The Pig Announces New Chef

Eatwell DC restaurant group has selected a local toque for its new snout-to-tail eatery on 14th Street.

By: Jessica Voelker

Word comes today from EatWell DC (Grillfish, Logan Tavern, Commissary, and the Heights) that a chef has been selected for the restaurant group’s new 14th Street restaurant, the Pig. Garret Fleming, last seen at the Lincoln on Vermont Avenue, has been given the title of chef de cuisine. He’ll be designing the restaurant’s menu alongside executive chef Billy McCormick.

In advance of the Pig’s spring 2012 opening, Fleming will be traveling to Sicily to research techniques at traditional salumerias; the goal at the new 70-seat project is to create a snout-to-tail eatery, making use of every bit of the animal. We’ll check in with Chef Fleming to find out more details about the forthcoming project; stay tuned.