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This Old House: Maintaining a Historic Washington Home

By Marisa M. Kashino August 18, 2014
Historic homes add to Washington’s beauty, but they’re not always easy to maintain. Designers suggest how to keep them fresh. Plus—tools to keep on hand and repairs that older homes typically require. more

8 Tools Every Washington Homeowner Should Own

By Marisa M. Kashino August 18, 2014
You might have the basics, but here’s what else local tool experts say you should keep on hand. more

8 Common Maintenance Problems in Washington Homes

By Marisa M. Kashino August 18, 2014
Thinking of buying an older place? You’ll likely get character and charm—and extra work. more

6 Updated Spaces in Historic Washington Homes

By Marisa M. Kashino August 18, 2014
How local designers rejuvenated vintage spaces while maintaining their original character. more

Should You Take Your Pet on Vacation With You?

By Priscilla Alvarez August 12, 2014
For pet owners, little compares to the agony of leaving animal companions behind. But is bringing them aboard an airplane any better? more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Counters, Floors, Tile, and Other Features

August 5, 2014
Enhanced Listing Photos 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Email Design Tile Inc. Design Tile Inc., independently owned and established in 1980, is located in the heart of Tysons. The vast designer showroom is arranged... more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Referral Services

August 5, 2014
Haven’t quite found that match made in kitchen heaven? A referral service can direct you to contractors, remodelers, and other prescreened home-improvement businesses. Delbe Home Services Offers annual membership for $175; members are assigned to representatives, who suggest contractors... more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Test Kitchens

August 5, 2014
At these kitchens, you can try out stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances. There’s no pressure to buy; because the stores are wholesalers, no products are for individual sale. Appointments are frequently made by dealers and designers, but you... more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Large Appliances

August 5, 2014
Appliance Builders Wholesalers 8951 Brookville Rd., Silver Spring, 301-589-1445; 21750 Red Rum Dr., Suite 167, Ashburn, 703-726-8805; 5214 Nicholson La., Rockville, 301-770-8579; Appliance Distributors Unlimited 729 Erie Ave., Takoma Park, 301-608-2600; 14911 Bogle Dr., Chantilly, 703-263-2300; The... more

Beautiful Bathroom Resources 2014: Tiles, Fixtures, and More

By Maleana Davis August 1, 2014
The area’s best tile and fixtures shops to help create your dream bath. more

Beautiful Bathroom Resources 2014: Bath Designers and Builders

By Maleana Davis July 22, 2014
The area’s best designers, tile shops, and more to help create your dream bath more

Shedding Pounds With Your Dog

By Melissa Romero July 9, 2014
Fitness-tracking technology for both people and pets helped a local woman and her dog get in shape together. more

Elite Retreats: Washingtonian Residential Design Awards 2014 (Photos)

By Vicky Gan, Marisa M. Kashino July 2, 2014
The winners of this year’s Washingtonian Residential Design Awards include a modern oasis with mountain views, slick city condos, and a “cabin” like nothing you’ve seen. more

Cannonball! 5 Luxurious Washington Pools (Photos)

By Michelle Thomas June 19, 2014
Come summer, there’s nothing like having access to your own pool. Here are five we’d love to get an invitation to. more

Second Homes: A House With A View

By Mary Clare Glover June 18, 2014
For many, owning a waterfront home is a dream. Here’s how a couple made theirs a reality, thanks to a money-saving design. more

Getting a Water View of Your Own

By Maleana Davis, Paulina Kosturos June 17, 2014
Looking to buy a second place? These new communities are within about a three-hour drive of Washington, and all have water views. more

The Smart Way to Downsize

By Kimberly Palmer June 17, 2014
More baby boomers are moving from big, empty nests to smaller homes. But that doesn’t always save money. Here’s what to know. more

How Facebook Saved 700 Dogs

By Lisa Gabrielson May 13, 2014
Chelsea patiently sits on the sidewalk in front of PetMAC in DC’s Tenleytown. Strapped around her chest is a vest that reads “Adopt Me!” Couples, families with children, and a few single women mill about, patting dogs’ heads and... more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Let’s Make a Deal

By Michael Gaynor April 22, 2014
How the escalation clause factored into a recent bidding war. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Where Home Prices Have Spiked

April 14, 2014
These kinds of price increases usually happen only when flippers are in the game—scooping up rundown, often foreclosed properties on the cheap and selling them for twice as much. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Where Homes Are Selling Fast

April 14, 2014
Across the Washington region, properties aren’t sitting on the market for long. But in these six neighborhoods, where homes sold in less than 10 days, buyers have to be particularly quick. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Where Homes Fetch Top Dollar

April 14, 2014
Whether it’s for proximity to downtown DC, sprawling houses, or excellent schools, buyers are willing to pay a premium to live in these six neighborhoods. more

Spring Real-Estate Guide: Where to Expect a Bidding War

April 14, 2014
In 2013, these five neighborhoods had a sale-to-list ratio of more than 100 percent. What’s that mean? Lots and lots of homes sold for more than their asking price. more

Better Than a Massage: Using Puppies to Relieve Stress

By Saba Naseem April 9, 2014
Law schools are using puppies to help stressed-out students relax. more

Running With Your Dog

By Melissa Romero February 20, 2014
A wagging tail is a great reminder that jogging should be fun. more

Setting the Stage: Preparing a Home for Sale

By Michelle Thomas February 12, 2014
Here’s how one local stager uses neutral paint colors and discounted furniture to appeal to the masses—and generate bidding wars. more

Bringing Lulu Home

By Rebecca Nelson January 10, 2014
Adopting a dog from a shelter can come with challenges—and rewards. more

Merry and Bright: High-End Holiday Decorating in Washington

By Mary Clare Glover December 18, 2013
Here are two pros who specialize in high-end holiday decorating—and who have some fun stories to tell. more

Going Postal: Your Dog and Mail Carriers

By Rebecca Nelson December 17, 2013
Dogs are territorial and often see mail carriers as intruders—every year thousands are attacked. All postal workers learn tips for keeping safe, but homeowners can help, too. more

Here to Stay: Creating A Home to Grow Old With

By Kelsey Lindsey December 13, 2013
Baby boomers are fueling the “aging in place” trend, with many choosing to stay in their current home rather than move to a retirement or continuing-care community. more

Then and Now: Presidents’ Homes Before the White House

By Emilia Ferrara December 13, 2013
A peek at where our Presidents lived as Cabinet Secretaries, senators, high-court justices, and more—and how the homes look today. more

Dream Kitchens 2013 Resources: Cabinets and Kitchen Designers

November 1, 2013
Enhanced Listing Photos 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Email KONST SieMatic Since 2004, KONST has shared the SieMatic story with architects, designers, and homeowners across the Washington metro area. SieMatic is an... more

In It to Win It: How to Win Washington Pet Costume Contests

By Kelsey Lindsey October 15, 2013
The competition at area pet Halloween-costume contests is tough. Judges from some of the most popular ones share tips for scoring the top prize. more

Dream Kitchens: How Much Will This Cost?

By Mary Yarrison October 7, 2013
What you can expect from three different renovation budgets. more

Back-to-School Blues For Your Pets

By Emily Thompson August 23, 2013
After months of fun with family members on summer break, many dogs aren’t ready to get left behind in the fall. more

Pet Equity

By Dori Zweig August 2, 2013
A local real-estate agent specializes in house-hunting for four-legged family members. more

Smart Fixes for Your Home

By Sherri Dalphonse July 31, 2013
Five types of maintenance that many busy homeowners overlook and shouldn’t—because these small problems can turn into much larger repairs. more

Luxury Home Sales: Penthouse Flip

July 25, 2013
A Chevy Chase condo goes for a record-setting $8 million—then relists six months later for $8.8 million. more

Luxury Home Sales: RG3 Is Here to Stay

June 26, 2013
The Redskins quarterback puts down roots in Leesburg. more

Divine Design (Photos)

By Mary Clare Glover June 19, 2013
The winners of this year’s Washingtonian Residential Design Awards include woodsy modern retreats, light-filled urban condos, a meticulous restoration, even a rooftop pool. more

Pets: Lost and Found

By Gwendolyn Purdom June 12, 2013
Social-media sites such as Facebook and Craigslist, coupled with a burgeoning industry of pet detectives, have made searching for lost dogs and cats easier. more

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away (Photos)

By Mary Clare Glover, Marisa M. Kashino June 11, 2013
Porch fans, tiki torches, special lanterns, and other proven ways to keep mosquitoes at bay. more

On the Market in Arlington

By Diana Elbasha June 11, 2013
Four new condo, apartment, and townhouse communities that you could move into today more

Luxury Home Sales: Who Gets the House?

May 24, 2013
Tony and Heather Podesta, who recently separated, spent $3.8 million in DC. Plus: The estate of Alexander Haig collected $5.2 million for a home in McLean. more

First Person: My Father’s Chairs

By Kristina Tatusko Henry May 10, 2013
They were a keepsake of him, but it was time to move on. more

No Room for Modesty: Local Bath Trends

By Jennifer Sergent May 9, 2013
Who says this is a conservative town? More Washingtonians want master baths that open right into the bedroom and that have more windows to let in natural light. more

Small Wonders: Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

By Jennifer Sergent May 9, 2013
Designers share their secrets—from curved vanities to tricks with tile—for giving a tiny bathroom splash. more

Washington's Best Bathroom Designers, Tile Shops, and Other Experts

By Mary Yarrison May 9, 2013
Here's the help you need to turn your dream bathroom into a reality. more

Kitty Boom: Why Shelters are Overcrowded With Kittens Every Spring

By Marisa M. Kashino May 8, 2013
Evidence suggests that the season for newborns needing homes may be getting longer. more

Luxury Home Sales: Moving On Up

May 2, 2013
Food critic Tom Sietsema, Capitals winger Troy Brouwer, and Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta buy homes. more

Breaking Ground: Residential Developments Sprouting Up in Fairfax

By Diana Elbasha April 12, 2013
Offerings increase in the new Mosaic district and near the planned Metro extension to Dulles. more

Alone in the Garden, a Daughter Discovers Peace

By Kyoko Mori April 8, 2013
Some people, like some flowers, are happiest in solitude. It took me a long time to realize I was one of them. more

In Home Design, It’s Easier to Be Green

By Jennifer Sergent April 5, 2013
Energy-efficient materials such as spray-foam insulation and low-flow faucets are becoming standard in renovated and new houses—and saving homeowners money. more

Green Builders and Architects Around Washington

By Jennifer Sergent April 5, 2013
While evolving codes are making builders and architects go green to a certain extent, several are going above and beyond what is required. more

Luxury Home Sales: What $7.6 Million Buys

March 21, 2013
Developer Herb Miller cashes out in Georgetown—plus other big-ticket deals around Washington. more

Georgetown's JJ the Bulldog (Video)

By Melissa Romero, Colin Daileda March 19, 2013
With Georgetown's bulldog retiring, a new pup is training to replace him. Here's how it's going. more

How to Keep a Tidy Mudroom

By Jennifer Sergent March 13, 2013
Hide, control, and get rid of clutter in your home’s trouble spots—all by design. more

How to Keep a Neat Kid's Room

By Jennifer Sergent March 13, 2013
Hide, control, and get rid of clutter in your home’s trouble spots—all by design. more

How to Have an Orderly Bedroom Closet

By Jennifer Sergent March 13, 2013
Hide, control, and get rid of clutter in your home’s trouble spots—all by design. more

How to Keep a Spick-and-Span Laundry Room

By Jennifer Sergent March 13, 2013
Hide, control, and get rid of clutter in your home’s trouble spots—all by design. more

How to Keep a Perfect Pantry

By Jennifer Sergent March 13, 2013
Hide, control, and get rid of clutter in your home’s trouble spots—all by design. more

Drowning In Paper? How to Organize a Home Office

By Alexandra Robbins March 13, 2013
The ideal home office is both attractive and efficient—here’s how to get there. more

20 Tips for Organizing a Home Office

By Alexandra Robbins March 13, 2013
Ready to tackle your own office? Professional organizers have plenty of suggestions to help you sort your stuff. more

Everlasting Love: Planning for Your Pet After You’re Gone

By Cindy Rich March 11, 2013
Dozens of pets end up in area shelters due to the deaths of their owners—one reason more people are including arrangements for them in their estate plans. more

5 Keys to Making Smart Retirement Decisions

By Mary Yarrison March 11, 2013
Where do you want to live once you stop working? Here are some things to consider. more

Boomtown: New Real Estate Developments in Bethesda

By Diana Elbasha March 4, 2013
Bethesda’s skyline is crowded with construction cranes. Here’s a peek at what’s to come. more

Luxury Home Sales: Country in the City

March 4, 2013
Cleveland Park’s 243-year-old Rosedale Farmhouse goes for $4.5 million—plus other big-ticket sales around Washington. more

Luxury Home Sales: Legally Luxe

February 6, 2013
Local attorneys bought big-dollar properties in Maryland, Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis and partner David Brock sold in DC, and the Bushes bought in Virginia. more

Tips on Buying a Beach Home in a Resort Community

By Erin Keane Scott February 5, 2013
Resort communities have become more attractive to vacation home buyers, but they also possess a few downsides. more

Helping an Overweight Pet Shed Pounds

By Melissa Romero February 1, 2013
The new year always brings weight-loss resolutions, but humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from them. Millions of pets are obese—and facing real risks. more

Smooth Moves: What to Know Before Hiring a Moving Company

By Suzanne Sataline January 14, 2013
While most moving companies are good operations, some are rogue outfits that hold belongings hostage while demanding more money. more

Smooth Moves: 16 Top Moving Companies

By Sherri Dalphonse January 14, 2013
Want to get your belongings there safely and efficiently? These 16 firms are known for smooth moves. more

Moving Experiences: How to Put Your Dog or Cat at Ease

By Travis M. Andrews January 14, 2013
Relocating to a new home can make a pet very anxious. more

Nice Digs: Top Home Sales of 2012

January 14, 2013
In 2012, Washington’s technology, finance, legal, and sports bigwigs made some very good moves. more

Inspired by Emma: Adopting a Pit Bull

By Douglas Sonders November 28, 2012
After losing my purebred boxer, I knew I wanted to adopt a dog. I never planned to bring home a pit-bull mix that would turn me into an advocate for her breed. more

Helpful Tips for Potential Dog Owners

By Maya Rhodan, Marisa M. Kashino October 17, 2012
Handy pet supplies, how much it costs to have a dog, keeping your dog healthy, and more. more

Common Health Problems in Popular Dog Breeds

By Gwendolyn Purdom October 17, 2012
A few health concerns to take into consideration when choosing a dog. more

Handy Dog Supplies

By Marisa M. Kashino October 17, 2012
Poop bags, chew toys, doormats, and more gadgets for man's best friend. more

How Much it Costs Anually to Have a Dog

By Maya Rhodan October 17, 2012
Prices on grooming, veterinary bills, dog walkers, boarding, and food. more

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

By Gwendolyn Purdom October 15, 2012
Have a new dog? Try these tips from a local veterinarian on how to set up your pup for success from the start. more

Dog Adoption Fees at Washington Shelters

By Gwendolyn Purdom October 15, 2012
Here’s what you’ll pay to adopt dogs at area shelters. more

Kitchen Help: Good Kitchen Designers, Stores, and More

By Erin Keane Scott October 15, 2012
Designers who can create a beautiful space—plus good stores for appliances, countertops, tile, and more. more

Taking a Bite Out of Fear: Dealing With Pet Anxiety

By Gwendolyn Purdom October 5, 2012
The world can be a scary place for many pets. Dogs and cats often need expert help to curb their anxiety. more

Dream Kitchens 2012: Secrets of Home Chefs

By Anna Spiegel October 3, 2012
Pop-up restaurants are hot, with some talented chefs running “supper clubs” out of their apartments or houses. We talked to three home chefs about cooking in small spaces, decorating for a dinner party, favorite tools and gadgets, and more. more

Dream Kitchens 2012: Old Meets New

By Kathleen Bridges October 3, 2012
A Bethesda kitchen expertly mixes classic and modern. more

Dream Kitchens 2012: Smarter Storage

By Anna Spiegel October 3, 2012
Drawers that light up, cabinets that open with the touch of a finger, and other clever solutions. more

Dream Kitchens 2012: Modern Counterpoint

By Kathleen Bridges October 3, 2012
A traditional home doesn’t have to mean a traditional kitchen. Here’s how one family created an ultramodern kitchen in a classic Colonial. more

Dream Kitchens 2012: Outdoors In

By Kathleen Bridges October 3, 2012
The focal point of this DC kitchen is a long, narrow window that floods the space in natural light. more

Dream Kitchens 2012: Clean and Crisp

By Kathleen Bridges October 3, 2012
A contemporary space that’s as practical as it is stylish. more

Dream Kitchens 2012: Inspired By the West

By Kathleen Bridges October 3, 2012
A slate backsplash, a birch hood, and thick green-hued granite countertops give this Great Falls kitchen a rustic feel. more

Luxury Home Sales: LivingSocial CEO Sells In DC

September 27, 2012
Tim O’Shaughnessy sells for $1.2 million. Pundit Donna Brazile and journalist Dan Froomkin also make deals. more

Lawn and Garden Resources 2012: Inspiration

September 20, 2012
Many people turn to magazines such as Garden Design, Horticulture, and Fine Gardening for inspiration and how-tos. Here are organizations, public gardens, and websites that also can help inspire you to create your dream garden. more

Why Older Animals Make Good Companions

By Melissa Romero September 19, 2012
Though it can be hard to resist kittens and puppies, older animals often make the best pets. more

How Much is a House in Georgetown?

By Mary Yarrison September 19, 2012
Find out how far your money will go in Georgetown. more

Luxury Homes Sales: A Corner of Camelot

By Washingtonian Staff September 4, 2012
The late Kara Kennedy’s home goes for $1.2 million. Plus—four lawyers sell for big money. more

Pets: Who Gets the Dog?

By Lynne Shallcross August 28, 2012
Pet-custody cases are on the rise, but the law hasn’t caught up with the emotions involved. more

5 Georgetown Locations Rich in Kennedy History

By Carol Ross Joynt August 22, 2012
Take a look at some of the former haunts of Georgetown's most famous residents. more

Lawn and Garden Resources 2012: Furniture and Accents

August 20, 2012
Photos photo gallery 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Email Country Casual, Inc. Country Casual is the nation’s leading specialist in solid teak outdoor furniture, trusted by architects and designers for durability and... more

Lawn and Garden Resources 2012: Miscellaneous

August 20, 2012
Fogdog Sports An online source for outdoor sports equipment including basketball hoops, croquet and bocce sets, and trampolines. Outdoor Illumination Custom lighting design, installation, and maintenance. 5161 River Rd., Bldg. 2, Bethesda; 301-907-4999; Sport Systems Installs high-end... more

Lawn and Garden Resources 2012: Tree Care

August 20, 2012
Most of these firms, usually with arborists on staff, offer tree and stump removal; trimming and pruning; and disease and pest management. Some also provide planting and transplanting; cabling and bracing; mulch and firewood; and emergency service. Most give free estimates. more