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Reader-submitted pics of the little bit of snow that stuck yesterday. By Tanya Pai

Well, that happened. The federal government closed yesterday in anticipation of the Snowquester/Saturn storm—which turned out to be, as our own Sophie Gilbert astutely named it, a major “snoverreaction.”

Still, some of you managed to snap pictures of the snow before it completely disappeared. Check them out in the slideshow—and tell us in the comments how you spent what might have been the last “snow day” of the season.

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Excuse the hyperbole, but these picture are pretty freakin' great. By Sarah Zlotnick

Photo contest fans, this may or may not be officially it: your last chance to pick one of your peers to be published in the print edition of The Washingtonian.

As a reminder, there was no theme for our May photo contest. To make this the best possibly last photo contest possible, we asked participants to send us their most exceptional picture. The results were bright, bold, and color-drenched—just the way we like 'em. Look for a runners up gallery next week that will showcase the six pictures that just barely missed the finalist round.  

Polls will close at midnight on Tuesday, May 31—so vote wisely, and vote enthusiastically. Best of luck to all the contestants, and the winner will be published in our July issue. 

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You’ve got three days to send us your best pictures! By Sarah Zlotnick

Ladies, gentleman, and loyal followers of the Washingtonian photo contest—

We come to you today with a bit of sad news. After years of requesting your pictures for our monthly photo contest, The Washingtonian has decided to take a break from running the winner in our print magazine. This is in no way a reflection on your efforts. From the haunting colors of Vincent Carney’s abandoned hospital shots to the infectious smile of Bobby Hong’s adorable son Tyler, we’ve honestly delighted in every single submission—even when we couldn’t quite figure out how they related to the theme. (To whoever sent in chickens running through the French countryside for our transportation contest, we’re still waiting on an explanation.) We may spend day in and day out writing about this fair city, but you’ve shown us sides, corners, alleys, and personalities we never would have uncovered. Thank you for that.

Because this month will be the last time the winner will be featured in the magazine, we want you to give it your all. That means there is no theme this time; we just want your best picture. Period. Go ahead, take our breath away. And since you’ve only got until Friday to submit your photos, send them in quickly!

Here’s the fine print: Submissions will be accepted until noon on Friday, May 27. The Washingtonian will select the finalists, but readers will vote on the Web site (the poll will be available through Memorial Day weekend) and those votes will determine the winner.

Photos—one per e-mail, please—should be sent to

In each e-mail, be sure to include a title for the photo; a sentence or two about the photo explaining where it was taken; and the photographer’s name, phone number, e-mail address, and place of residence.

You can submit as many photos as you’d like, but make sure each submission is 300 dpi and at least four by six inches. And remember, the photographer and the subject must be from the Washington area, which includes the Maryland and Virginia suburbs.

Watch for coming details on how the photo contest will carry on after this month. Drop your input in the comments section. Would you be upset if it disappeared altogether? Barely notice that it’s gone (*sniff*—we hope that’s not the case!)? This contest is for you, so we want to make sure it continues in a manner you’re satisfied with.

Thanks for playing, readers. Now go rummage through your archives and show us what you’ve got!

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Theme: Babies! By Sarah Zlotnick

Cuteness Alert! Have you checked out our round-up of Washington's most adorable baby photos yet? Tiny people were the focus of April's photo contest, and the finalists are finally ready for your perusal.

Ladies and gents, you should know the drill by now: We picked the finalists (6 this month), but reader vote determines the winner, so be sure to show your favorite some love in the poll below. The photograph with the most votes as of noon on Friday, April 29 will be published in the June issue of The Washingtonian.  

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Get ready for a battle of the cute. By Sarah Zlotnick

Pure infant bliss.

Food, sports, architecture. . . it doesn’t matter the theme. Month in and month out, The Washingtonian photo-contest judges invariably end up sifting through dozens of sickeningly sweet pictures of our readers’ children. And hey—we’re definitely not complaining. Nearly everyone on staff would pay serious money to pinch just one of baby Tyler’s cherubic little cheeks.

So, after weeks of fighting off baby fever, we’re finally giving in. For April’s photo contest, we’re calling for pictures of adorable Washington kiddies doing adorable Washington things. Only the cutest will survive.

For those new to the contest, here’s how it works: Submissions will be accepted until noon on Friday, April 22. The Washingtonian will select the finalists, but reader vote determines the winner.

Photos—one per e-mail, please—should be sent to

In each e-mail, be sure to include:
• A title for the photo
• A sentence or two about the photo explaining where it was taken and why it fits theme
• The photographer’s name, phone number, e-mail address, and place of residence

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Five mouth-watering photos (as picked by our very own food photographer) have moved on to the next round. Vote for your favorite! By Sarah Zlotnick

>> See a slide show of the finalists

It takes one to know one—a good food photographer, that is. And because we most definitely are not one (but can’t help but feel slightly jealous of a guy with such a cool gig), we enlisted the help of an expert in selecting the finalists for March’s Foodie Photo Contest. That expert is Scott Suchman, whose work in our utterly delectable 100 Very Best Restaurants issue may have caused you immediate hunger pangs. In addition to The Washingtonian, Scott also shoots for the Washington Post, Baltimore magazine, and Southern Living. He selected the five finalists above, and his reasoning behind each choice follows after the jump.

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Three cheers for food porn! By Sarah Zlotnick

Think you can make a dish look as pretty as this?
We here at The Washingtonian always appreciate a good meal. From scouting for 100 Very Best Restaurants to digging up dives for Cheap Eats and keeping up with the latest in the Washington restaurant scene, it’s safe to say a sizeable portion of our day is dedicated to whetting appetites all over this city. So who wants to help us in the process?

For our Foodie Photo Contest, we’re seeking snaps of anything and everything related to eating. Pictures of mouth-watering meals, the restaurant scene, beautifully laid tables, cooking in the kitchen—if it’s going to make stomachs rumble, send it our way. Amateur foodie photographers, this is your chance!

Here’s how the contest works: Submissions will be accepted until noon on Wednesday, March 23. This month, the top five will be selected by Scott Suchman, The Washingtonian's go-to guy for mouth-watering food photography (you've seen his work all over our 100 Best Restaurant issue). Reader votes ultimately determines the winning image, which will be published in the May issue of The Washingtonian.

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What's the best "Love Actually" picture? By Sarah Zlotnick

>> See the slide show of the finalists

Valentine's Day may have passed, but the finalists of February's photo contest still have us gushing over all sorts of sweet moments. From sleeping babes to sunset kisses, it's nice to see Washington take a break from work deadlines and spend some time with the people who matter most.

Who should be crowned the winner? That's up to you to decide. Check out the pictures in our finalists gallery, then vote for your favorite in the poll below. The photograph with the most votes as of noon on Monday, February 28, with be published in the April issue of The Washingtonian.

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Predictable, we know, but how could we resist? By Sarah Zlotnick

Between swooning over the picture of the sweet couple that Danie Smallwood submitted to last month’s “Caught in the Moment” contest and planning for our stuffed-to-the-brim Valentine’s Day Guide (be sure to check it out for restaurant specials and dozens of great date ideas), it seemed only fitting to focus on falling in love for our February photo contest. Are your friends and family sick of staring at all your mushy photos? Send them our way. Proposals, first dates, hand-holding, wedding pictures, Eskimo kisses—if the picture’s got anything to do with love, sweet love (in Washington, of course), we can’t wait to see it. PS—We’re also on the lookout for love stories for a special Valentnine’s Day feature. If you’re better at writing this stuff down than capturing it with a camera, be sure to share those as well!

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Because the dreary snow-drizzle outside is depressing us. By Sarah Zlotnick

In December, we ran a Snowmaggedon photo contest, and readers submitted hundreds of awesome pictures from last February's storm. Today, we're showing you thirteen of our favorite runners up (view the finalists here) because the current weather situation is just one big, grey-sky tease. Let's get to the white stuff already! 

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