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Camera? Action!
Comments () | Published February 1, 2010

It’s a Wrap

We’re all sent back to Bobby Van’s. At 3 am, my stomach is growling, so Dori and I head to the snack area, where we find a vegetable tray with edamame, miniature red peppers, blue cheese, and more. We sit under a boom camera that’s across the street from the action and watch as five cars drive by the scene: a Lexus, a Porsche, a Cadillac, a Saab, and a taxi van. The taxi driver is having problems: After every take, he has to back up all the way down the street to reset the scene, and he nearly wrecks his van several times. They do the scene about ten times.

I go back to the restaurant, where I realize I’ve missed two cell-phone calls because—well, I had my phone off as instructed. They wanted to use my car—an SUV—in place of that taxi van. My additional $35 is lost. I hope they keep my bit part.

The sun is up. At 7:30 am, we’re done for the night. My two nights of living with the stars have come to an end. Until the premiere—scheduled for December. Can’t wait to see my backside on the big screen.

Want a Role in a Movie?

For those who have the acting bug and want to try to make it as a “backgrounder,” here are casting agencies in the region. Locations listed are where the companies are based, but all handle work in the Washington area.

Betsy Royall Casting


Casting director: Betsy Royall.

Mail résumé and headshots to the office; open calls are held after review.

Carlyn Davis Casting & Production Services

Falls Church;

Casting director: Carlyn Davis.

Visit the Web site for open-call announcements. Go to to register as a backgrounder.

Central Casting

DC and Baltimore;

Casting director: Dagmar Wittmer.

Open calls: First and third Wednesdays of the month, 10 to noon. Call 202-310-4700 for more information.

This fee-based Web site includes a free section with information on local agents, photographers, and casting directors as well as industry tips.

Pat Moran & Associates


Casting director: Pat Moran.

Mail or e-mail a résumé and headshots to the office. No phone calls, drop-bys, or open calls.


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