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Catherine Andrews Editorial Director


Catherine Andrews is Editorial Director at She's a born-and-bred Washington native who took breaks from the metropolitan area for stints at college (the University of Virginia), teaching abroad (in Milan, Italy), grad school (getting her master's in online journalism at Northwestern University), and Atlanta (working at She is a founding member of the popular city blog and has worked at She currently lives in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of DC.

More about Catherine

• Place you'll most likely find me when I'm not at work
Either at a yoga studio, or a bar. Um, sometimes, a yoga studio, and then a bar. One of my favorite things to do on Wednesday nights is, after my yoga class, head with my friends to Toledo Lounge for their grilled cheese (best in DC, as far as I'm concerned) and $2 drafts.

• My favorite thing about the DC area
Do I only get to name one? Let's see. Off the top of my head I'd name all the obvious—the classic architecture, the exploding restaurant and bar scenes, the fact that history is made here daily, the smart people, the great running trails, and that beautiful outdoor scenery is just a quick drive away. On a less obvious level, this may sound odd, but I enjoy the fact that DC is somewhat of a challenge. DC and New York City get compared so often—I once heard somebody say that everything in New York is so obvious—you can almost get overwhelmed by all the options, and so you just end up doing whatever's easiest and most comfortable. DC's got less choices, clearly, but it requires you to keep on top of things and keep engaged and keep discovering what's great about the city—which is a process that's actually a lot of fun.

• Hobbies and interests that keep me busy outside the office
Running, going to concerts, cooking badly, baking somewhat less badly, reading blogs, trying out new restaurants and bars, biking, watching embarrassingly terrible television that's meant for a tween audience.
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