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Guests enjoyed delicious bites from Bethesda restaurants at our final happy hour this Best of Washington season.
Well Fargo’s Charlene Padgett with Matthew Ballard, and Jacqueline Boggess at the AT&T Best of Washington Happy Hour at Bethesda Row.

Party-goers made their way to the AT&T Best of Washington Bethesda block party at Redwood Restaurant & Bar on Tuesday, July 1. With a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, guests were able to enjoy drinks and tastes from participating restaurants, including Café Deluxe, Georgetown Cupcake, American Tap Room, Luke’s Lobster, Mussel Bar, Mon Ami Gabi, Redwood, and Shophouse.

This was the last opportunity for guests to buy discounted tickets to the main event: the AT&T Best of Washington party on July 16 at the National Building Museum. Purchase tickets now, before they sell out, to join us next week!

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Guests brought their dogs for a fun evening in Arlington.
Leah Krynicky and her dog, Hildegard. Photographs by Andrew Propp.

Pet lovers made their way to the AT&T Best of Washington Yappy Hour at Lyon Hall in Arlington on Tuesday, June 24. With a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, party-goers enjoyed specialty cocktails and beer provided by Flying Dog Brewery.

Attendees devoured a variety of mini franks, tuna tartare with mango vinaigrette, gougères with smoked chèvre, crabcakes with caper rémoulade, and roasted mushroom spring rolls with ginger cream, while their pets enjoyed homemade treats and doggie ice cream.

Guests were able to purchase discounted tickets to the main event: the AT&T Best of Washington party on July 16 at the National Building Museum. Join us for the next happy hour on Tuesday, July 1, at Bethesda Row!

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Washingtonian celebrated the first day of summer with our first fitness event for women.
Photographs by David Rice.

Washingtonian women came out to celebrate the first day of summer at Washingtonian’s Fit Fest at American University on Saturday, June 21. Design Foundry transformed the Bender Arena, creating high-energy customized studios and converting the upstairs to accommodate semi-private doctor chats and a massage studio. Attendees enjoyed classes from the area’s best fitness instructors, such as barre, Pilates, boot camp, CrossFit, yoga, spinning, pole dancing, and running. Guests shopped the marketplace and enjoyed food demonstrations by local celebrity chef Will Artley and his wife, Kim Artley, and got to sit in on health and wellness panels from local experts.

Airline Sponsor: Qatar Airways

Doctor Chat Sponsors: Dr. Samir Rao, Dr. Elizabeth Feldman, Dr. Fareeha I. Khan, Dr. Sherry Maragh, Dr. Pamela Marzban, Dr. Victoria Suh

Fitness Sponsors: Barre Tech, Dancing Mind, Divas & Dolls, Fuse Pilates, Lava Barre, Run Farther and Faster, Sculpt Studio, Spark Yoga, Sports Club/LA, Zengo Cycle

Marketplace Sponsors: Arbonne, Barre Tech, Balance, Christophe Salon, City Sports, Core 72, Dancing Mind, Disrupt Fitness, Divas & Dolls, Fuse Pilates, Got Your Back Chiropractic, Honest Tea, Lava Barre, Lil Omm Yoga, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Protein Bar, Puree Juice Bar, Quantum Pilates, The Ride to Conquer Cancer, Run Farther and Faster, Sculpt Studio, Spark Yoga, Sports Club/LA, Sweetgreen, The Toolbox, Whole Foods Market Tenley, Zenful Bites, Zengo Cycle

Panelists: Steve Bernstein, MD, Matthew Buchanan, MD, Skye Donovan PT, PHD, OCS, Michael Lin, Kaitlin Sheedy, Cathal Armstrong, Ann Gerber, Errick McAdams, Faye Berger Mitchell

Venue Sponsor: American University

Production Partner: Design Foundry

Floral Partner: Twigz

Event Planning Partner: Terri Bergman

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It's going to be a crowded house. Of pachyderms, that is. By Benjamin Freed
Asian elephants Kamala, Swarma, and Maharani will join the National Zoo in spring 2014 by way of the Calgary Zoo. Photograph by Bill Quayle/Calgary Zoo.

The National Zoo's elephant exhibit will get a bit more crowded next spring when it adds three female Asian pachyderms on an extended loan from the Calgary Zoo. When the trio of elephants arrives, the Elephant Community Center's herd will grow to seven.

Two of the newcomers, Kamala and Swarna, were born in the wild in 1975 and were transported to Calgary the following year by way of a Sri Lankan elephant orphanage. The third, Maharani, is Kamala's offspring, born at the Calgary Zoo in 1990.

When they arrive—and complete a customary 30-day quarantine—the new elephants will join the existing herd comprised of 65-year-old Ambika, 38-year-old Shanthi, 11-year-old (and lone male of the bunch) Kandula, and the most recent addition, 37-year-old Bozie. Bozie, recently imported from a zoo in Baton Rouge, La., is the one with a much-publicized knack for painting, though she hasn't exercised her artistic talents since arriving in DC. (National Zoo spokeswoman Jennifer Zoon says that here, zookeepers try to focus on the elephant's natural, rather than trained, skills.)

And even though seven pachyderms seems like a lot, there's room for more. The National Zoo says its elephant exhibit is large enough to house eight to ten adult specimens and their young.

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What Sunny can expect from life as a First Dog.
Official White House photograph by Pete Souza.

Michelle Obama tweeted the announcement Monday evening that the First Family had added a new puppy to the mix, a female Portuguese water dog named Sunny. She’s intended as a companion for Bo, who Mrs. O. has said doesn’t get enough interaction with other dogs. So what can Sunny expect as a presidential pet? Check out the slideshow for a glimpse at a White House dog’s life, as told by Bo.

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Reader-submitted pics of the little bit of snow that stuck yesterday. By Tanya Pai

Well, that happened. The federal government closed yesterday in anticipation of the Snowquester/Saturn storm—which turned out to be, as our own Sophie Gilbert astutely named it, a major “snoverreaction.”

Still, some of you managed to snap pictures of the snow before it completely disappeared. Check them out in the slideshow—and tell us in the comments how you spent what might have been the last “snow day” of the season.

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A new exhibition explores the coronation albums of Russian czars. By Carol Ross Joynt
The selection of nosegays that were given to couples at the door of Hillwood for the "From Russia With Love" Valentine's night party. Photograph by Carol Ross Joynt.

Valentine’s Day, intrigue, and rare treasures combined to create a romantic evening at Hillwood Museum, inspired by both James Bond and czars. Apart from the new exhibition in the dacha and the jewels on the display in the mansion, guests had three ways to get in the mood, and two involved vodka. At the Visitors Center, while on a screen in the background Sean Connery as Bond outsmarted many opponents in From Russia With Love, guests made their way to three bars. One served Russian wine. The other two offered vodka, either the James Bond way—a martini straight up, shaken, not stirred—or a choice of Russian standard vodkas served neat and chilled after traveling through an elaborate ice sculpture. The most popular was the premium Imperia.

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Employees took the annual costume contest to new highs this year. By Washingtonian Staff

Every year around Halloween, our office holds a costume contest. But not just any costume; employees are asked to bring their favorite Washingtonian cover to life. This year's outfits were some of the best we've ever seen—so now we're sharing them with you. Check out the slideshow, and let us know your favorite in the comments. 

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