Great Hair 2012: Makeover Magic

Four women who were tired of their hair put themselves in the hands of new stylists. The result? Four fabulous transformations.

By: Sarah Zlotnick, Erin Keane Scott

Julie Houk, 47

Director of marketing, United Charitable Programs

Why she wanted a makeover: Houk recently lost 20 pounds and, as part of her new look, wanted to tame her frizzy hair.

We sent her to: Moses Somekhian at Robert Lewis Salon (White Flint Mall, North Bethesda; 301-468-2979).

Makeup artist April Manuel finished the makeover.

The verdict: Houk’s coworkers and family have told her the new hairstyle makes her look taller and thinner. “If I had known I would have gotten this reaction,” says Houk, “I would have cut my hair years ago.”

Andrea Adleman, 42

Public-relations consultant

Why she wanted a makeover: After several years of self-employment, a new job opportunity in the federal government was on the horizon and Adleman wanted a more professional look.

We sent her to: Cole Stevens Salon & Day Spa (1210 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, 202-547-4444; 7751 Belle Point Dr., Greenbelt, 301-345-0033).

The verdict: Says Adleman: “I went my whole life waiting for a style like this.”

Jeanee Layman, 43

Founder and executive director,

Why she wanted a makeover: Preparing to send her younger son to first grade and to launch her own nonprofit this fall had Layman itching for a look that was more sophisticated than the washed-out bleached-blond color she applied herself. “I know that my hippie hair isn’t going to cut it in business meetings,” she said.

We sent her to: Ismail Tekin at George at the Four Seasons Salon (2828 Pennsylvania Ave., NW; 202-342-1942).

The verdict: “I haven’t felt this elegant in years,” says Layman, whose sons, Max and Jake, ages six and eight, told her she looked “weird but beautiful” when she got home.

Johanna Kracke, 28

Nutrition researcher and yoga instructor

Why she wanted a makeover: “My hair had been the same for seven years, and it just felt blah,” says Kracke. “I ended up pulling it into a ponytail 90 percent of the time.”

We sent her to: Lisa Rittiner, co-owner of Arlington’s Smitten Boutique Salon (3000 Washington Blvd.; 571-527-0200).

The verdict: “It’s been really fun,” Kracke says of life as a ginger. “I’ve been told I look like Jessica on True Blood."

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