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Finding the Perfect Private School in Washington

By Hallie Golden October 27, 2014
Looking for a private school that’s a great fit for your child? Here’s a guide to some of the area’s best. Plus—what to say (and not say) during an admissions interview. more

2014 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Coed Schools

October 26, 2014
Home Map Co-Ed Girls Boys Special Boarding // more

2014 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Find a School

October 26, 2014
Home Map Co-Ed Girls Boys Special Boarding Click on an icon to get details about the school.... more

2014 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Boarding Schools

October 26, 2014
Home Map Co-Ed Girls Boys Special Boarding // more

2014 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Special Needs Schools

October 26, 2014
Home Map Co-Ed Girls Boys Special Boarding // more

2014 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Boys Schools

October 26, 2014
Home Map Co-Ed Girls Boys Special Boarding // more

2014 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Girls Schools

October 26, 2014
Home Map Co-Ed Girls Boys Special Boarding // more

First Person: What Will It Take to Disarm Washington of Its Racism and Stereotypes?

By Janice Lynch Schuster October 1, 2014
I need to know the world will be safe for my biracial granddaughter. more

First Person: Finding Happiness in the Simple Things in Life

By Ananya Bhattacharyya September 12, 2014
A simple loaf of bread or piece of literature can contain an unexpected world of joy. more

Dads Want to Have It All, Too

By Brooke Lea Foster September 2, 2014
Working guys all over Washington want to lean out and see more of their kids. more

25 Places to Take Fun Classes in Washington

By Sherri Dalphonse August 20, 2014
Where to go if you want to learn something new. more

First Person: One Family’s Unexpected Reason for Loving Ocean City

By Jim Gray August 6, 2014
My kids would be happy going to the beach and never setting foot on the sand. For them, it’s all about the arcade. more

First Person: Star Quality

By Andrea Jarrell July 11, 2014
Until I was a teen, I knew my dad only from glimpses of him on TV. Then we met—and our relationship became a lot more complicated than a Hollywood script. more

The Smart Way to Downsize

By Kimberly Palmer June 17, 2014
More baby boomers are moving from big, empty nests to smaller homes. But that doesn’t always save money. Here’s what to know. more

Working Like a Dog

By Will Grunewald June 10, 2014
Bringing a pet to the office can reduce stress, improve relationships, and make a workplace more fun. more

First Person: “That Guy’s an Old Biker”

By Sunil Freeman June 4, 2014
And other misperceptions of a man’s life. more

How Not to Get Your Kid into Kindergarten

By Laura Moser March 24, 2014
Playing the DC Public Schools Lottery is a crazy, soul-crushing pursuit. more

When Your Pets Fight Like Cats and Dogs

By Ann Limpert March 14, 2014
How was I to know that a puppy named Mika could turn our apartment into a boxing ring? more

First Person: The Clarinetist

By Leonard Newmark March 11, 2014
When I moved into the building after a separation, the music from the floor below was halting. As it changed over time, what was it telling me? more

Four Romantic Spa Retreats for Couples

By Sarah Title February 7, 2014
These spas offer side-by-side massages, Champagne, cozy suites, and other treats. more

First Person: Crossing Bradley Boulevard

By Michelle Brafman February 7, 2014
For my sister-in-law, this intersection is about more than walk and don’t walk. more

Happy Campers: Summer Programs for Kids at Washington Museums

By Jessica Kegu January 30, 2014
Local museum camps offer the chance to build things, play spy, and solve crimes. more

Hunting Season Around Washington

By Michael Gaynor January 16, 2014
Whether fox hunting in period attire with a pack of hounds or donning camouflage to shoot duck, lots of people around Washington rise with the sun for the challenge of the hunt, to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to pass along centuries-old traditions. more

What Do Washingtonians Splurge On—And Where Do They Cut Corners?

By Kimberly Palmer January 8, 2014
No surprise: We’re not Los Angeles. more

5 Services to Make Your Life Easier in 2014

By Kelsey Lindsey January 3, 2014
These businesses can save you time—whether you need to plan a party, run errands, oversee a home renovation, or unclutter a room. more

Nine Secrets to Getting Ahead at Work

By Brennen Jensen December 16, 2013
Work hard (to a point), imagine your boss as a child on a long car ride, ditch the cologne, and other tips for working your way up the ladder. more

How to Ask for a Raise

By Stanley Kay December 16, 2013
Asking for a raise can be daunting. But along with doing your homework about what your position and your contributions are worth, these tactics can increase your success. more

Telecommuting Done Wrong

By Sherri Dalphonse December 16, 2013
A big fish, a kickboxing accident, a strip-club lunch, and other tales of “working” remotely. more

Starting Your Own Business

By Rebecca Nelson December 16, 2013
Thinking of starting your own business? Here are four tips you can take to the bank. more

When Is It Time to Quit a Job?

By Stanley Kay December 16, 2013
Leaving a job can be risky, especially in a stingy job market. But sometimes you simply have to walk away for something new. We asked local career coaches: When is it time to leave? more

Popular Snacks at Washington Offices

December 16, 2013
What other local companies stock up on to stay motivated. more

Using Social Media to Land a Job

By Tanya Pai December 16, 2013
LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can offer a leg up, but they each have distinct benefits. more

Wearing the Right Tie at Work

By Irina Grechko December 16, 2013
A tie can say a lot about your workplace attitude. Eliot Payne, founder of Accoutre, a line of locally handcrafted bow ties, shares his tips for choosing professional neckwear, including how to convey power while still looking current. Better... more

Salaries Washingtonians Make

December 16, 2013
What do some of the highest-paid people in Washington make? more

Building the the Right Résumé

By Michael Gaynor December 16, 2013
How to avoid errors when applying for a job. more

First Person: The Second Half

By Thomas S. Kim December 12, 2013
For the son of immigrants, football was both equalizer and outlet. Then it ended, and I didn’t realize how much I’d miss it. Now, through my son, I’m back on the field in a new way. more

How Your Donations to a Charity Make a Difference

By Mary Yarrison December 5, 2013
What does your money actually buy? Here’s what they can do with $100, $1,000, or $10,000. more

Washington’s Real-Life Horrible Bosses

By Sherri Dalphonse December 4, 2013
Think your manager has issues? These tales of truly bad supervisors may make yours look like a saint. more

“Ask Not”: The Shift in Public Service Since JFK’s Famous Appeal

By Hannah Seligson October 30, 2013
A half century after President Kennedy’s death, his call to government service still inspires idealistic, educated young Americans to join the federal ranks—only to be vilified, furloughed, or ignored. Can we create a workplace worthy of JFK’s challenge to the brightest and the best? more

How to Pick a Surrogacy Agency

August 28, 2013
Learn how to avoid scams, plus a list of local agencies. more

What It’s Like to Have Someone Else's Baby

By Alexandra Robbins, Ali Eaves August 28, 2013
What would make a woman want to go through pregnancy and childbirth to carry a baby—or three—for a couple she just met? more

From the Archives: My Test-Tube Daddy

By Tamar Abrams August 12, 2013
He has green eyes, scored 1400 on his SATs, and is known only by his number—741. In the strange world of sperm banks, here is how Hannah’s mother went shopping for the perfect genes. more

Just the Two of Us

By Tamar Abrams August 12, 2013
When I wrote about becoming a single mom nearly 20 years ago, I got hate mail—as well as phone calls from women curious about donor insemination. It hasn’t always been easy, but I haven’t regretted my decision for a minute. more

Learn Something New

By Chelsea Boone August 9, 2013
Want to find out how to solve crimes? Appreciate music? Think critically? Local colleges and institutions offer lots of interesting courses. more

First Person: A Cemetery Plot With a View

By Annie Groer July 16, 2013
My father bought graves for the family, but now his kids have other plans. It’s up to me to deal with the “interment rights”—and the memories. more

Teacher’s Pets: Animals in the Classroom

By Gwendolyn Purdom July 11, 2013
More schools are using animals to teach students confidence, compassion, and other lessons they can’t get from textbooks. more

First Person: My Father’s Chairs

By Kristina Tatusko Henry May 10, 2013
They were a keepsake of him, but it was time to move on. more

Alone in the Garden, a Daughter Discovers Peace

By Kyoko Mori April 8, 2013
Some people, like some flowers, are happiest in solitude. It took me a long time to realize I was one of them. more

First Person: A Child’s Odd Request for the Tooth Fairy

By James Rosen April 5, 2013
Don't take the tooth, but leave the cash. more

First Person: I’m Sorry, Aunt Eleanor

By Sophy Burnham March 14, 2013
She was from another era, and I was young and modern. When she took a chance and entered my world, the social graces failed me. more

Getting Ahead: 4 Trends in Executive Education

By Mary Yarrison February 25, 2013
Want to earn more money? Get a promotion? Local universities may have a class for you. more

First Person: Secrets to Baking Bread

By Mike Feinsilber February 14, 2013
It just takes a recipe, some time (mostly the dough’s, not yours), and occasionally a little imagination. more

Letting Them Go: Summer Camps Also a Growing Experience for Parents

By Brooke Lea Foster January 29, 2013
Sleep-away camps give kids a chance to reinvent themselves and practice being independent. But saying goodbye can be hard, especially for parents. more

Overnight Summer Camps Near Washington

January 28, 2013
The following camps are within about a four-hour drive of downtown DC and have been accredited by the American Camp Association—which means they’ve passed a review of up to 300 aspects of a camp’s operations. more

First Person: Keeping Holy A Day of Rest From Technology

By Harry Jaffe January 17, 2013
One day a week, I observe my own kind of Sabbath—and step away from all devices. more

Will Your Marriage Last?

By Brooke Lea Foster December 18, 2012
What social scientists have learned from putting couples under the microscope. more

Brokering a Truce

By Libby Copeland December 18, 2012
What is couples therapy like—for the therapist? Psychotherapist Nicholas Kirsch, who’s been in practice 25 years, says the surprises never end. more

A Divorce Lawyers’ Guide to a Good Marriage

By Marisa M. Kashino December 18, 2012
They spend their professional lives sweeping up the wreckage of ruined relationships. So they know a thing or two about what not to do in a marriage. more

Recommended Couples Therapists: Want to Talk About It?

December 14, 2012
These couples therapists—psychologists, clinical social workers, counselors, and marriage and family therapists—were recommended by peers and by top divorce attorneys, who often refer clients for therapy. more

How to Choose the Right Charity to Get Your Donation

By Mary Yarrison December 11, 2012
There are many good charities—here’s a guide to help make sure you’re donating to the worthiest causes. more

First Person: Aiming for the Heart

By Eva KL Miller December 11, 2012
I’m a pacifist. My husband was in the Marines. What did he want for his birthday? To go shooting with me. more

They Know Money 2012: Fee-Only Advisers

By Mary Clare Glover November 14, 2012
This category includes certified financial planners (CFPs)—who create detailed financial plans and often also manage money—as well as financial advisers who invest and manage portfolios. Fee-only advisers don't accept commissions or referral fees—a practice, they say, that keeps them... more

They Know Money 2012: Financial Advisers

By Mary Clare Glover November 14, 2012
These advisers charge flat fees for some services and may earn commissions on products they sell, such as mutual funds. Although some people argue that advisers who earn commissions can't be free of bias, these professionals are said to... more

They Know Money 2012: Tax Accountants

By Mary Clare Glover November 14, 2012
These CPAs can handle tax returns and suggest ways to reduce your tax burden. Most do a range of accounting, but we've noted specialties listed by the CPAs or people who recommended them. Enhanced Listing Contact Barry Glassman, CFP®... more

They Know Money 2012: Insurance Advisers

By Mary Clare Glover November 14, 2012
These experts advise on and sell insurance. Most are independent agents who don't sell just one insurance brand. Enhanced Listing Contact Stuart Tauber, LUTCF The Meltzer Group A partner at The Meltzer Group, Stuart Tauber has been practicing... more

They Know Money 2012: Estate Attorneys

By Mary Clare Glover November 14, 2012
Estate planners prepare wills, trusts, and health-care powers of attorney. The following experts all have law degrees; we've noted CPAs. We've also included any specialties, though most attorneys handle any type of client. Enhanced Listing Contact Anne W. Coventry... more

Guide to Financial Planning 2012: How to Manage Your Finances

By Kerry Hannon November 14, 2012
The recession changed the way many of us think about money. Here’s what you need to know about investing and managing your finances today. more

Guide to Financial Planning 2012: Pricey Mistakes

By Mary Clare Glover November 14, 2012
A few things you probably shouldn't do with your money. more

Guide to Financial Planning 2012: Words of Wisdom

By Mary Clare Glover November 14, 2012
More advice on handling your money. more

Guide to Financial Planning 2012: Smart Reads

By Mary Clare Glover November 14, 2012
There are a lot of books out there about personal finance. We asked financial professionals which ones are the best. Here were the top five responses. more

Guide to Financial Planning 2012: Take It to the Bank

By Kimberly Palmer, Travis M. Andrews November 14, 2012
Because many professionals at larger financial institutions work on in-house teams rather than with other firms, a peer survey can miss them. So in addition to sending a survey to Washington-area financial professionals, we asked banks and brokerages to... more

November Reader Deals: Treats for Pet Owners

By McLean Robbins November 7, 2012
Save on food, dog walking, and other pet care with this month’s exclusive discounts. more

Getting a Dog: Rescuing a Best Friend

By Gwendolyn Purdom November 7, 2012
Animal shelters are overcrowded with great dogs in need of homes—so how do you pick the right one? more

Getting a Dog: Which Breed Fits You Best?

By Erin Keane Scott November 7, 2012
Prospective owners can’t predict everything about a dog based on breed alone. more

Getting a Dog: A Puppy’s Life

By Maya Rhodan November 7, 2012
Making sure your puppy grows into a healthy, well-behaved dog involves considerable work. more

Getting a Dog: The Balancing Act

By Gwendolyn Purdom November 7, 2012
Dogs require a lot of time and love, but managing their needs and a full-time job isn’t impossible. more

Getting a Dog: Washington’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

By Erin Keane Scott November 7, 2012
We checked with the American Kennel Club and vets to find out what dogs Washingtonians love. more

First Person: Lessons of Fatherhood

By Erwin R. Tiongson November 6, 2012
A broken watch, talking like Cookie Monster, and other ways to keep precious moments from slipping away. more

Hospice For Seniors: “A Way to Be With the Ones You Love”

By Josh Swiller November 5, 2012
Hospice enables the sick to spend their final months outside a hospital, surrounded by family and friends. Vienna resident Al Hlavin learned how that can be a beautiful gift. more

First Person: The Ride Home

By Patrick Josephs September 12, 2012
As I drive my teenage daughter to soccer practice, the rush-hour traffic on I-66 is enough to make me scream. But then something happens: She begins to talk. more

Tips On Where to Put Your Cash

By Kimberly Palmer September 11, 2012
With interest rates on savings accounts at historic lows, here are safe ways to get decent returns. more

First Person: Life in the Slug Lane

By Melody Wilson July 31, 2012
Carpooling with strangers, a practice called “slugging,” saves time and money—and isn’t as scary as it sounds. You can even make worthwhile connections. more

Reader Deals: August Back-to-School Savings

By McLean Robbins July 20, 2012
Ease into autumn with exclusive specials on new clothing, tutoring services, and an endless summer tan. more

Best of Washington 2012: Nine Great Rainy-Day Activities

July 9, 2012
#nine-things h3 {font-family:'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size:24px; font-weight:200; margin:8px 0 4px 0; color:#0080A5;} #nine-things h3 span {color:#fff; display:inline-block; padding:5px 9px; border-radius:25px; background:#0080A5; margin-right:2px;} 1 Play in a tepee Or duck into an igloo, weave baskets, and participate in... more

Pregnant, 45, and Learning to Drive

By Cathy Alter June 14, 2012
I was 45, pregnant, and terrified of driving. Could facing my fears behind the wheel help me navigate what lay ahead? more

The Type-A Parent Trap

By Brooke Lea Foster May 9, 2012
Washington’s parks and playgrounds are filling up with a new breed of high-achieving moms and dads who want to do everything by the book. But trying to be a perfect parent is not only exhausting—it’s also bad for kids. more

Retirees Going Back to School

By Kathleen Bridges March 13, 2012
Thanks to partnerships with universities, residents at many retirement communities can audit classes, attend performances, and use amenities such as the library or fitness center more

Learning From the Pros

By Laura Wainman February 3, 2012
At these summer camps, kids can meet their sports heroes, get help from high-level coaches, and step onto the big-league field, court, or rink. more

The Washington Business Hall of Fame 2011

By Leslie Milk November 14, 2011
Those honored include Gloria Bohan, Alan Meltzer, Joseph E. Robert Jr., Robert J. Stevens, and Warren Thompson. more

How to Get in to Washington Area Private Schools

By Kathleen Bridges, Luke Mullins November 7, 2011
Applying to local private schools can be as intimidating as trying to get into college. Here’s how to navigate the process and give your child the best shot. more

How to Find Work You Love

By Kimberly Palmer November 2, 2011
Two career coaches talk about what they’ve learned about the job market, making a career change, and what makes people enjoy their work. more

Inside Seven Unbelievable Washington Offices

By Susan Baer November 1, 2011
From our Work Issue, a peek inside the 9-to-5 homes of University presidents, ambassadors, and museum curators. more

Outlandish Excuses for Missing Work

By Washingtonian Staff November 1, 2011
Some of these stories, as recalled by colleagues, are true. Others—you be the judge. more

Outrageous Tales of Bizarre Workplace Behavior

By Washingtonian Staff November 1, 2011
Think this is a serious city where nothing unprofessional happens in offices? Read on. more

Crazy Ways Washingtonians Have Quit Jobs

By Washingtonian Staff November 1, 2011
When flight attendant Steven Slater quit his job with JetBlue by sliding down an airplane’s emergency chute, beer in hand, it got us thinking: In Washington, full of professionals unlikely to burn bridges, would anyone make a dramatic exit from a job? more

Washington Offices With the Best Coffee, Highest Pay, and More

By Sherri Dalphonse, Mary Clare Glover, Marisa M. Kashino, James Michael Causey November 1, 2011
Category winners from our 2011 Great Places to Work list more

50 Great Places to Work in Washington

By Sherri Dalphonse, Mary Clare Glover, Marisa M. Kashino, James Michael Causey November 1, 2011
Companies with terrific benefits, stimulating work, flexible schedule schedules, opportunities for growth, and respect for their staff. more

A Private School For Every Student

By Mollie Reilly October 10, 2011
Here are the schools that experts say truly stand out—and why. Plus, a list of all the area’s private high schools. more

Washington-Area Private High Schools (The Complete 2011 List)

By Washingtonian Staff October 10, 2011
While some of these schools include lower grades, the tuition and enrollment numbers are for high school only. more

Private High School Guide 2011

By Washingtonian Staff October 10, 2011
With so many good choices, there's a fit for every student. PLUS—questions to ask and consultants who can help. more