Great Hair 2012 Makeover Magic: Amy Markopoulos

Tired of her look, Markopoulos put her hair in the hands of a new stylist. The result? A fabulous transformation.

By: Sarah Zlotnick

Amy Markopoulos, 30
White-collar defense attorney

Why she wanted a makeover: “My hair is always the last thing I do,” Markopoulos says. “I don’t spend much time fixing it.” With an October wedding planned—and plenty of pre-wedding events beforehand—she was ready for a more photogenic look than her lackluster dark-brown locks.

Where we sent her: Anthony Alvarez at Ipsa for Hair (1629 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-338-4100).

With a job that requires a fairly conservative look, Markopoulos wanted any change to be subtle. Anthony Alvarez took three inches off the ends, then added long, square layers in the back to break up her hair’s length. Razor-cut, face-framing pieces—plus a warming set of caramel-hued highlights in the front and top portions of her hair—bring out her high cheekbones. Adrian Avila from nearby Nectar Skin Bar did her makeup.

The verdict: “Very polished,” says Markopoulos. “I feel fun yet professional.”

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