Who Makes How Much: Police and Emergency Services

Here's what Washingtonians make for the work they do

By: Kimberly Palmer, Sherri Dalphonse

Police officer (15 years), DC, $61,298. 

Police detective (20 years), DC, $95,950.

Police officer (1 year), Fairfax County, $47,095.

Police sergeant (4 years), Fairfax County, $69,146.69.

Master police officer (10 years), Montgomery County, $79,971.

Police sergeant (15 years), Montgomery County, $100,945.

EMT/paramedic, DC (median), $53,949.

Firefighter/technician, DC (median), $63,684.

Captain, DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services (median), $98,872

EMT/firefighter (10 years), Arlington County, $64,500.

Paramedic (10 years), Arlington County, $68,161.

Lieutenant (10 years), Arlington County Fire Department, $76,336.

Captain 1 (10 years), Arlington County Fire Department, $84,947.

Firefighter or paramedic (3 years), Prince George’s County, $44,848.

Captain (8 years), Prince George’s County Fire Department, $56,875.

This feature first appeared in the November 2010 issue of The Washingtonian. 

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