Guide to Financial Planning 2012: Take It to the Bank

By: Kimberly Palmer, Travis M. Andrews

Because many professionals at larger financial institutions work on in-house teams rather than with other firms, a peer survey can miss them. So in addition to sending a survey to Washington-area financial professionals, we asked banks and brokerages to give us the names of their top wealth managers based on assets under management. Listed here are the names given to us by the institutions that agreed to participate (some declined).

Many of the wealth managers listed work within what’s called the “private bank,” an arm of a larger bank that caters to clients who want to invest big amounts. Financial experts say one advantage to working with a large institution is having all your money in one place. For example, Bank of America can handle checking and savings accounts, investments, mortgages, college savings, life insurance, and more. Managers at smaller, boutique investment firms say disadvantages can be less personal service and high staff turnover.

There are many good wealth managers working at large banks and brokerages who are not listed here. Because some of these institutions are so large, having a name to start with can be helpful.

Bank of America

Michael Kirvan, CFM; Washington DC

Trevor Nelson, CFP; Washington DC

Wayne Nelson, Washington DC

Tom Rietano, Washington DC

Bank of New York Mellon

Bruce Holmquist, Washington DC

Christopher Ross, Washington DC

Susan Traver, Washington DC


Kirsten L. Brazley, Washington DC

S. Suzanne Kim, CFP; Fairfax

Yvette Farrugia Polster, CFP; Arlington

Jonathan P. Wasey, CFP; Washington DC

Charles Schwab

Nicole Arwood, Tysons

Brian Lipps, Washington DC

Gregory Matthews, Bethesda


Richard Petrosky, New York, NY (based in New York but comes to Washington often)

J.P. Morgan

George Albright, JD; Washington DC

Rose Cohen, Washington DC

Don Irwin, Washington DC

Jackie Perrins, Washington DC

Daniel Reid, Washington DC

M&T Bank

Eric Schoener, CFP; Washington DC

Morgan Stanley

Charles Cooper, Bethesda

Jonathan R. Legg, Washington DC

Marvin McIntyre, Washington DC

Michael J. O'Neill, Washington DC

Robert Scherer, Potomac

John M. Williams, Washington DC

Jim Wohlgemuth, Washington DC

Donald M. Wright, Bethesda


John Lockhart, CFP; McLean

Wells Fargo

Tristan Caudron, CFP; Alexandria

Brad Coyle, McLean

Ricardo Rosenberg, Washington DC

Chris Sargent, Washington DC

Marcia Simpkins, Washington DC

David Speck, Alexandria

Jeff Upchurch, McLean

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