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It’s not every day that you get to share a room with four of the world’s great travel writers, so when New Yorker staff writer and famed author Susan Orlean, Lonely Planet global-travel editor Don George, and award-winning travel writers Tony Perrottet and David Farley recently sat down at the New York Times Travel Show to discuss their secrets to great travel, we were all ears.

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A flight attendant with 31 years under her wings talks about her favorite airports, how to pack, and meeting O.J. Simpson. By Eliot Stein

Between stuffing your belongings into a carry-on bag, waiting through delays, and getting ignored in the back of coach, airline travel comes with its share of turbulence. We asked a Washington-based flight attendant—who recently retired after 31 years and prefers to remain anonymous—to share her insider’s perspective, flying tips, and memorable stories.

When passengers have the option of reserving their seats on a plane, where should they sit?
“From a service point of view, you’re obviously going to get more attention in first class than coach. Since food-and-drink service starts in the front of the cabin and works back, those sitting toward the front of coach tend to get more attention, while those in the back might get overlooked.”

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