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Lynne Shallcross

Assistant Editor

Lynne Shallcross is an assistant editor at The Washingtonian. She writes the Bridal Party blog, helping area brides navigate the exciting but often stressful adventure of wedding planning. She writes and researches for the magazine, including writing the Out & About, Benefits, and occasional Pets columns. She also writes and researches for the new wedding magazine, Washingtonian Bride & Groom, due out in December.

She came to The Washingtonian in May 2007 after working as senior editor of Prism magazine, published by the American Society for Engineering Education. Before that, she was an intern at The Washingtonian during the fall of 2004.

Lynne grew up in northern New Jersey. After deciding that big coats and numb hands and feet weren't her thing, she headed south for college to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she graduated with degrees in journalism and Spanish. She landed in DC not only because of the free museums, but also because it was the perfect middle spot, closer to her family but not too far North that she'd feel like she lived in a frozen tundra. She now lives with her boyfriend in Arlington.

More about Lynne

• Place you'll most likely find me when I'm not at work
At a wedding—I guess it's that time! All my friends are getting married, so each wedding doubles as a party with my best friends and a great excuse to research wedding trends for the blog. Other likely places are cooking in my kitchen, shopping at the grocery store (I love hunting for grocery deals. Strange, I know.), at Gravelly Point watching planes land or take off from Reagan, or watching the Tar Heels play.

• My favorite thing about the DC area
Taking black and white photos at night. The monuments are lit up, the streets are empty, and the images are classic. Another bonus about living in the DC area are the free things to do and see. Top of the list? The free DC by Foot tour, which I found out about by testing tours for the Best of Washington package. It was a winner!

• Hobbies and interests that keep me busy outside the office
Running, finding new ways to make favorite meals into healthy recipes, road tripping, bargain shopping, photography, and oh, did I mention watching the Tar Heels?

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