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Drew Bratcher

Drew Bratcher is an assistant editor at The Washingtonian. A Nashville native with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, Bratcher has written about country stores, the Washington Mystics, a local bird illustrator, and poetry.

After graduating from the Missouri School of Journalism, Bratcher worked as a ghostwriter, an interim English and creative writing teacher, and freelance copy writer for Thomas Nelson Publishing.

He spent a good part of his childhood in a rocking chair on the back porch of his grandfather's hilltop home in Tennessee, listening to stories of what it was like growing up around the coal mines. "I remember being wide-eyed, being a sponge, taking it all in," Bratcher says. "When I write now, it's his voice in my head."

Bratcher, who lives on Capitol Hill, is a Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Braves fan, "trying to learn to love the home teams" by going to Redskins and Nats games. But at heart, he says, "I'm an old Tennessean."

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