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“Yeah, It’s Loaded”
Comments () | Published February 22, 2011

Caitlin Rutherford, Age 20

Caitlin Rutherford, 20, talks on the phone while wearing her Glock at her parents’ home in Carrolton, Virginia. The Hampton resident has been carrying since her 18th birthday. “You have to be 18,” she says, “or else I would’ve started much earlier. I get all kinds of reactions. People ask, ‘Is that legal?’ Others say, ‘That’s so awesome—thank you for doing that.’ ”

Caitlin walks her boyfriend’s beagle: “When I’m walking the dog at night, sometimes people will start yelling at me. I’ll turn the other way, and when they see I have a gun, they leave me alone.”

Caitlin’s stepmother, Jadranka—who also carries a gun—sets pizza out for lunch.

Caitlin watches as Jadranka makes brownies. Says Caitlin: “I practice on guns from small .22s all the way up to huge military machine guns. My favorite’s my Glock 19. Many say it’s a manly gun, but I feel like it fits on me most comfortably. The kick isn’t too bad, but it’s still a pretty big bullet.” Caitlin’s father is a former Army Special Forces weapons specialist. “He got me started in middle school, when I was old enough to control a gun,” says Caitlin. “I’m a great shot, by the way—not to brag.”


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  • mong00se

    Another tidbit to consider. Most states that issue Concealed Carry Permits (there are many different wordings) tend to stress one significant point, even in states like mine where Open Carry is permitted. You are advised to carry concealed because open carry on the streets makes many citizens nervous. Also, open carry allows the bad guys to spot you and probably take you out first. Had there been Concealed Carry Permit holders in the movie theater the gunman would probably have been neutralized quicker and many patrons could have been spared injury and death. I'm just saying.

  • I don't even own a gun, much less carry one around. But if people want to exercise their right to carry one openly, then whatever, that's none of my business.

  • Bmayo

    My name is Blake. I live in upstate NY 5 to 6 hours from the city depending on your route. I am both a firefighter and a firearms instructor. I would like to see every state become an open carry state and also to be able to stand and defend


    Like your father, I was SF 5th Grp light weapons and demo. Great to see you are a responsible carry lady. Keep up the exposure, we need a lot more like you. Tell your dad DE OPPRESSO LIBER for me.

  • DamonK

    I think that this is great. It really is time for us responsible conservitives to start making ourselves seen and heard. Good stuff!

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