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One for you, one for me. By Michelle Thomas

Is anyone else a little gifted-out by this time of the season? Hopefully our gift guides helped you nail down awesome presents for everyone on your list already—which means it's OK to fantasize about the goodies you're secretly hoping someone snagged for you. Here are the 20 items we're wishing will be wrapped in gold and tagged with our name.

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Eco-friendly picks for the planet-lover on your shopping list. By Sarah Title

Whether they’re preaching about the benefits of solar energy or reminding you to recycle, we all have that friend who’s obsessively eco-conscious. You know they’ll appreciate that you skipped the plastic and instead picked a present that’s a little more earth-friendly this year. From items made of recycled goods to those made of soy, we’ve rounded up 12 gifts that will get everyone going green this holiday.

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Support your fellow Washingtonians by gifting items made and sold right here in DC. By Diana Elbasha
Foodies, fashionistas, homebodies, and more are sure to love these locally made gifts.

The holidays are fast-approaching, and you’ve got just a few days left to lock down some goods for those on your gift list. Finding something unique—especially last-minute—seems near impossible, but we’ve come to your rescue with 15 one-of-a-kind, locally made products. From geometric jewelry to handmade art to artisinal oils, these gifts—which are made and sold right here in DC—are sure to please all types of recipients. Kill two birds with one stone this season by supporting your local designers, artists, and retailers, while also gifting something totally unique. To the slideshow.

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Shopping for the bookworm or sleepyhead in your life? We’ve got you covered. By Michelle Thomas

She’d rather stay in with a glass of red and watch Scandal on Netflix than hit up the latest hotspot. And who can blame her? When it’s frigid outside, über-cozy cashmere and a date with a manicure set sounds pretty inviting. Appeal to her homebound sensibilities with gifts that pamper—here, find 12 snuggly-but-stylish gifts practically guaranteed to convince even the devoted partygoer to hunker down indoors.

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Great finds for the gal in your life. By Irina Grechko

When it comes to that first holiday gift for your new lady friend, your pick can say a lot about the relationship—which is why you have to choose wisely. Go for something generic and you risk your girl thinking you’re not that into her. Gift an overly personal present and risk looking like you’re moving too fast. Seems tricky, right? Don’t worry, we did all the legwork for you and found 20 great gifts for your new girlfriend. The slideshow awaits.

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Whimsical cat prints, modern dog accessories, and lots more. By Sarah Title

We all have that one person in our life who counts a pet as their one true BFF. There’s the friend who always skips out on happy hour because he has to walk his beloved black lab, or the aunt who’s late to Christmas dinner because she got sidetracked petting her cat. When it comes to gift-giving, sometimes it’s best to aim for the sure bet. But who says you have to settle for a boring bone or an annoying squeaky toy? We’ve found 16 stylized pet products that will delight animals and owners alike.

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Beautiful bar essentials for your favorite boozehound. By Michelle Thomas

She loves an elaborate cocktail. He worships Derek Brown. They’re regulars at all the drink-snob hangouts. For a cocktail geek, receiving a bottle of small-batch anything is practically old-hat—so this year, skip the hard stuff. From gorgeous glassware and artisanal cordials to sculptural openers and DIY kits, we’ve found 20 bar-cart must-haves guaranteed to thrill any enthusiast. Cheers, indeed.

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Great travel finds for the jetsetter in your life. By Irina Grechko

Picking the right gifts for your stylish globetrotting friends is undeniably tricky—they’ve seen everything, so very few things will wow them. Help the jetsetters in your life travel in style with sleek voyage-inspired accessories or make their always-on-the-go lifestyles a breeze with the latest high-tech gadgets. If nothing else, these gifts will either inspire their wanderlust insticts or appease their travel bug. Head to the slideshow now for 20 of our top picks.

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Notecards and necklaces, perfume and plates—these 10 gifts were born to show off that hometown pride. By Michelle Thomas

Maybe you're a born-and-bred Washingtonian—or perhaps you've only more recently adopted this fair city as your very own. No matter, we all feel a whole lot of pride in this place, flaws and all. Give the District a little love with these city-specific finds—from necklaces to note cards. Check out the slideshow to see 10 (non-cheesy) Washington-inspired gifts.

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Genius ideas for the art/film/music buffs on your list, all under $100. By Diana Elbasha

We all have that one friend who’s always on the search for the coolest new indie film, spends weekends at galleries, and listens to his or her favorite tunes in vinyl format only. In an age of endless entertainment at our fingertips, it helps to have said connoisseurs around to sift through the selection and give us the lowdown on the best art and music worth our time. Say thanks to your trusty, culture-addicted friends this year with thoughtful gifts that suit their most beloved hobbies. Check out our slideshow for 15 on-point, cultured gifts—none of which clock in at more than $100.

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