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The Target on 14th Street, at DC USA shopping center. All photographs by Caroline Cunningham.

Monday, 10:30 AM

Last week was a good one for the Target on 14th Street at the DC USA shopping center. It’s Monday morning, the week of Thanksgiving, and the employees are gathered around the aisles of fake Christmas trees and holiday candy for their morning huddle. The floor leader announces that the previous week, they’d hit their highest “customer vibe” score--a Target term for customer satisfaction--in the past eight years.

This is great news, but for Michael Yost, how his employees perform over the next few days will be even more crucial. As the store team leader (Target-speak for general manager), everything the fluorescent lights touch is his domain. It’s Yost’s job to make sure that all runs smoothly leading up to and during Black Friday, a retail Super Bowl he’s worked for Target for the past four years.

Target employees circle up for their morning meeting.

But Yost is prepared for the task ahead. Though he’s only worked at the 14th Street Target for the past two years, the two years prior he spent at the Target in Westminster, an “Ultra Super Freaky” store, which is Target’s way of saying “really, really crazy busy.” His current store, he says, “isn’t even ‘Freaky’” on Black Friday, so they expect the crowds won’t be nearly as big as those he’s managed in the past.

His current focus is food--making sure that customers can find all of their Thanksgiving meal fixings easily, from well-stocked shelves. And while he works on Tuesday, district team leads will swing by the store to check that Yost’s Target is prepared.

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Photograph by vincentphotos/via iStock

The winter months are rough on footwear--rain and snow and sidewalk salt, along with the general wear and tear of pavement strolling to and from Metro, can eat away at leather shoes. Sick of constantly replacing our heels and boots, we got in touch with Rudi Shafakian of DC’s M&M Cobblers Bench to get his insights on shoe repair, and what we can do to avoid totaling our favorite footwear this winter.

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Photograph by Images Source/Getty Images.

This spring, the Food and Drug Administration approved Kybella, an injectable deoxycholic-acid treatment designed to eliminate “submental fat”—known to the rest of us as a double chin (or an "at-risk chin," as Amy Schumer says in her interview on Ellen, below.)

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists say Kybella is easier and less invasive than liposuction or surgery, previously the only options to get rid of chin fat.

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Photograph of Framebridge's Georgetown office by Lauren Joseph.

In DC, where retail space is expensive and difficult for small start-ups to afford, it makes sense that local businesses would get their start online. Custom framing company Framebridge, which runs production from a space in Lanham and their marketing and design out of a stylish Georgetown office, has done just that. No retail space has been necessary thus far, as customers can simply mail prints or upload photos to be framed, and then Framebridge ships the art back for free.

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Photograph by AbleImages/Alamy.

Botox injections remain the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the United States. In 2014, according to a survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 6.7 million people had the procedure, an increase of 6 percent from 2013.

What a decade ago seemed scary and taboo—needles filled with botulinum toxin being poked into wrinkle-prone facial zones—is now widely accepted, and sometimes considered routine beauty maintenance. Yet with that growing comfort and popularity comes the expected jump onto the bandwagon, with an overwhelming number of practitioners now offering Botox.

So how do you know who’s actually good at wielding that tiny needle? Who should be trusted to inject your face, of all places, with stuff to paralyze muscles in an attempt to smooth out the signs of aging?

Just as we offered nine tips for finding the right person to cut into your face, here are five tips for choosing the right person to shoot it up with Botox.

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A user's guide to the shiny new "North End Shaw" development. By Caroline Cunningham
Renderings courtesy The JBG Companies.

Those who keep tabs on the urban development of DC may have taken to casually dropping "The Shay" in conversation. And this mention may be met by two responses:

The condescending: "Did you mean Shaw?"


The confused: "What the heck is 'The Shay?'"

This quick guide to The Shay is intended to assist the latter; the former is too large an issue to tackle in one article.

Where is it?

Just southwest of Howard University, between 8th and 9th Street where Florida Avenue turns into U Street.

Okay, but where is it?

Three blocks from the Shaw-Howard Metro stop.

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Photographs by Daniel Swartz, courtesy The Tie Bar.

If DC gentlemen are sick of following their girlfriends around Georgetown, the The Shay just might be a good Saturday-spent-shopping compromise. The Shay's Compass Coffee will give them a boost before diving into the stores, and the collection of menswear offerings--from Read Wall to Frank & Oak to Chrome Industries to Steven Alan--turns the retail focus to the guys.

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Photographs courtesy Birchbox and Rent the Runway.

At this point, Georgetown’s Rent the Runway has become the obvious choice for DC’s women who either 1) Forgot they had an event that week or 2) Go to too many events and are sick of buying new dresses to only wear once. With designer dresses available for rent for under $100, Rent the Runway has helped fill in the blank after “What am I going to wear?” in the lives of Washington’s event-hopping women.

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Photograph by Adrianna Williams/Corbis.

Known for performing risky, complex operations on children who have profound head and facial deformities, Dr. Craig R. Dufresne was already doing aesthetic plastic surgery when a woman presented her own difficult case. Holding up a 1939 Life magazine depicting her as a ravishing young thing, she announced, “I want to look like that again.”

Could he transform the 85-year-old into the ingĂ©nue cover girl of her youth? “I told her I went to medical school, not magic school,” recalls Dufresne, who practices in Chevy Chase and Fairfax.

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Photograph by Caroline Cunningham. All other photographs courtesy Frank & Oak.

As DC continues to welcome in shops with stylish menswear--Onward Reserve, Avenue Jack, Maketto, Paul Stuart, and Filson all opened in the last year--Washington men have fewer and fewer excuses for dressing poorly. Those excuses get even slimmer with the opening of Frank & Oak at The Shay development in Shaw.

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