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Real Wedding: Real Wedding Father’s Day Special: Whitney & Brian

At this couple’s wedding, the father of the bride took center stage.

By Irina Grechko Whitney and Brian on their wedding day on May 4, 2013, in Boones Mill, Va. All photographs by Carly Arnwine Photography.

Most girls have a special bond with their fathers, but in Whitney Camper’s case, her father, Danny Camper, is her best friend. For that reason, during her May wedding to Brian Myer, a senior consultant at Booz Allen whom she met two years prior through work, Whitney tried to include her father as much as she possibly could. “From the tears we both shed seeing each other for the first time on the big day, to dancing on stage with the band together, the wedding captured every facet of the bond we share in its entirety,” says Whitney, who works as a consultant with Accenture.

The entire nuptial process was filled with moments that were meaningful for both father and daughter, from the day Whitney revealed she was engaged to Brian, to the first time Danny saw Whitney’s wedding dress. “With tears in his eyes, he struggled to get out the words, ‘That’s my little girl,’ ” says Whitney. Naturally, their father-daughter dance was to the song “My Girl.” And, to reassure her father that their bond would never break, Whitney wrote him a special letter that she gave to him as she left for her honeymoon. “I told him that although I was marrying the man of my dreams that day, I would always be his little girl.”

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Real Weddings

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Justine sharing a special moment with her father John at her wedding at the Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard. Photograph by Rothwell Photography.

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