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A "Disciplined Young Man": Washingtonian's 1994 Brian Williams Profile

By Barbara Matusow February 9, 2015
Washingtonian's 1994 profile of the rising NBC News star. more

How David Gregory Lost His Job

By Luke Mullins December 21, 2014
Last summer, Gregory was let go from his gig as host of "Meet the Press." Here's an inside look at his fall from the top—and what it says about the state of TV news. more

From the Archives: James Brady’s Long Journey Back

By Mollie Dickenson August 5, 2014
“I don’t think he’s going to make it,” Dr. Arthur Kobrine said when he saw Jim Brady in the emergency room. But with the help of his wife Sarah, Dr. Kobrine, and many others, Jim Brady now can find a lot to smile about. more

From the Archives: The Saving of President Ronald Reagan

By John Pekkanen August 5, 2014
A minute-by-minute, inside-the-hospital account of what happened to President Reagan after he was shot: the critical decisions that saved his life, the human drama, the heroes, the entire untold story. more

Feeling the Pull

By Nancy Scola May 12, 2014
How the new generation of Internet companies is straining the collegial world of high-tech lobbying. more

For Creigh Deeds, All Politics Is Personal

By Luke Mullins May 5, 2014
After 23 years in power, Creigh Deeds faced the most painful political fight of his career. It turned out to be the easiest to win. more

What Made Me: NPR News Editor Madhulika Sikka

By Paul O'Donnell March 10, 2014
The author of “A Breast Cancer Alphabet” on finding her career and talking straight about the disease. more

What Made Made: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

By Harry Jaffe January 9, 2014
DC’s representative on talking versus giving a speech, finding happiness in small things, and Newt’s big surprise. more

Looking Ahead to 2016, Hillary Clinton’s State Problem

By James Rosen December 23, 2013
After four years as Obama’s chief diplomat, does the leading Democratic candidate have a record she can run on? more

First Person: JFK and the Unknowable

By James Rosen November 6, 2013
JFK’s death marked a triumph of the information age—and revealed its limitations. more

Letting Go of the “Washington Post”

By Alicia C. Shepard October 1, 2013
The inside story of how “Post” owner Donald Graham came to accept that it was time to cut ties to his family’s 80-year newspaper legacy. more

What Made Me: BBC Anchor Katty Kay

By Sophie Gilbert July 11, 2013
She talks to us about growing up in the Middle East, feeling like a failure, and the women who inspire her. more

Ira Glass on Reinventing Radio and His Very Polite Fans

By Sophie Gilbert June 27, 2013
The host of “This American Life” talks to us ahead of his Strathmore live show. more

Jeffrey Goldberg, Washington’s Most Pugnacious Journalist

By Paul Starobin January 29, 2013
He’s hilarious, hugely influential, and beloved by his many powerful friends. But Jeffrey Goldberg’s hotheaded attempts to referee the infighting over Israel make him perhaps the most polarizing journalist in town. Who died and made him Moses? more

Watch Illustrator Steve Brodner Create a Caricature of Jeffrey Goldberg

January 29, 2013
Brodner’s artwork is featured in our February 2013 profile of Goldberg. more

The Bearable Lightness of Being Tucker Carlson

By Tom Bartlett November 26, 2012
He knows that people loathe him, think his career is in the toilet, and believe that his website, the Daily Caller, marks a new low in journalism. But the truth is that Tucker Carlson couldn’t be happier. more

Taking It to the Street

By Ariel Sabar April 10, 2012
After a decade of setbacks and near misses, DC Vote’s Ilir Zherka says it’s time for a more aggressive fight to give District residents full representation in Congress. It’s a fight he thinks he can win. more

Behind the Scenes: Hillary's Table

By Carol Ross Joynt April 9, 2012
A peek inside the State Department’s eighth-floor James Monroe Reception Room where Hillary Clinton entertains guests. more

The Perils of Loyalty in Politics

By Eric Felten June 13, 2011
We may like the idea that people should remain faithful to their friends. But ask a politician to be loyal? It may be both dumb politics and bad for the country. more

Birth of a Lion

By Denise Kersten Wills November 5, 2010
Washingtonians delighted at the birth of lion cubs at the National Zoo this summer. For the lions’ keepers, it was the end of a nerve-racking journey. They weren’t certain the cubs would ever be born—or that they’d survive. more

Fenty vs. Gray: Who Should Run DC?

By Harry Jaffe August 23, 2010
Having trouble choosing a Mayoral candidate? Harry Jaffe breaks down the decision. more

The Rise and Fall of JournoList

By Alyssa Rosenberg July 27, 2010
An email list becomes the National Press Club of its day—before a member loses his job. more

Your Turn, Bob

By Drew Lindsay January 1, 2010
On the eve of Bob McDonnell’s inauguration, what Tim Kaine might say to the governor-elect about the potholes and hazards of being a rising political star more

The Son Also Rises

By Harry Jaffe July 22, 2009
Joe Allbritton, father of media mogul Robert Allbritton, passed away Wednesday. Read our 2009 profile of Robert. more

Harry Jaffe - Videos

March 10, 2009
Media Layoffs Glassergate Incumbent Protection The Closing of Newhouse News Service's DC Bureau Katharine Weymouth Marcus Brauchli and the Survival of the Post The Post's New Executive Editor? Help Wanted at the Washington Post Washington Post Buyouts The Decline of... more

Remembering a Friend

By Graham Meyer September 1, 2007
The killing of Daniel Pearl spurred Asra Nomani to become a different kind of journalist. more

University Presidents' Salaries

By Garrett M. Graff January 1, 2007
It might have been American University president Ben Ladner’s outrageous expenses that made headlines last year, but new numbers from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s survey of university presidents show that his area colleagues weren’t hurting for cash. Two noteworthy... more

'Sex and the City' Actor Saved by Good Samaritan

By Lauren Sloat November 1, 2006
Fame can get you into the White House, but it’s really hard to get on a plane without photo ID.Actor/singer John Corbett made it to his country concert gig in Indiana thanks to UC-Berkeley student Daniel Broukhim.Broukhim, in DC for... more

Scotch 101: Tips for Enjoying Smooth and Smoky Whiskies

By Garrett M. Graff November 1, 2006
When Britain’s Prince Andrew arrived in Washington this fall to open a working whiskey distillery at Mount Vernon—the nation’s first president was one of the nation’s important whiskey distillers—one of his first stops was a Scotch tasting at the house... more

Learning to Be a Gentleman 101: From Aphrodisiacs to Roulette

By Garrett M. Graff October 6, 2006
Jason Tesauro, who coauthored the book The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy & Vice, is giving Washington men a chance to learn the finer points. His five-part course, taught at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner, covers a range... more

Local Alums Score Big at Emmys

By Chris Vogel October 6, 2006
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a 1979 graduate of Bethesda’s Holton-Arms School, bucked the so-called Seinfeld curse with her latest show, The New Adventures of Old Christine, taking home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. At only 25, Georgetown... more

Watch Out: 867-5309 Isn't Jenny's Real Number

By McLean Robbins October 1, 2006
It’s official. The smirk you saw after asking that fox at the bar for her number wasn’t just your imagination. The national hotline, started by Atlanta’s Jeff Goldblatt in 2001 and which now gets 72,000 a month in Washington, was... more

Do-It-Yourself Cocktail Fun

By Garrett M. Graff September 1, 2006
Wander into Oya or Poste in DC’s Penn Quarter and you’ll find lots of jars stuffed with liquor and assortments of fruit. A “flavor-infused” cocktail is tastier than an off-the-shelf Absolut or Stoli flavored vodka, but at a bar on... more

"Gut Values" and the Green Zone

By Garrett M. Graff September 1, 2006
1. Applebee’s America: How Successful Political, Business, and Religious Leaders Connect With the New American Community by Douglas B. Sosnik, Matthew J. Dowd, and Ron Fournier. There’s a hint of Malcolm Gladwell writing in this book where the Democratic and... more

Do You Spell Here Often?

By Molly Knight Raskin July 1, 2006
While lots of adults happily rely on spell-check, there still are those who enjoy the drama of a spelling bee. Spurred on by the popularity of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, organizers brought together the first adult DC Bee. The... more

Pearls Optional, Drinks Required on Exclusive Web Site

By Garrett M. Graff July 1, 2006
A new social-networking Web site is doing something that not many of its brethren have been able to do: It’s attracting people over 25. Like and, allows users to build a profile, make digital friends, and post... more

Hey, John, Got a Light?

By Allison Stevens June 1, 2006
To see how deeply rooted Con gress’s love of tobacco is, just look at the Capitol’s Corinthian columns festooned with marble tobacco leaves. So it comes as no surprise that even though a new District smoking ban took effect in... more

Summer Drinks: Better Than V-8?

By Amanda McClements June 1, 2006
Todd Thrasher, manager and sommelier at Restaurant Eve, has been a local pioneer of the from-scratch cocktail movement and hopes more bartenders move away from premade ingredients. He bought a juicer and has officially sworn off the canned stuff. His... more

Here She Comes—to Washington?

By Garrett M. Graff March 1, 2006
The newly crowned Miss America, Jennifer Berry of Oklahoma, made her first trip to Washington for a black-tie dinner and ended up sandwiched between talk-show host John McLaughlin and former Afghan ambassador Ishaq Shahryar. If local organizers have their way,... more

Take One Single Gal, Add a BlackBerry, Lots of Booze

By Ann Limpert, Garrett M. Graff February 1, 2006
“Chick lit” books have been hot sellers, and now you can enjoy DC entries. Here’s who’s who:   Dog Days ANA MARIE COX The Washingtonienne JESSICA CUTLER Sammy’s Hill KRISTIN GORE Claim to fame: Dirty-talking blogger at Former Senate... more