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What I've Learned: Jon Rauch
Comments () | Published August 1, 2008

Chin music is part of the game. If a guy goes after one of your batters, you’re prepared to return that?

I’m prepared for it. You just never get the opportunity the way the game is done.

What do you mean?

As something bad happens early in a game, the umpires are quick to throw out warnings. Say I came in in a later inning and had a great opportunity to do something like that. The umpire is probably going to give another warning. And if I do that, I’m going to get suspended, I’m going to miss time. The game is not the same in that aspect as it used to be.

How much studying of hitters do you do? Are you a video guy? A stats guy?

I’m not a stat guy. I am a video guy. I like to look at swings; I like to see what their approach is at the plate. I do a lot of stuff during the game, watching how they approach our pitching early on.

Earlier this season, your wife had a baby—your second. Does being a dad change anything? Does it motivate you to do the best you can for your family?

That’s the biggest thing, being able to provide for my family. The biggest change from playing when I wasn’t a father and now is I have to leave everything at the park. When I go home, you can’t take it out on your kids, you can’t take it out on your wife. When the game is over, it’s over. I enjoy going home and having my little girl yell, “Dad!” when I walk in the door.

Would you trade in your gold medal for a Nationals World Series win?

I can’t say that I would. But I’d like to have both.

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This article appears in the August 2008 issue of Washingtonian. To see more articles in this issue, click here.


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