs Cold

By Matt White July 31, 2014
Proudly isolated Alaska should be textbook Tea Party territory. Then why has the state’s US Senate fight come down to a Democrat and a DC insider? more

Tree Whisperers: Meet the DC Employees Who Watch Over Our Trees

By Lisa Schamess July 28, 2014
Protecting the forest that lines DC’s streets is a daily battle for the city’s unheralded arborists. more

August 2014 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney July 24, 2014
Across 1. Serious sculptor, say 8. Flower-store buy 13. Popular Toyota 20. Made a terrible golf shot 21. Ross or Nyad 22. Extreme happiness 23. Frequent subject of Washington-area discussions 25. Money for later 26. Train mover, once 27.... more

Beautiful Bathroom Resources 2014: Bath Designers and Builders

By Maleana Davis July 22, 2014
The area’s best designers, tile shops, and more to help create your dream bath more

August 2014 Contents: Fun on the Water

July 22, 2014
Volume 49, Number 11 Cover Story Fun on the Water From kayaking on our rivers and sailing on the bay to splashing in pools and cracking crabs on the Chesapeake, here's how to make the most of Washington's liquid... more

First Person: Star Quality

By Andrea Jarrell July 11, 2014
Until I was a teen, I knew my dad only from glimpses of him on TV. Then we met—and our relationship became a lot more complicated than a Hollywood script. more

Shedding Pounds With Your Dog

By Melissa Romero July 9, 2014
Fitness-tracking technology for both people and pets helped a local woman and her dog get in shape together. more

What Made Me: Mariann Edgar Budde

By Paul O'Donnell July 3, 2014
The Episcopal bishop of Washington on finding her own path and growing into the job she was called to do. more

Elite Retreats: Washingtonian Residential Design Awards 2014 (Photos)

By Vicky Gan, Marisa M. Kashino July 2, 2014
The winners of this year’s Washingtonian Residential Design Awards include a modern oasis with mountain views, slick city condos, and a “cabin” like nothing you’ve seen. more

Is the E-Cigarette Bubble About to Burst?

By Jaime Joyce July 1, 2014
Now that e-cigarettes have become a hot start-up market, is Washington about to send the industry up in smoke? more

War-Torn: CBS Reporter Cami McCormick’s Latest Story About Combat and Its Aftermath is Her Own

By Alex Horton June 30, 2014
When she returned to war zones after losing her leg as an embedded journalist, “I wasn’t such an outsider anymore.” more

From the Archives: And Then She Said …

By Diana McLellan June 26, 2014
The last interview piece from former Washingtonian writer Diana McLellan, who died Wednesday, was with one of our favorite gossips: herself. And does she dish. more

Cheap Eats 2014

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel June 24, 2014
Dig into our annual guide to bargain dining and find the area’s tastiest indulgences that can be had for $25 or less per person. more

Smooth Moves: Where to Get Waxed in Washington

By Kate Bennett June 24, 2014
Beach and pool season is here. Here’s how and where to remove hair as thoroughly and painlessly as possible. more

Smooth Moves: A Guide to Laser Hair Removal

By Kate Bennett June 24, 2014
Beach and pool season is here. Here’s how and where to remove hair as thoroughly and painlessly as possible. more

Smooth Moves: 3 Recommended At-Home Waxing Options

By Kate Bennett June 24, 2014
Beach and pool season is here. Here’s how and where to remove hair as thoroughly and painlessly as possible. more

Cannonball! 5 Luxurious Washington Pools (Photos)

By Michelle Thomas June 19, 2014
Come summer, there’s nothing like having access to your own pool. Here are five we’d love to get an invitation to. more

July 2014 Contents: The Best of Washington

June 18, 2014
Volume 49, Number 10 Cover Story The Best of Washington Our 101 favorite things about the place we call home, from great cocktails to hikes to doughnuts. Plus—readers' best (and worst). Edited by Garrett M. Graff, Sophie Gilbert, and... more

July 2014 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney June 18, 2014
Across 1. Cut (down) 5. Not tons 9. Chorus syllables 13. Yoga retreat 19. Field measurement 20. Timbuktu’s country 21. Multivitamin extra 22. “The Far Side” organism 23. Weather that keeps one team from practicing before the big event?... more

Second Homes: A House With A View

By Mary Clare Glover June 18, 2014
For many, owning a waterfront home is a dream. Here’s how a couple made theirs a reality, thanks to a money-saving design. more

Decoding the Cold War

By Guy Gugliotta June 17, 2014
An American University professor puts legendary spy fiction on the couch. more

Getting a Water View of Your Own

By Maleana Davis, Paulina Kosturos June 17, 2014
Looking to buy a second place? These new communities are within about a three-hour drive of Washington, and all have water views. more

A Century of Spying

By Guy Gugliotta June 17, 2014
The reading list for AU’s “The Cold War and the Spy Novel.” more

The Smart Way to Downsize

By Kimberly Palmer June 17, 2014
More baby boomers are moving from big, empty nests to smaller homes. But that doesn’t always save money. Here’s what to know. more

Working Like a Dog

By Will Grunewald June 10, 2014
Bringing a pet to the office can reduce stress, improve relationships, and make a workplace more fun. more

Need for Speed

By Christopher Shea June 9, 2014
The night I raced away from DC’s hellish traffic. more

Star Turn: Conservative Superlawyer Ted Olson on Marriage Equality

By Sophie Gilbert June 5, 2014
How he came to adopt the liberal cause of our time. more

Ted Olson: Making the Conservative Case

By Paulina Kosturos June 5, 2014
After heading President Reagan’s Office of Legal Counsel, Ted Olson continued as the right’s standard bearer in hard-fought political battles of the ’80s and ’90s, graduating to solicitor general under George W. Bush. Here, a selection of his cases. more

First Person: “That Guy’s an Old Biker”

By Sunil Freeman June 4, 2014
And other misperceptions of a man’s life. more

How Did a 7-Year-Old Boy Catch His Father’s PTSD?

By Roxanne Patel Shepelavy June 4, 2014
Logan Pearce never saw the Humvee his dad blew up in, and yet he managed to absorb the mental trauma of the blast. more

Weekend Getaways: Romantic & Relaxing

May 29, 2014
Drink in the Beauty 1.5 hours AOL cofounder Steve Case and his wife, Jean, have recently opened chic new Early Mountain Vineyards (540-948-9005) near Charlottesville. A highlight of the property is a romantic guesthouse with a flagstone patio overlooking... more

Weekend Getaways: Quick Trips

By Matthew Graham, Andrea Poe, Lynn Seldon, Renee Sklarew, Joe Sugarman, Jessica Voelker May 29, 2014
Frederick Why We Love It: Lined with tidy brick rowhouses, this quaint Colonial town is home to one-of-a-kind shops and enough good restaurants to fill a weekend of foodie fun. What We Wouldn’t Miss: A Flying Dog Brewery tour;... more

Weekend Getaways: Foodie Favorites

May 29, 2014
Philadelphia 2.5 hours Philly’s a spunky town, and nowhere is this spirit better reflected than in the new, ambitious restaurants that have opened on the margins of downtown. Some things don’t change: The Italian cooking is still great, and... more

Weekend Getaways: Art & Culture

May 29, 2014
Take in City Sights 4 hours Pittsburgh is a big city that feels like a small town: Cultured but casual, it’s affordable, friendly, and easy to navigate. Get acquainted through the amphibious Just Ducky Tours (412-402-3825), in which you... more

Weekend Getaways: On the Water

May 29, 2014
Bring the Kids to the Other Ocean City 3.5 hours How kid-friendly is Ocean City, New Jersey? This is a place that hosts an annual Pamper Scamper race of adorable crawling babies, along with taffy-sculpting and freckle contests, and... more

From the Archives: Have You Seen My Dog?

By Lauren Paige Kennedy May 29, 2014
Newcomers to Washington, we found our Georgetown neighbors distant. But that all changed when Ruby ran away. more

Weekend Getaways: Great Outdoors

May 28, 2014
Hike the Heights of West Virginia 3 hours Dolly Sods Wilderness, in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest, is so picturesque—with lush forests, sloping countryside, and pristine rivers—that some climbers call it the “mini-Grand Tetons.” Hikers, horseback riders, and climbers... more

What Made Me: Andrea Mitchell

By Rebecca Nelson May 28, 2014
The veteran NBC journalist on cracking the glass ceiling and recognizing the human cost of the stories she covers. more

Can Andrew Sullivan Re-Conquer Washington?

By Sophie Gilbert May 28, 2014
After 18 miserable months in New York, the pioneering blogger is back in DC with plans to transform journalism all over again. more

June 2014 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney May 21, 2014
Across 1. They're orange on the highway 6. Laughing sounds 10. Early video game 14. National Zoo structure 18. Sign that dinner's almost ready 19. Taking care of the problem 20. Completed 21. Civil disturbances 23. Where the "Lilacs"... more

June 2014 Contents: Cheap Eats

May 21, 2014
Volume 49, Number 9 Cover Story Cheap Eats Our annual guide to the area's best bargain dining—including the tastiest BBQ, perfect pizzas, most comforting comfort food, finest bar fare, and 25 unbeatable burgers. By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, and... more

First Person: Rehabilitating Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed

By Adele Levine May 15, 2014
Cosmo lost his legs to an explosion in Afghanistan. It was my job to get him walking on artificial limbs. But what if he didn’t want to? more

What Made Me: Lucy Bowen McCauley

By Sherri Dalphonse May 14, 2014
The founder of Arlington’s Bowen McCauley Dance on taking risks and seeing the possibilities in disabilities. more

How Facebook Saved 700 Dogs

By Lisa Gabrielson May 13, 2014
Chelsea patiently sits on the sidewalk in front of PetMAC in DC’s Tenleytown. Strapped around her chest is a vest that reads “Adopt Me!” Couples, families with children, and a few single women mill about, patting dogs’ heads and... more

Feeling the Pull

By Nancy Scola May 12, 2014
How the new generation of Internet companies is straining the collegial world of high-tech lobbying. more

Baseball’s Best Lobbyist

By Patrick Hruby May 12, 2014
Meet Scott Boras, the superagent who scored the Nats their top talent—at top dollar. more

DC Seeing Its Own Shadow Campaign

By Mark Schmitt May 8, 2014
The pall of scandal that hung over the DC primary is an opportunity to rethink how we finance political activity. more

Where Foodies Shop

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel May 7, 2014
Want a four-star meal at home? First you need great ingredients—and you’ll find them all in our guide to the area's best butchers, bakeries, cheese shops, farmers markets and more. more

“It’s the Host, Not the Slot”

By Paul O'Donnell May 7, 2014
In radio and TV, “the show must go on” is easier said than done. more

The Voice

By Alicia C. Shepard May 7, 2014
Diane Rehm, the popular 77-year-old radio host, has no intention of stepping down anytime soon. But doesn’t every leader need a succession plan? more

Tonight’s Dinner? It’s in the Mail

May 5, 2014
Ready-to-cook meal-delivery services aim to take the headache out of planning dinner by sending pre-portioned ingredients for chef-approved recipes. We tested three of the most popular websites. more

For Creigh Deeds, All Politics Is Personal

By Luke Mullins May 5, 2014
After 23 years in power, Creigh Deeds faced the most painful political fight of his career. It turned out to be the easiest to win. more

Tug of War

By Carol Ross Joynt April 30, 2014
How a small army of VIPs killed the Eisenhower Memorial. more

May 2014 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

By Matt Gaffney April 24, 2014
Across 1. Olympics object 7. Should it happen that 13. Gets the cheapest one 19. Sum 20. Cover with 21. Singer in the snow 23. Assateague or Chincoteague* 25. "I should really be going" 26. Secret number, often 27.... more

May 2014 Contents: Weekend Getaways

April 24, 2014
Volume 49, Number 8 Cover Story Weekend Getaways Itching to get out of town? Here are 34 easy, memorable escapes within a few hours' drive—including hikes with a view, romantic vineyards, fun beach towns, relaxing spas, foodie road trips,... more

Under Their Wing

By Christopher Lane, Mary Yarrison April 23, 2014
In the 1940s, the world’s population of whooping cranes totaled about 20. To combat the birds’ rapid decline, a group of government organizations launched a program at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel to breed and raise the birds—called “whoopers”—then lead their first migration, introducing them to life in the wild. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Let’s Make a Deal

By Michael Gaynor April 22, 2014
How the escalation clause factored into a recent bidding war. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Where Home Prices Have Spiked

April 14, 2014
These kinds of price increases usually happen only when flippers are in the game—scooping up rundown, often foreclosed properties on the cheap and selling them for twice as much. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Where Homes Are Selling Fast

April 14, 2014
Across the Washington region, properties aren’t sitting on the market for long. But in these six neighborhoods, where homes sold in less than 10 days, buyers have to be particularly quick. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Where Homes Fetch Top Dollar

April 14, 2014
Whether it’s for proximity to downtown DC, sprawling houses, or excellent schools, buyers are willing to pay a premium to live in these six neighborhoods. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Where to Expect a Bidding War

April 14, 2014
In 2013, these five neighborhoods had a sale-to-list ratio of more than 100 percent. What’s that mean? Lots and lots of homes sold for more than their asking price. more

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