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The chef who brought down Bob McDonnell speaks, Marion Barry is quizzing DC's mayoral candidates, and more to chew on tonight. By Benjamin Freed

The chef who brought down Bob McDonnell tells all. [Washingtonian]

Attention DC mayoral candidates: Mayor-for-life Marion Barry's endorsement is still up for grabs! [Loose Lips]

Japan wants to build a super-high-speed train between DC and Baltimore. [Capital Comment]

But the $8 billion cost estimate seems insanely low. [Slate]

DC Council approves $21 million in property tax breaks. [Post]

Sidwell headmaster Tom Farquhar is leaving a year early—for Dubai. [Capital Comment]

There are now at least 11 candidates for the unhappiest job in the NFL. [ESPN]

Jumping on a frozen trampoline looks like a lot of fun. [Digg]

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Washington braces for the polar vortex, crowdfunding for Dino’s, and more to shiver about tonight. By Benjamin Freed
Brrr! Image via Shutterstock.

Tuesday is set to be the coldest day in Washington in two decades, with a forecasted high temperature of 15 degrees—if we're lucky. [Post]

If you see or know anyone in the District who is homeless tonight call 800-535-7252 to get them to a shelter.

Man is charged with killing his wife, allegedly over a cable bill, in DC's first homicide of 2014. [Post]

Metro introduces its newest rail cars, going into service later this year. [Capital Comment]

Owners of now-shuttered Dino's are trying to crowdfund their next restaurant. [Best Bites]

Washington was named America's gayest city. [The Advocate]

 The new trailer for House of Cards has more hints of Frank doing very bad things. [Netflix]

Giant panda cub Bao Bao made her media debut today. [@washingtonian]

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Gamblers leaving their kids in cars, Metrobuses that are on time even when they're late, and more to talk about this weekend. By Benjamin Freed
The French-Swiss fare at Silo includes dishes like mussels in vermouth-leek sauce. Photograph courtesy of Reza Mohaddes for Silo.

Two people were arrested this week at Arundel Mills and Maryland Live! Casino for leaving small children in freezing cars. [Post]

Support for the Washington NFL team's name is still strong, but slipping, according to a new poll. [Capital Comment]

The team met with a Dallas Cowboys assistant today for the vacant head coaching job. [Post]

A Metrobus can be seven minutes late and still be considered "on time." [The Atlantic Cities]

The first diss track of the 2014 DC mayoral campaign goes after Hizzoner. [Loose Lips]

A record number of firearms were purchased in Virginia last year. [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

Speaking of guns and Virginia, some people want to bring guns into restaurants. [Best Bites]

Check out the Franco-Swiss fare at Silo, opening Saturday in Mount Vernon Square. [Best Bites]

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DC’s growing population, al-Qaeda’s expense reports, and other things to talk about tonight. By Benjamin Freed

The District's population is now more than 646,000. [Capital Comment]

Mike Shanahan is gone, but it's going to take a lot more than that to fix the local NFL team. [Post]

Uber would like you to know that it will be very expensive tomorrow night. [Capital Comment]

Members of al-Qaeda file detailed expense reports. [Associated Press]

WPFW was off the air for a week because its transmitter was offline. [City Desk]

It's been a very good year for the local beer scene. [DCist]

People are angry at Toby Keith's bar in Woodridge for having a "no guns" policy. [WTTG]

Area paper identifies "trend" of people bringing food into bars that don't serve food. [Post]

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MGM will build a casino at National Harbor, Mayor Vince Gray wants DC to be more hip, and other things to scratch your head about this weekend. By Benjamin Freed

As expected, MGM gets the award to build a casino in Prince George's County, opening 2016. [Post]

MGM Chief Executive Jim Murren told us all about his company's plans for a casino at National Harbor. [Capital Comment]

Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band is coming to the Black Cat in March. RIP, Lou. [After Hours]

Mayor Vince Gray wants DC to be the hippest city in the country. [Loose Lips]

Washington Post wunderkind Ezra Klein might want out of 15th and L. [Huffington Post]

If you were looking for a roundup of all the reactions to Politico's anti-Washington rant, it exists. [Poynter]

Derek Brown's latest bar, Southern Efficiency, opens Saturday at 1841 Seventh St., NW, in Shaw. [Best Bites]

Only a little bit of Green Line work for Metro this weekend. [WMATA]

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US attorney keeps the heat on Mayor Vince Gray, and more to talk about tonight. By Benjamin Freed

US Attorney Ron Machen really wants to see documents from Mayor Vince Gray's office. [Loose Lips]

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell got a temporary reprieve from a date with the lawman. [Capital Comment]

Maryland will announce which casino company—probably MGM—will build a casino in Prince George's County. [Post]

Former Washington correspondent has a sad about being a Washington correspondent. [Capital Comment]

Federal judge tosses developer's $100 million lawsuit against Howard University. [Washington Business Journal]

Brian Boitano announces he's gay, becoming third openly gay athlete to be part of White House's delegation to Winter Olympics in Russia. [ESPN]

It's taken three years for DC to get as much snow as it did in in one day of "Snowpocalpyse." [Capital Weather Gang]

Screenings of well-known Christmas movie Die Hard, and other stuff to do this weekend. [After Hours]

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No more Chobani at Whole Foods, protesters outside Beyoncé's concert, and more craziness tonight. By Benjamin Freed
No more of this stuff at Whole Foods. Photograph by Flickr user Provisions.

Slow clap for the Senate on passing that budget deal to avert another government shutdown. [National Journal]

DC mayoral candidate Jack Evans wants to spend $25 million on film incentives. [Capital Comment]

Whole Foods is getting rid of Chobani Greek yogurt. [Well + Being]

Qatar is spending like crazy in DC, including $650 million on CityCenter. [Post]

Attention, Posties: You've been hacked. [Post]

You can see the baby panda on January 18. [Capital Comment]

Roberto Donna's new restaurant is all about the millennials. When will it end? [Young & Hungry]

If you're going to see Beyoncé at the Verizon Center, look out for the protesters. Yes, really. [Politico]

"The amazing true story of the worst person at BuzzFeed." [Salon]

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Possible progress for DC United stadium, Obama wishes life were more like "House of Cards," and more to yak about tonight. By Benjamin Freed
President Obama says he wants to be like this guy. Photograph by Melinda Sue Gordon for Netflix.

The DC Council voted to increase the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. [Capital Comment]

Mayor Vince Gray's administration says it will deliver a formal plan for the DC United stadium by Christmas. [DCist]

Guess which knee injury topped the list of Washington's worst sports moments of 2013? [D.C. Sports Bog]

"What is twerking?" and other things Washingtonians really wanted to Google to answer this year. [Capital Comment]

The US Postal Service trains its workers on how to avoid dog attacks. [Washingtonian]

Mega Millions jackpot is up to $636 million, but the odds of winning are 1 in 259 million, so why bother? [CBS News]

President Obama wishes Washington had more of the "ruthless efficiency" of House of Cards's lying, scheming, murdering Congressman Frank Underwood. [Mashable]

Parking meters are the newest icon of the Council's ethically sketchy situation. [Capital Comment]

No surprises here: Le Diplomate is the toughest table in town. [Young & Hungry]

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Streetcar tests go very slowly, and other things to know tonight. By Benjamin Freed
Fois gras festival? That's happening. Photograph via Shutterstock.

The streetcar is finally in its testing phase. [Capital Comment]

But if you're behind it, you're going to move at about four miles per hour. [Twitter]

Federal judge says the NSA's surveillance of telephone records is probably unconstitutional. [Post]

Speaking of the NSA, the 60 Minutes "correspondent" who did that puff piece is probably going to be the NYPD's new flack. [The Wire]

A very famous actor got to see the panda cub and you did not. [Capital Comment]

DC Council rips Department of Parks and Recreation over reported assualts at Northwest DC pool. [City Desk]

Fired Senate staffer charged for child porn released to his parents' house. [Capital Comment]

What ever happened to the cast of D.C. Cab, the greatest movie ever shot in DC? [DCist]

Politico notices DC is in the middle of a debate about the Height Act, compares Rosslyn to a section of Paris. [Politico]

There's a fois gras festival on H St. tonight, if you can deal with being held up by the streetcar. [Best Bites]

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A dead horse, and more to talk about tonight. By Benjamin Freed

The streetcar is finally coming to H St., Northeast, tomorrow. But you can't ride it yet. [Capital Comment]

An anonymous graffiti artist is spray-painting DC's bike lanes. It's a delightful story. [Washington City Paper]

A rare horse died at the National Zoo's conservation facility. [Post]

Mean people who read Travel + Leisure say Washington is the least attractive city. [Travel + Leisure]

DC Brau asked a new Silver Spring brewery to change its name to avoid trademark issues. [Capital Comment]

Mayor of Canada Rob Ford says still-employed Mike Shanahan is right to bench RGIII. [106.7 The Fan]

Five things to look for at Silver Spring's Urban Butcher. [Best Bites]

FCC will allow phones on planes, but maybe not phone calls. [NPR]

Spiv made a movie. [Arts Desk]

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