What Shut Down the Georgetown Sweetgreen?

The flagship salad bar temporarily closed this week. Here’s why.

By: Anna Spiegel

Those looking for a kale Caesar fix at the Georgetown Sweetgreen were forced to go elsewhere this week after the flagship salad bar temporarily closed. The company originally tweeted that it was “closed today for renovations,” which isn’t wholly inaccurate; a Department of Health inspection yielded several problems that required fixing.

According to the report, a routine survey on August 5 turned up a few violations—none uncommon in the restaurant industry—including items such as carrots, avocados, and chickpeas being held at improper temperatures; cutting boards lined with grooves; and a fridge in disrepair. None of the above would warrant a shutdown, but the inspector also found an expired business license and a need for a hand-washing sink in the salad-making area during a follow-up visit (those “employees must wash hands” signs aren’t just decorative). According to a Sweetgreen representative, the M Street spot is now up and running as of Wednesday with sinks galore.

This isn’t the first crackdown on Georgetown eateries of late. Dean & Deluca was temporarily shuttered for rather unsavory reasons in February, and the Department of Health forced the oft-troubled and now Mike Isabella-less Bandolero to lock its doors for a few days in July. So take heed, Luke’s Lobster: You better keep those brand new lobster tanks spick and span.