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Claudia Bahar

Fall 2008 Editorial Intern

Claudia Bahar is an editorial intern from Potomac, MD. She is glad to be back in the DC-area after spending four years just outside the Windy City at Northwestern University, where she she majored in magazine journalism and psychology. She has worked as an editorial intern at Glamour magazine and as a communications intern for the non-profit Share Our Strength. Known by many to be a passionate sweet tooth, Claudia enjoys trying new foods, watching The Office and spending time with her family.

More about Claudia

• Place you'll most likely find me when I'm not at work
Wandering the isles of Target. It's an addiction.

• My favorite thing about the DC area
Although I grew up around here, I feel that there is always something new and exciting to discover in this city. I also love the beautiful springtime weather here, which I missed so very much in Chicago.

• Hobbies and interests that keep me busy outside the office
In addition to the aforementioned, I love baking, reading magazines, watching the Food Network and shopping for bargains.

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