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Best of Bethesda: Local Favorites
Comments () | Published September 8, 2010


Brooks is president of the American Enterprise Institute, a public-policy think tank. He has written eight books, including “The Battle: How the Fight Between Free Enterprise and Big Government Will Shape America’s Future.”

Locust Grove Nature Center is a great place for kids—we go hiking and running there.

The Music Center at Strathmore  is a beautiful hall with great acoustics, and they do a lot of diverse performances. My oldest son likes going to the orchestra a lot, so I take him to see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra—recently we saw the BSO play Brahms’s Third.

When we go downtown, our favorite restaurant is Jaleo. My wife is from Barcelona, so it’s a place where we can get food we like. The gazpacho is wonderful.

My younger son is ten, and he says the best place in Bethesda is Ranger Surplus. He loves looking at the airsoft guns and knives and Israeli gas masks and helmets from World War II—all the things that make ten-year-old boys tick.

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