Craft Beer Guide: Know Your Beer Geeks

Suds lovers come in many guises, from PBR-swilling hipsters to obscurity-obsessed connoisseurs.

By: Anna Spiegel

Hipster Swillers

Beer of choice: Their bicycles may cost a month’s rent, but when it comes to beer, it’s Pabst Blue Ribbon and Schlitz all the way.

Frequently seen: Drinking Miller High Life at American Ice Co.

Show disdain for: Everything, but pricey craft bottles in particular.

Homebrew Crew

Beer of choice: What-ever concoction they’ve most recently brewed in the basement.

Frequently seen: At monthly homebrew-club meetings and Meridian Pint’s homebrewing competitions.

Must-have accessory: A jerry-rigged kegerator for pulling drafts at home.

Belgian Buffs

Beer of choice: Any-thing Belgian, preferably a super-rare monastery beer or a high-gravity quadrupel.

Frequently seen: Quaffing a Chimay Cinq Cents alongside moules frites at Brasserie Beck.

Role models: Trappist-monk brewers.


Beer of choice: Aggressively hoppy, bitter IPAs such as Sierra Nevada Hoptimum.

Frequently seen: At Pizzeria Paradiso’s annual JulyPA, when drafts at all three locations are IPAs throughout the month of July.

Random knowledge: The Humulus lupulus plant, from which hops are derived, is in the same family as cannabis.

Sour Scenesters

Beer of choice: Tart brews made with wild yeast or bacteria, such as Belgian lambic or, locally, B.W. Rye #4 Gose from 3 Stars and Oliver Brewery.

Frequently seen: Puckering up at one of the sour-beer takeover nights at Meridian Pint in DC’s Columbia Heights.

Mecca: Where the Wild Beers Are, an annual sour-beer festival for the “bacti-curious.”


Beer of choice: Fresh ales and lagers brewed within a 50-mile radius of Washington.

Frequently seen: Toting a well-worn growler bag to refill at DC’s Chocolate City Beer—or road-tripping to Frederick’s Flying Dog Brewery.

Go-to accessory: A three-star tattoo inspired by the District of Columbia flag (and by DC Brau cans).

Illustrations by Ryan Snook.