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Sherri Dalphonse

Senior editor Sherri Dalphonse, who joined The Washingtonian’s staff in 1986, often writes on consumer issues—including weekend travel, interior design, finance, shopping, and careers—as well as concerns of women. Her cover stories have included "Best Of" Washington, "64 Ways to Do Good,"“Great Places to Work,” "Dream Weekends," “Love & Money” (February 2000), and “Childfree by Choice” (February 1997).

Her November 2007 "Great Places to Work" cover package won a Gold Medal from the City and Regional Magazine Association for best reader service of the year. Her July 1992 article “Dustin and Me,” about the young man who inspired the movie Rain Man, won the William Allen White Medal for best feature story in a city magazine. Her March 1995 article “He’s Stalking Me!” won a Dateline Award for feature writing from the Society of Professional Journalists. Her May 2001 article “Songbird,” about singer Eva Cassidy, won a Dateline Award for feature writing. She has also won Dateline Awards for arts coverage as well as for business reporting for her February 1998 article on “Young Millionaires” and for “Great Places to Work.”

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