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2011-2012 Top Lawyers: Personal-Injury Lawyers

Think you’re owed damages after slipping on an icy sidewalk or getting into a car crash? These personal-injury attorneys can help.

William Artz William E. Artz; Arlington
Catherine Bertram
Kim Brooks-Rodney Cohen & Cohen
Michele Bartoli Cain Alexandria
Wayne Cohen Cohen & Cohen
Thomas Curcio Curcio Law; Alexandria
Peter Everett Blankingship & Keith; Fairfax
Benjamin Glass Fairfax
Peter Grenier Bode & Grenier
Chidi James Blankingship & Keith; Fairfax
Bruce Klores Klores Perry Mitchell
Lawrence Lapidus DC and Largo
Aaron Levine Aaron M. Levine & Associates
John Mesirow Mesirow & Stravitz
Robert Michael Shadoan, Michael & Wells; Rockville
Michelle Parfitt Ashcraft & Gerel; DC and Alexandria
Charles Parsons
Brian Shevlin Shevlin Smith; Fairfax
Thomas Smith Shevlin Smith; Fairfax
Robert Stoney Blankingship & Keith; Fairfax
Gregory Wells Shadoan, Michael & Wells; Rockville and Greenbelt
Charles Zauzig III Zauzig Trial Group; Woodbridge
  • Lupe Rhodes

    Thanks to these great Lawyers. They can help people using
    their own different ways and strategy. Victims who suffer and still suffering Personal
    Injury, can now equally fight for their right and can now achieved Judgment to
    what happened to them. Lawyers like them are definitely a big help in their
    society and a big assets for their country.

  • Jerry C. Allen

    Thanks for article I hope this right area to ask my question ?few days before I was involved in a bad accident with a car. ITs my fault i put the left hand turn but i mistakenly take a right hand turn so i hit a bike which is unregistered. did the bike get insurance amonut?

  • Henry Adams

    As a lawyer of Personal Injury Lawyer Bellevue I am very happy to read this article. I believe that all lawyers are so good and have good track record. Few lawyers are known to me and I know they are very efficient. My best wishes for them. I know law is not a easy subject and they are very intelligent. I happy to say that I have learnt few good lesson from www.personalinjuryattorneysbel....

  • A good lawyer can save your life from any type of cases like criminal, rape, sex, personal injury and many more. For particular cases there will be a specific experienced lawyer, so we can choose them easily.

  • slandry

    It's great to see a list of great lawyers, but I am looking for Orlando, Florida personal injury attorneys. Does anyone know if there is a list of lawyers in that area?

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