Design Scout: Party Cups

Dinner parties are awkward for everyone. Get the conversation flowing with six quirky cocktail glasses.

By: Sarah Zlotnick

Coke Embossed Glass
Ah, college. The good old days of spiking sodas right in the can because there wasn’t a glass in sight. Mix a little rum and Coke, and head back to your freshman hall with these dishwasher-safe, clear glass cups.

$5 each at

Hopside Down Beer Glass
End the draft/bottle debate with this clever hybrid stein. Added bonus: Thanks to the double walls that prevent condensation buildup, you won’t have to worry about water rings on your new coffee table.

$24.95 each at

Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses
“Shots on the rocks” takes on a whole new meaning with this ingenious little tray, perfect for entertaining at home before heading to bars.

$7.99 at

Inside Out Champagne Glasses
Celebrating something special? Try chilling these in the freezer beforehand for an especially sophisticated toast.

$60 for a set of four at

Red Melamine Cup
Frat parties go green with a reusable version of the classic red Solo cup. We’re not saying anyone over 25 should own one, but it might be fun to bring out for backyard barbecues.

$3.95 each at

Mad Science Bartending Set
Know someone who takes her drink mixes a little too seriously? What about a chemistry geek who misses his undergrad lab days? Shake up cocktails with scientific precision—and a bit of nerdy fun—with this quirky bartending display. The set comes with a cocktail shaker, a glass beaker, a black metal carrying tray, and four “test tube” glasses—perfect shot-glass replacements.

$38.99 at