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Nine One-Dish Meals Under $10
Comments () | Published December 31, 2008
Fried cod sandwich at Eamonn's.

$7.50 cod sandwich at Eamonn’s (728 King St., Alexandria; 703-299-8384). The filet in the sandwich is the same flaky, beer-battered cod in the fish ’n’ chips at Cathal Armstrong’s Irish-inspired chipper. Here it’s layered with lettuce and the shop’s house-made tartar sauce—we request a spoonful of the curry sauce, too—and tucked into a kaiser roll. Together, the soft roll, crisp-fried fish, and cool crunch of tartar and lettuce make for sublime eating. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

$9.50 paper-style dosa at Saravana Palace (11725 Lee Hwy., Fairfax; 703-218-4182). Two or three eaters could happily share this huge rolled rice crepe, which is spread thinner and made crisper than its dosa cousins. Tear off a leaf of the translucent bread, capturing some of the warm, curried-potato filling, and dunk it in bracing coconut chutney. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Dirt Cheap Eats 2008 


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