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Who Was the Best to Wear Number 9?

Comments () | Published December 12, 2008

26—Boog Powell, Orioles first baseman (1961–74). HM: Paul Krause, Redskins safety (1964–67); Clinton Portis, Redskins running back (2004–present); Bryan Namoff, DC United defender (2001–present); Bobby Bonilla, Orioles outfielder (1995–96); Don Stanhouse, Orioles pitcher (1978–79, 1982); Bob Allison, Senators outfielder (1958–60); Danny Copeland, Redskins Safety (1991–93).

27—Ken Houston, Redskins safety (1973–80). HM: Dave Christian, Capitals forward (1983–89); Brad Edwards, Redskins safety (1990–93); Fred Smoot, Redskins cornerback (2001–04, 2007–present); Dick Bosman, Senators pitcher (1966–71); Ron Kline, Senators pitcher (1963–66); Wally Bunker, Orioles pitcher (1963–68); Craig Berube, Capitals forward (1993–99, 2000–01).

28—Darrell Green, Redskins cornerback (1983–2002). HM: Hugh Taylor, Redskins receiver (1947–54); Abby Wambach, Freedom forward (2002–03); Hal Brown, Orioles pitcher (1955–62); Jim Dwyer, Orioles outfielder (1981–88); Bob Masterson, Redskins receiver (1938–43); Randy Myers, Orioles pitcher (1996–97); Herb Mul-Key, Redskins kick returner (1972–74).

29—Ken Singleton, Orioles outfielder (1975–84). HM: Mark Murphy, Redskins safety (1977–84); Dick Hall, Orioles pitcher (1961–66, 1969–71); Joe Reekie, Capitals defender (1994–2002); Sam Shade, Redskins safety (1999–2002); Casey Cox, Senators pitcher (1966–71).

30—Brian Mitchell, Redskins running back (1990–99). HM: Bernard King, Bullets forward (1987–91); Gregg Olson, Orioles pitcher (1988–93); Dennis Martinez, Orioles pitcher (1976–86); Frank Filchock, Redskins quarterback (1938–41, 1944–45); Jim Carey, Capitals goalkeeper (1995–97).

31—Don Bosseler, Redskins fullback (1957–64). HM: Charley Harraway, Redskins running back (1969–73); Ray Scott, Bullets forward (1967–70); Rock Cartwright, Redskins running back (2002–present).

32—Dale Hunter, Capitals forward (1987–99). HM: Buck Leonard, Homestead Grays first baseman (1934–50); Milt Pappas, Orioles pitcher (1957–65); Steve Stone, Orioles pitcher (1979–81); Jack Pardee, Redskins linebacker (1971–72); Richard Hamilton, Wizards guard (1999–2002); Vernon Dean, Redskins cornerback (1982–87); Larry Wright, Bullets guard (1976–80).

33—Sammy Baugh, Redskins quarterback (1937–52). HM: Eddie Murray, Orioles first baseman (1977–88, 1996); Don Beaupre, Capitals goalkeeper (1988–94); Brendan Haywood, Wizards center (2001–present).

34—Al Iafrate, Capitals defender (1990–94). HM: Storm Davis, Orioles pitcher (1982–86, 1992); John Williams, Bullets forward (1986–91); Don MacLean, Bullets forward (1992–95).

35— Mike Cuellar, Orioles pitcher (1969–76). HM: Mike Mussina, Orioles pitcher (1991–2000); Bill Dudley, Redskins running back (1950–51, 1953); Kevin Grevey, Bullets guard (1975–83); Wilbur Moore, Redskins running back (1939–46); Gary Roenicke, Orioles outfielder (1978–85); Al Jensen, Capitals goalkeeper (1981–87); Walt Masterson, Senators pitcher (1939–42, 1945–49, 1952–53).

36—Chuck Drazenovich, Redskins linebacker (1950–59). HM: Willie Wilkin, Redskins tackle (1938–43); Mike Eagles, Capitals forward (1995–2000); Tom Phoebus, Orioles pitcher (1966–70); Connie Johnson, Orioles pitcher (1956–58); Timmy Smith, Redskins running back (1987–88).

37—Olie Kolzig, Capitals goalkeeper (1989–90, 1992–2008). HM: Pat Fischer, Redskins cornerback (1968–77); Joe Tereshinski, Redskins receiver (1947–54); Stu Miller, Orioles pitcher (1963–67); Pat Dobson, Orioles pitcher (1971–72); Gerald Riggs, Redskins running back (1989–91); Larry Centers, Redskins fullback (1999–2000); Bill Young, Redskins tackle (1937–42, 1946).

38—John Lowenstein, Orioles outfielder (1979–85). HM: George Rogers, Redskins running back (1985–87); Robin Roberts, Orioles pitcher (1962–65); Clarence Harmon, Redskins running back (1977–82); Jerry Walker, Orioles pitcher (1957–60).

39—Eddie Watt, Orioles pitcher (1966–73). HM: Clem Stralka, Redskins offensive lineman (1938–42, 1945–46); Otis Wonsley, Redskins running back (1981–85); Randy Milligan, Orioles first baseman (1989–92).

40—Wayne Millner, Redskins receiver (1937–41, 1945). HM: Alvin Walton, Redskins safety (1986–91); Lonnie Sanders, Redskins cornerback (1963–67); Calbert Cheaney, Bullets/Wizards guard (1993–99); Vicky Bullett, Mystics forward (2000–02); Dave Leonhard, Orioles pitcher (1967–72).

41—Wes Unseld, Bullets center (1968–81). HM: Mike Bass, Redskins cornerback (1969–75); Dick Todd, Redskins fullback (1939–42, 1945–48); Billy O’Dell, Orioles pitcher (1954–59); Don Aase, Orioles pitcher (1985–88); Jim Steffen, Redskins defensive back (1961–65).

42—Charley Taylor, Redskins receiver (1964–77). HM: Greg Ballard, Bullets forward (1977–85); John Adams, Redskins offensive lineman (1945–49); Bill Anderson, Redskins receiver (1958–63); Dick Alban, Redskins defensive back (1952–55); Jerry Stackhouse, Wizards guard (2002–04).

43—Larry Brown, Redskins running back (1969–76). HM: Jeff Ruland, Bullets forward (1981–86); Pervis Ellison, Bullets forward (1990–94); Nakia Sanford, Mystics center (2003–present); Rudy May, Orioles pitcher (1976–77); Terry Dischinger, Bullets forward (1963–64).

44—John Riggins, Redskins running back (1976–79, 1981–85). HM: Andy Farkas, Redskins running back (1938–44); Rich Dauer, Orioles second baseman (1976–85); Harvey Grant, Bullets/Wizards forward (1988–93, 1996–98); LeRoy Ellis, Bullets forward (1966–70); Rick Mahorn, Bullets forward (1980–85); Richard Zednik, Capitals forward (1995–2001, 2006–07); Jim Hardin, Orioles pitcher (1967–71).

45—Phil Chenier, Bullets guard (1971–80). HM: Barry Wilburn, Redskins cornerback (1985–89); Mike Sellers, Redskins fullback (1998–2000, 2004–present); Erik Bedard, Orioles pitcher (2002, 2004–07); Speedy Duncan, Redskins kick returner (1971–74).

46—Mike Flanagan, Orioles pitcher (1975–87, 1991–92). HM: Rickie Harris, Redskins defensive back (1965–70); Ladell Betts, Redskins running back (2002–present); Frank Grant, Redskins receiver (1973–78).

47—Dick James, Redskins running back (1956–63). HM: Chris Cooley, Redskins tight end (2004–present); Jesse Orosco, Orioles pitcher (1995–99); Laurie Niemi, Redskins offensive lineman (1949–53).

48—Stephen Davis, Redskins running back (1996–2002). HM: Norb Hecker, Redskins defensive back (1955–57); Ross Grimsley, Orioles pitcher (1974–77, 1982).

49—Bobby Mitchell, Redskins receiver (1962–68). HM: Tim Stoddard, Orioles pitcher (1978–83); Sam Baker, Redskins kicker (1953, 1956–59); Armando Benitez, Orioles pitcher (1994–98); Todd Frohwirth, Orioles pitcher (1991–93).

50—Bucky Harris,* Senators second baseman (1919–28). HM: Pete Wysocki, Redskins linebacker (1975–80); Ravin Caldwell, Redskins linebacker (1987–92); Derek Smith, Redskins linebacker (1997–2000).


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