Fojol Bros. Roll Out New Thai Truck Volathai

Mobile-food fans braved the cold to try pad Thai and Panang curry during the truck’s debut lunch service today.

By: Anna Spiegel

Fojol Bros debuted its new Thai truck in Franklin Park today. Photographs by Kyle Gustafson

Look out food truck followers, there’s a (not entirely new) face on the streets: Volathai, the latest act in the Fojol Brothers’ traveling culinary carnival. The Thai-themed truck touched down in Franklin Park today around noon, and nearly two dozen followers quickly braved freezing winds to test out the new menu.

The Fojols are known for Indian curry on the Merlindia truck, as well as Ethiopian eats over at Benethiopia. Similarly warming stew-style treatments can be found at Volathai, where coconut milk-based chicken Panang curry and a vegetarian green curry studded with plump Brussels sprouts, snow peas, and corn are ladled over jasmine rice. Familiar Thai noodle dishes also make an appearance in the form of tofu pad Thai and thick drunken noodles with nuggets of beef and broccoli. Volathai dishes out cup-size portions for $2—good for a side or a preview of what’s to come—while larger containers go for $8 and $11, with two or three items in each, respectively. Unfortunately it’s too cold to sit out on one of the Fojol blankets, but you can still keep yourself warm in line by bopping to ’80s new wave and other Fojolian tunes.

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