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Talks with beer, talks about beer, and a Wire star's standup act. By Jason Koebler
Learn about beer (while drinking it) this weekend. Image via Shutterstock.

Thursday, February 26

FUN LECTURES: Thirst, DC’s best beer-and-lecture series, is back—this time, you’ll hear from scientists who are going to talk about karma, the jerks of the field, art, and, of course, the healing properties of beer. Get started on that healing by downing a few at Hierarchy, the series’ new home. Tickets ($15) are available online. 7 PM.

FILM: The Washington Jewish Film Festival continues with 2 or 3 Things I Know About Him, a 2005 documentary by Malte Ludin in which, after years of ignoring it, he finally examines his father’s life as a Nazi officer. Ludin interviews most of his family, who deny his father’s actions and who eventually must come to grips with what their relative did. Lupin will answer questions afterward. Tickets ($12) are available at the door; call 202-289-1200 to check availability. 7 PM.

Friday, February 27

COMEDY: Don’t Block the Box, Wonderland’s very cheap and very funny comedy night, is this week. Five local comics (well, one is from Baltimore) will perform. Chelsea Shorte, who performed at Brightest Young Things’ Bentzen Ball, will headline, and beers are half-price during the show. Afterward, there's dancing. Lots of dancing. $3. 7:30 PM.

MUSIC: Wytold is a cellist (he’s got a guest ensemble as well) who mashes up classic rap songs with classical music. Think Dre and Beethoven, Biggie and Bach. Intrigued? Me too. He’ll be at Atlas Performing Arts Center. Tickets ($16.50) are available online. 9:30 PM.

VARIETY: Black Cat hosts Under the Sheets, a comedy, burlesque, and variety show featuring Glam Gamz and Dutch Oven, who I assume may be popular in their chosen field of work. Expect a carnival/sideshow vibe. Tickets ($12) are available online. 9 PM.

COMEDY: The Happy Buddha is a standup and improv comedy show dedicated to celebrating diversity in the comedy scene. This month, the show features Lawrence Gilliard Jr., whom you know as D’Angelo Barksdale from The Wire (and more recently, from The Walking Dead). There’ll also be an improvised telenovela, and three other improv troupes will perform. Don’t ask where Wallace is. Or do, maybe it’ll be funny. Tickets ($12) are available online. 10 PM.

Saturday, February 28

VARIETY SHOW: What the the DC Arts Center’s Capital City Showcase might lack in instant name recognition, it makes up for by being constantly surprising. Head to the latest show to see performers you might not have seen before but will likely want to seek out again. Tickets are $10 online or $15 at the door. 10 PM.

COMEDY: The Betches of Comedy are Liza Treyger, whom you know from Comedy Central, Megan Gailey of Marie Claire magazine, Jared Freid of Total Frat Move, and Sara Armour, who calls herself the “Jewish J-Lo.” They are the writers behind the blog and book of the same name—if you're into either of those, you’ll be into their live performance at Sixth & I Synagogue. Tickets ($20) are available online. 8 PM.

DANCE: Bliss is consistently one of the best dance nights in DC, and U Street Music Hall still has the city’s best sound system. Things usually get sweaty, so it's a good way to beat the cold. Free before midnight, $10 after. 10 PM.

Sunday, March 1

FILM: You’ve probably noticed that beer is having a bit of an extended moment. Well, not just beer—more specifically, craft brews that have popped up all around the country. Trace the rise and, well, continuing rise of the microbrew movement with Blood, Sweat, and Beer, a documentary being screened at the US Navy Memorial Heritage Center that follows two breweries through the startup process. Q&A with the filmmakers after and beer before, duh. Tickets ($20 with beer, $12 without) are available online. 1:45 PM.

THEATER: Bare is kind of like the movie Saved, but on the stage. It follows a group of teens through their senior year of Catholic school, when they realize that maybe their personalities (or sexualities) don’t necessarily match with what they’ve been taught in school. Also, it’s a pop opera, so be ready for that. Tickets ($22) are available online. 3 and 7:30 PM.

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An indoor biking competition at Right Proper and Neil DeGrasse Tyson at DAR Constitution Hall. By Jason Koebler
Show off your biking prowess at Right Proper this Wednesday. Image via Shutterstock.

Monday, February 23

FILM: You probably watched the Oscars last night, or at least maybe heard the show existed. Really puts you in a movie-going mood, right? Well, the only thing better than a good new movie is a good movie that’s been missing for nearly 70 years. That's the case with It Always Rains on Sunday, being screened as part of the Washington Jewish Film Festival—it's a look at typical British life soon after World War II, if "typical" means involving train chases, suicide attempts, and a murder. Yikes. Tickets ($12) are available online. 9:15 PM.

Tuesday, February 24

SING: Valentine’s was a weekend to celebrate love, but now in the cold light of winter, there are probably a few relationships going south. Get out some of those feelings at People’s Choir, which meets at Stetson’s to sing obnoxiously loudly to the greatest hits of our time. This month’s theme is breakup songs, so come ready to hit the high notes, even if you’re feeling low. Free. 8 PM.

Wednesday, February 25

VARIETY: Wonderland Ballroom’s variety show, the Wonderland Circus, is back this month. The event features burlesque dancers, comedians, live musicians, and, of course, some sort of ringleader. Best of all, it’s free, and no animals were harmed in the making of your evening. Free. 8:30 PM.

BIKE: It’s been too cold to get outside and bike, but Right Proper is going to give you pedal-heads something to compete over: fixed gear, stationary bike racing. It's indoors, so you'll be warm, and there's lots of Right Proper beer available. $5. 5:30 PM.

Thursday, February 26

SCIENCE: Neil deGrasse Tyson seems like the only scientist in recent memory who can go on a large theater tour and actually come close to selling the place out. He’ll be at DAR Constitution Hall this week, talking about Cosmos, theoretical physics, and space. He’s a thoroughly entertaining guy, so even if you fear some of it will go over your head, his talk is worth checking out. Tickets ($43 to $125) are available online. 7:30 PM.

Know of something cool going on around town? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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Hill Country's chili cookoff, a Fifty Shades musical parody, and a no-phone dance party. By Jason Koebler
Image via Shutterstock.

Thursday, February 19

DANCE: The middle of winter, just after a snowstorm, seems like an odd time to have a cowboy party, but let's pretend we’re down in hot ol’ Texas anyway. Chinese Disco is hosting Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots, featuring $4 rails all night. Make sure you wear some leggings or something, at least to the bar. Free. 9 PM.

LITERATURE: Kramerbooks hosts an Erotica Slam, in which authors, poets, and pretty much anyone who's willing are invited to share love stories, sexual encounters, dirty poems, or anything else that might fit the format, as long as it’s three minutes or less. Anyone who reads will get a prize, and there will be free popcorn, plus drinks for that liquid courage. $5. 7 PM.

THEATER: More than a few of you have probably already seen the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. If you still require more, however, you can see a musical parody of it at Warner Theatre. Tickets ($47 to $58) are available online. 8 PM.

Friday, February 20

BEER: The craft beer renaissance has brought a lot of love for IPAs, but stouts don't always get the same recognition. Change all that at Black Squirrel’s Don’t Doubt the Stout, where you can try 13 different chocolate, coffee, milk, and other various stouts. Free. 5 PM.

INTERNET MEMES COME ALIVE: Laser Cat is a meme. It’s also now a 20-foot inflatable crowdsourced art installation … thing. It’ll be at Yards Park this weekend, along with a beer garden and deejays, including Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton. Space might have filled up, but you can always head over there and hope for the best. 8 PM.

DANCE: Discnotheque is a dance party at DC9 in which you cannot use your phone and, in fact, get in free if you decide to check it into a secure room. Can you do it? For a WHOLE NIGHT? Also, drinks are $2 each between 10:30 and 11:30 for you early arrivers. $2 before midnight, $5 after. 10:30 PM.

Saturday, February 21

EAT: It’s too late to enter Hill Country’s second annual chili cookoff, but it’s not too late to go there and eat lots and lots of chili. You can try ten kinds for a dollar apiece, and there will also be drink specials. Maybe bring some Tums. $10. 1 PM.

COMEDY: Myq Kaplan is a very funny guy who has killed it on Last Comic Standing, Conan, and Letterman. He’ll be at Bier Baron, amongst all the bier. Tickets ($12) are available online. 6:30 PM.

FILM: DC Shorts screens winners from past years and some films that didn't make it to the festival but instead went on to win Oscars. As usual, the films will be screened at the US Navy Memorial Heritage Center, and ticket prices are very reasonable. Tickets ($15) are available online. 7:30 and 9:30 PM.

THEATER: Play in a Day is the 48 Hour Film Festival of theater (with half the hours). Six professional companies from around the area will write and stage a ten-minute play in 24 hours, you get to watch the artistry/madness that ensues. Tickets ($15) are available online. 8 PM.

Sunday, February 22

FASHION: It’s DC Fashion Week—check out our preview of all the stylish events here. A highlight: the International Couture Collections Show at the Carnegie Library, featuring looks from all around the world. Tickets ($70) are available online. 5 PM.

COMEDY: The Upright Citizens Brigade’s touring company is coming back through Sixth & I Synagogue. The crew is among the best improv troupes in the country, and their shows are reliably hilarious. Tickets ($20) are available online. 6 PM.

OSCARS: Speaking of the Oscars, there are a slew of watch parties all around the city. Might I suggest Commisary’s? It starts early, ends late, and features a $3-to-$7 cocktail and appetizer happy hour during the red carpet portion of the evening. There are also Oscar-themed menu items, prizes, and a special prix-fixe menu. Free. 4 PM.

Know of something cool going on around town? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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Mardi Gras parties and a talk about Twitter. By Jason Koebler
This week brings Mardi Gras parties galore. Image via Shutterstock.

Tuesday, February 17

MOVIES/RADIO: NPR is hosting a pre-Oscars party with Bob Mondello, Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, and Glen Weldon for a recording of the annual Oscars Omnibus NPR special. It's a good chance to get a leg up on the competition in your Oscar pools, and there will be a meet-and-greet with booze afterward. Tickets ($15) are available online. 7 PM.

PARTY: It's Fat Tuesday, and the weather is much, much better in New Orleans than it is here. But you can still party—get the scoop on all the parties and specials from Best Bites Blog.

Wednesday, February 18

TECH: Have a techy Wednesday at 1776, which is hosting a How to Crush It on Twitter class, which is pricey but might help you become Twitter famous in a matter of months. Or head to the MAA Carriage House, which is hosting a primer about the sharing economy. Either way, you'll leave feeling like you're ready to become a thinkfluencer.

Twitter: $45, 6:30 PM

Sharing Economy: $15, 6:30 PM

Thursday, February 19

THEATER: American University is putting on Rashomon, a classic Japanese story about a crime witnessed and perpetrated by four people. They all have different takes on it, which leads to some problems. The AU update will take into account campus crime and explore how it affects the entire community. Tickets ($15) are available online. 8 PM.

Know of something cool going on around town? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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A Valentine’s card-making workshop, the Georgetown Arts show, and a Jersey Shore party. By Jason Koebler
Learn to make your own Valentine's Day card at the Portrait Gallery on Friday. Image via Shutterstock.

Thursday, February 12

EAT: Here’s a Jersey Shore party you’ll actually want to go to—it makes no promises of blowouts or fist pumping or tanned orange people. Instead, the New Jersey State Society will serve up Taylor pork rolls, curly fries, crabcakes, and boardwalk chicken at Pop’s SeaBar in Adams Morgan. $10. 6 PM.

FILM: Hole in the Sky art space is hosting Projectile Dysfunction, an every-once-in-a-while film screening. This month, check out the French-Italian sci-fi cult classic Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda as a spacefaring rescuer woman who ends up teaching space civilizations about Earth sex. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Free. 9 PM.

ART: This weekend is the Georgetown Arts show, featuring works by Georgetown residents and people who have studios in the neighborhood. It’s at the House of Sweden, and there’s an opening reception with delicious appetizers and drinks. The show will run through the weekend. Free. 6 PM.

Friday, February 13

VARIETY: Black Cat hosts Church Night, which is more blasphemous than religious, but hey, that kind of works? It’s a night of comedy, burlesque, music, and other things that sinners love. Tickets ($10) are available online. 9 PM.

MAKE SOMETHING: The National Portrait Gallery presents SweetARTS and Valentine’s, which is perfect for those of you who have no idea what to get your significant other for the holiday. You’ll have professionals on hand to teach you how to make a fancy yet heartfelt card, and horticulturists will teach you how to make an orchid corsage, which is probably a skill you could have used in high school. Free for card workshop, $10 for corsage. All day (until 7 PM).

DANCE: Napoleon Bistro hosts Love Hurts, a dance night for those of us who are broken-hearted. The all-vinyl dance party will feature sad (but fun!) hits from Rick James, Whitney Houston, Aretha, Natalie Cole, and more, and will feature specialty cocktails stirred up for the occasion. Who knows, maybe you’ll manage to meet that special someone. $10 (includes one drink). 6 PM to 2 AM.

DANCE: Malmaison hosts I Wanna Dance With Somebody, an ’80s-themed Valentine’s dance party—probably a good chance to pull out your red tracksuit. Tickets ($10) are available online. 9 PM.

Saturday, February 14

FIND LOVE: Washingtonian is hosting its annual Singles Soiree, a blowout anti-Valentine’s Day bash at Penn Social. It’s the perfect place to meet someone cool—you know they have good taste in reading materials and in bars, and there’s lots of games, drinks, food, music, etc. Admission is $10 and includes two drinks. For more anti-Valentine’s Day fun, check out our roundup of parties.

STORYTELLING/DANCING: Whether you’re in a relationship or not, 9:30 Club is a good place to be for Valentine’s Day. First you get SpeakeasyDC’s Sucker for Love storytelling night, in which the area’s best comedians and minor celebrities talk about their trials and tribulations in love. Afterward, it’s Mixtape, DC’s best alt dance party (it caters to LGBT people but is very fun for all).

Storytelling: $25, 8:30 PM

Dancing: $12, 11 PM

BAR CRAWL: The Valentine’s Day Dupont bar crawl has already happened and is so last week. This week, everyone has moved on to Presidents’ Day. So, look presidential or at least patriotic, and try not to take too many pictures that can one day be used as opposition research. Tickets ($15) are available online. 2 to 10 PM.

DRINK: Jack Rose hosts QLIKD, which I think is an acronym but it’s one I can’t figure out. In any case, it’s going to be a very classy and very fun Valentine’s party, featuring GQ-approved mixologists, Scotch, on-site grooming by professionals, and more. Free. 5:30 PM.

Sunday, February 15

RUN: In the winter, I prefer to put more clothes on to keep warm. Maybe I’m weird. But this weekend, a whole bunch of people will run in the cold half naked for the Cupid’s Undie Run. It raises money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation and is a ton of fun. It’s not too late to run, and it’s free to just hang out at Hawk N Dove for the afterparty. Free ($80 to run). Noon.

BARS: Mixologists from Bar Pilar and Hank’s on the Hill take their show on the road for a once-a-month pop-up invasion of another bar. This month, they’ll be taking over Cafe Saint-Ex for a tribute to Chicago’s retro tiki bar Three Dots and a Dash. Sounds like a good way to warm up. Free. 7 PM.

Monday, February 16

LOUNGE: Dram & Grain mixologist Lukas Smith and actress Shayna Blass are throwing it back to the 1930s and ’40s with the Secret Monkey Social Club, a night of cocktails and cabaret at the Dolcezza factory in Union Market. There’ll be five punches for $8 apiece, music, and cabaret performances throughout the night. 9 PM.

TRIVIA: The Wonderland Ballroom hosts its usual trivia night, with a special Meatless Monday deal: Order one of the vegetarian entrees off the menu and get a free beer, cocktail, or glass of wine. A free drink is enough incentive to skip the burger just this once, right? 7:30 PM.

Know of something cool going on around town? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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Singles night at Whole Foods and a beer-and-chocolate tasting at Gordon Biersch. By Jason Koebler
Gordon Biersch hosts a beer-and-chocolate pairing on Wednesday. Image via Shutterstock.

Monday, February 9

DATING: It’s Valentine’s Day week, and as you might expect, lots of love-based things are going down. The Washington Post’s Date Lab is an institution by this point, and there’s going to be a live version of it at the Newseum. Christina Breda Antoniades will talk about how she matches people and what she learns, and Carolyn Hax will share her thoughts on love and what she’s learned doing one of the country’s most popular advice columns. Tickets ($25) are available online. 7 PM.

Tuesday, February 10

LOVE: I would not normally recommend you go to the grocery store for a fun night, but tonight might be an exception—Whole Foods in Georgetown is throwing a singles night, featuring aphrodisiac food and wine pairings and a chocolate fountain. $5. 6 PM.

FILM: Black Cat hosts the DC Library Association for a screening of Party Girl, in which the titular party girl—played by Parker Posey—is forced to work at the New York Public Library. There’ll also be a screening of The Twilight Zone and drink specials. Free. 8 PM.

Wednesday, February 11

BEER: The Navy Yard Gordon Biersch hosts a beer-and-chocolate pairing night, where you’ll get to try four beers and four chocolates for ten bucks. Toss in a reasonably priced meal, and you’ve got quite an evening on your hands. $10. 6 PM.

Thursday, February 12

MATCHMAKING: More love stuff: Three Day Rule is a matchmaking company from Los Angeles that has quite a bit of buzz behind it, and the company is launching in DC. To celebrate, it’s throwing a party at Mission Dupont, featuring free appetizers, drink specials, and icebreaker games, which sounds kind of like a nightmare to me but I just had some bad experiences at summer camp and in my freshman dorm. Free. 6 PM.

THEATER: Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s Riot Grrrls take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. It’s an all-woman show and, knowing the company, will probably be pretty punk rock. Check it out. Tickets ($15) are available online. 7:30 PM.

Know of something cool going on around town? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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Free yoga at the US Botanic Garden, a Valentine’s-themed bar crawl, and a talk about coffee at Sixth & I. By Jason Koebler
Learn about coffee from the experts at Sixth & I on Sunday. Image via Shutterstock.

Thursday, February 5

MUSIC: The Dr. Martens store has brought a certain casual ’90s style to Georgetown that was sorely lacking. To double down on it, the store is hosting Ex Hex, a local, all-female garage rock band that’s super-catchy and fun. They’re playing for free, but show up early. Free. 6 PM.

DANCE: Great Good Fine OK is how I describe a lot of things that seemed really fun at the time but actually ended up being kind of lame once I thought about it. It’s also the name of a very danceable, rock/synth band sort of akin to Passion Pit. They’re playing at DC9 for $13—see them before they blow up. Tickets are available online. 8 PM.

Friday, February 6

DANCE: We’re working on opening up the border with Cuba, so it’s probably a good time to learn your Cuban dance moves so you don’t embarrass yourself when you get to Havana. Dance Place is hosting a Cuban Dance Social class and dance night, where you’ll learn to move like the best Cubanos. Tickets ($12) are available online. 8 PM.

MAGIC: I’m generally pretty skeptical of magic shows—but add some danger to the magic and you’ve got me. David London and two other magicians present Magic and Mayhem at Black Cat, which features stunts, magic, comedy, illusions, and more. Plus beer. Tickets ($12) are available online. 9 PM.

VALENTINE’S DAY: Ever look at old black-and-white photos of your grandparents and think love was much better before Instagram? You’re not alone. The Manor is hosting Vintage Valentine, where you can pick up vintage clothes and gifts, and get your hair and makeup done all olde-timey. Tickets ($30) are available online. 8 PM.

Saturday, February 7

YOGA: Yoga can be an expensive hobby if you don’t know where to look for it (or you don’t do it at your house with some YouTube videos). Luckily, you can head over to the US Botanic Garden for its free yoga gathering every Saturday this month. Afterward, take some time to literally smell the roses. Free. 10:30 AM.

DRINK: A quasi-holiday means it’s time for a wild Dupont Circle bar crawl. Dress up in red or pink or wear hearts or whatever you do for the Cupid Bar Crawl, which will hit Front Page, Public, Irish Whiskey, Sign of the Whale, etc. There are $2 Yuenglings, $3 vodkas, $4 shots, and food deals all day. Tickets ($20) are available online. 3 to 11 PM.

ART: Pike and Rose in Bethesda is hosting its Prava Art Festival, featuring two floors of art, 20 artists, installations, a performance by the Charm City Roller Girls, light shows, and other fun things. Best of all, it’s free. 6 PM to 2 AM.

Sunday, February 8

COFFEE: Sure, you drink coffee, but do you know anything about it? Learn from the best in the biz at Sixth & I’s coffee talk, featuring baristas, brewers, roasters, and other coffee experts from Compass, MadCap, and Counter Culture. Tickets ($15) are available online 11 AM to 1 PM.

SHOP: Southern Efficiency, Eat the Rich, and Mockingbird Hill on Seventh Street are all hosting a Treat Yo’Self holiday traders market, featuring local artisans and businesses, and, of course, lots of drinks, food, and music. If you don’t have a valentine (or even if you do), it’s a chance to splurge a bit … on yo’self. Free. 3:30 to 8:30 PM.

Know of something cool going on around town? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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A Sherlock Holmes comedy at Arena Stage and disco at 9:30 Club. By Jason Koebler
Lucas Hall as Doctor Watson and Gregory Wooddell as Sherlock Holmes in Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery at Arena Stage. Photograph by Margot Schulman.

Monday, February 2

THEATER: It’s a good night to check out the world premiere presentation of Baskerville, a Sherlock Holmes mystery adapted by Tony winner Ken Ludwig for Arena Stage. In the play, Watson and Holmes must solve a mystery before a curse dooms an entire family, and five actors play 25 different characters. Tickets ($40) are available online. 7:30 PM.

Tuesday, February 3

COMEDY: There is a general dearth of comedy nights on H Street, with the main exception being La Bomba, Little Miss Whiskey’s weekly Tuesday standup show. Cheap beer, cheap drinks, and the general vibe of hipness bring out comics who are better than your standard open-mike show, so it’s worth checking out if you haven’t yet. Free. 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, February 4

IMPROV: Separate Beds is an improv troupe focusing on longform storytelling. The troupe will spend some time at the beginning of the show interviewing a DC personality— this week, it’s comedian Matty Litwack—and then create a 45-minute improv performance from the information they’ve gleaned. Tickets ($10) are available online. 7:30 PM.

Thursday, February 5

DANCE: Viceroy fits pretty perfectly into the new era of deejays who make new disco music. The instrumental part of the music hasn’t been completely done away with, so you kind of feel like you’re hearing music made by humans, but with just enough bleeps and bloops to make you dance on a Thursday night. The show, thrown by U Street Music Hall, has been pushed to 9:30 Club to fit all you sweaty people. Tickets ($15) are available online. 9 PM.

Know of something cool going on around town? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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Check out a Red Bull deejay contest, a Brazilian-themed supper club, and—of course—Super Bowl celebrations. By Jason Koebler
Red Bull's annual deejay contest happens Thursday. Image via Shutterstock.

Thursday, January 29

SOCIAL ISSUES: Mock trials might remind you of high school, but NPR is hosting an event called Scholars & Scoundrels that sounds quite interesting: The public often gets ahold of digital evidence in criminal proceedings (see the Eric Garner case), which has fundamentally changed how trials go. Real judges, media members, and attorneys will try a hypothetical case and discuss things such as privacy and jury tampering while doing it. Free. 6 PM.

BOOKS: You’ve definitely got a favorite article of clothing, and if you think about it, there’s probably a narrative that goes along with it. Emily Spivack asked more than 60 people to tell her a story while weaving in (get it?) their clothes’ role in it, which resulted in Worn Stories. She’ll be talking about the process and signing books at Sixth & I Synagogue. A single ticket is $12, or get a book and two tickets for $25. 7 PM.

DANCE: Every year, Red Bull throws a deejay contest. Tonight is the DC qualifiers at U Street Music Hall—check it out for a free night of dancing and the chance to see a bunch of up-and-coming local deejays. Free. 9 PM.

Friday, January 30

BEER: Port City is turning four years old, and it’s releasing Colossal IV, a Belgian-style quad beer for the occasion. There’ll be food trucks, a photo booth, live music, and, of course, lots of beer. Free. 3 to 10 PM.

COMEDY: Recovery Comedy was formed as a way to help recovering alcoholics and drug addicts with their rehab—three comedians who have been through the program will be performing at DC Improv. They’ll talk (and joke) about their lives before they sought help, the recovery process, and their lives since. Tickets ($15) are available online. 8 and 10:30 PM.

KARAOKE: It’s a good day to be a punk in DC—Black Cat is screening Salad Days, a documentary about the history of DIY punk in the city. Afterward, head down downstairs for punk-rock karaoke, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Film: $8, 9 PM

Karaoke: $5, 9 PM

Saturday, January 31

DANCE: Malmaison is taking us to Rio with its Samba Supper Club. Gerard Pangaud, who has two Michelin stars, will serve up Brazilian eats, and there’ll be a bossa nova and samba band and lots of dancing. Tickets ($59) are available online. 6 and 8:30 PM.

ART: The Manor hosts Corporate Cannibal, an art and fashion show that explores how dressing for big business has changed in the past few years. There’ll be live visual installations, a musical performance, and a photography exhibit, in addition to a celebration of the end of big suits and outdated looks. Tickets ($20) are available online. 8 PM.

SIDESHOW: Artisphere presents “Shocked and Amazed,” in which the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum heads comes to DC for a night of oddball comedy, sideshow, circus acts, burlesque, and vaudeville. There’s also a pop-up gallery art show with a similar theme. There will be snacks, and DC Brau will be discounted for the event. Tickets ($17) are available online. 9 PM.

MUSICALS: The ’20s-themed Broadway musical Nice Work If You Can Get It is at Warner Theatre this weekend. The new production (it premiered on Broadway in 2012 and is now touring for the first time) tells the story of a rough woman bootlegger during the Prohibition era who falls in love with a rich playboy. Tickets ($42 to $72) are available online. 8 PM.

Sunday, February 1

SUPER BOWL: As you may have heard, there’s some sort of sports match going on this weekend. Let’s hope it’s finally the end of #deflategate, which has already been going on for far too long. Duke's Grocery is serving fancy beers and Fireball for $4 all night; for other ideas on where to head—or where to pick up grub for your house party—check out our guide to food and drink specials.

MUSICALS: America will be pretty solidly focused on the Big Game, but if football’s not your speed, you can check out Gigi at the Kennedy Center. It stars Vanessa Hudgens as a free-spirited woman in Paris who falls in love with a wealthy playboy (where have I heard this before?). Then again, if you’re the type who is going to skip the Super Bowl for a musical, you probably know plenty about the performance already. Tickets ($45 to $150) are available online. 7:30 PM.

Know of something cool going on around town? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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A talk with local bloggers and a French/English karaoke night. By Jason Koebler
L'Alliance Française hosts a bilingual karaoke night on Wednesday. Image via Shutterstock.

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