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Redskins Photos Reveal All
Comments () | Published October 1, 2007
Defensive End Chris Wilson, six-foot-four, 240 pounds. Two-year Canadian Football League veteran from Northwood University’s Michigan campus. Wilson—who wasn’t drafted when he graduated from Northwood—beat long odds to make the roster.
Quarterback Jason Campbell, six-foot-four, 230 pounds. Third year out of Auburn. Campbell’s an ideal size for a quarterback and is feared for his strong arm; an 87-yard pass he threw is still the school record. But it was his intelligence that attracted Gibbs.
Safety LaRon Landry, six feet, 213 pounds. The Redskins’ number-one draft pick in 2007, from Louisiana State University. In college Landry played with such ferocity that it wasn’t hard for the Redskins to picture him as a rookie starter. “He wasn’t just trying to win his matchup; he was trying to hunt you down,” says Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.


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