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Best of Washington 2012: Best for a Shady Walk

When the heat and humidity start topping the charts, head for the shady spots for a daytime walk.

Photograph by Ann Hennessy.

For a refreshing walk on even the most scorching summer day, head to Sligo Creek Stream Valley Trail.

The trail extends more than ten miles across two counties; you can pick up the woodsy path at its northern end in Wheaton Regional Park. Bikers, runners, and rollerbladers enjoy the winding trail’s paved asphalt surfaces, while hikers can take advantage of a few greener, more natural paths. The trail—which features a few busy intersection crossings—is very popular.

If your walk starts to heat up, relax in one of the tranquil picnic areas shaded by leafy branches, Best of Washington 2012or cool down by dipping your toes into the bubbling waters of Sligo Creek. Near the south end of the trail—it ends in Prince George’s County—you might spot a deer, a fox, or even a beaver.

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