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Find the perfect gift for outdoorsy dads, techie dads, and everyone in between. By Ali Follman
Photograph via Shutterstock.

Treat your dad this Father's Day with these easy gifts, all under $100. Show that you appreciate him, even through all his dad jokes and quirks. Every dad is unique, but they can fall into a few different categories, whether he's the ultimate sports fan, the grill master, or still listening to his favorite records on a turn table.

Make sure the gift is something that reflects his personality, he will use, and he has shown interest in buying for himself, but failed to buy it because he’s busy being your dad (and, let's be honest, spending money on you instead of himself).

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No boring neckties included. By Caroline Cunningham
Image via Shutterstock.

Father’s Day can be a tricky one, since many dads seem to already have everything you think they need or want, which is why so many of us end up going for the ubiquitous necktie. This year, think outside the box with these 11 gifts for your awesome, funny, wacky dad that will appreciate a good pun or just-nerdy-enough-to-be-cool find.

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Our neckwear picks to fit any type of dad. By Sarah Zlotnick
Tie land: A guide to the perfect neckwear for every kind of Washingtonian (and his dad). Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

There’s nothing wrong with a tie for Father’s Day as long as it fits who he is—or wants to be. Our neckwear picks for the common classes of Washington man.

1. The Craftsman

Whether he mixes artisanal cocktails or finishes salvaged-pine shelving, Switchwood’s designed-in-DC wood-and-cotton bow tie marks him as sustainably stylish. “The Clark,” $85 at

2. The Everyman

Even dads who never leave the safety of Brooks Brothers will go for a stripe by Collared Greens, a Richmond company quickly becoming the new go-to for classic American neckwear. “James” teal necktie, $85 at

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Mother's Day on a budget doesn't have to be tacky.

Mother’s Day is around the corner—in fact, you might want to just go ahead and set a reminder to call your mom on May 10 right now—and if you forgot to save up to buy your mom a $400 Le Creuset dutch oven, you may be scrambling to find inexpensive gifts. She did give you life and all, but if $20 is all you’ve got to spend, you can still treat your mother like the lovely lady she is with one of these 15 gifts (that don’t look cheap).

Simple gold bangles are always in style, and they will go with everything she owns. Exotic Enamel Bangle Set, $19.50 at LOFT.

If you can’t afford to buy out Sephora for her, you can at least give her the tools she needs to make all-natural beauty remedies--not that she needs them. Homemade Beauty by Annie Stole, $12.97 at Amazon.

Your mom is pretty perfect, but there’s no woman alive who's never lost or broken a pair of earbuds. Make sure she always has a backup with this cute set. Ear Buddies in Perfect Pink and Cantaloupe, $16 at

Buy her a red rose and a tin of these sweet treats that she can toss in her purse to nosh on the go. Milk Chocolate English Toffee Caramels, $6.25 at Dean & Deluca.

Flowers will wilt and die, but succulents last forever--or at least as long as she remembers to water them. Succulents in White Painted Mason Jars, $12 at Etsy.

It’s a little narcissistic to give her a photo of yourself for Mother’s Day, but she’ll love seeing loved one’s faces on the fridge with these clever magnets. Instagram Photo Magnets, $14.99 for set of nine at Sticky9.

Keep her up-to-date with the latest jewelry trends with these ear cuffs that are subtle enough to still fall within her comfort zone. Studded Arch Ear Jacket, $18 at Hanuel.

Spoil her with some soothing soaps, such as this floral-scented bar. Fresh Freesia Oval Soap, $15 at Bluemercury.

Give her a daily reminder of how much you love her with this elegant “Home is where mom is” print. Mother’s Day Print, $5 at Etsy.

Encourage her healthy eating habits with a water bottle that makes staying hydrated a lot tastier. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle, $15 at Uncommon Goods.

Pair this candle with bath salts and tell her to take the night off and relax. Voluspa Maison Blanc Pink Citron Candle, $16 at Nordstrom.

Cheesy? Maybe. But the follow-through is everything. Vouchers for Mom, $8.95 at Paper Source.

Send her dreaming of wine country with Caudalie’s vinotherapy anti-aging hand cream. Hand and Nail Cream, $15 at Caudalie.

Don’t turn up your nose at Trader Joe’s. One of these chocolates will keep her sweet tooth in a good mood all afternoon. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, $5.49 at Amazon.

Sometimes a simple note of love and thanks says it best. Copper Foil Mother’s Day Card, $5 at Etsy.

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Pamper her with sweet treats and tools to fuel her culinary creativity. By Caroline Cunningham

Some women find kitchenware gifts insulting, so when shopping for the foodie or home chef in your life, make sure to ask this question before you buy: is this a gift for her, or a gift for you? But a smart shopper who’s perused the home section of Anthropologie or spent time in Salt & Sundry will know that there’re a lot of kitchen goodies out there that aren’t desirable just because they’re practical—they’re pretty as well—and that’s the sweet spot for Mother’s Day gifts. For the mom who loves to cook but wouldn’t splurge on gorgeous copper measuring cups or gold polka dot canisters for herself, here’s some inspiration for pampering her on May 10.

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Say no to “mom”-emblazoned tchotchkes. By Michelle Thomas

Trust us on this one: You don’t want to buy the youngish new mom in your life the same Mother’s Day gift you would choose for your own mom. And just because she has a new baby doesn’t mean she’s lost her interest in personal style, either. Instead, choose a present that appeals to her cool side while offering a touch of luxe pampering or stylish practicality.

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From boozy cupcakes to spaghetti for two, these same-day services have your date night covered. By Caroline Cunningham
Photograph by Shutterstock/Andrekart Photography.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already in hot water. But the good news is that these same-day services may be able to help you out with a quick turnaround that’ll get you sweets, gifts, and alcohol in time for your date.

Cupcakes and Booze

Crunkcakes, the liquor-infused cupcake bakery that operates out of Union Kitchen, has partnered with Klink, the urban alcohol delivery app, so that all orders placed between Friday at 5 and Saturday at 10 PM will arrive with two Crunkcakes. The two flavors are Buttery Nipple—vanilla cake with butterscotch liqueur and topped with Bailey's Irish Cream buttercream—and Cowboy Coffee, Guinness chocolate cake infused with Jameson and Van Gogh espresso vodka fudge icing on top.

Monogrammed Gifts

What’s better than boxers for Valentine’s Day? Monogrammed boxers. Now through Valentine’s Day, Thomas Pink will have embroiderers in store to add complimentary same-day monogramming to your purchase, and will even pour you a glass of pink Champagne while you wait. The benefits of this service are twofold: It helps make a basic gift makes seem more personal, and it'll make your SO think you actually put some time and planning into their gift. Thomas Pink, 1127 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-223-5390.

Dinner for Two

Ordering in doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck with pizza or spring rolls--Seamless can bring you dinner for two from more than 500 restaurants in Washington. Light some candles and play some romantic music to create an environment that’s more inviting than an overcrowded eatery, and still get dinner from one of your favorite restaurants around town.

Last-Minute Dessert

The Cupcake Delivers can rescue your date night with a rush order of cupcakes, cake pops and bites, chocolate-dipped Oreos, balloons, and teddy bears. Order an assortment of treats online and select rapid same-day delivery to make sure you’ve got dessert covered.

The Complete Package

You don't even need to leave the house to put together a last-minute celebration. Postmate’s She Loves Me shop will deliver wine, a dozen roses, all the components of an elegant Italian meal, including spaghetti, pesto, fresh mozzarella, and velvet truffles for dessert—plus massage oil and tea light candles for after. You can even get condoms delivered.

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Cute and creative gifts for the woman in your life. By Caroline Cunningham

Even if you’re “not doing anything this year,” it doesn't mean you're off the hook where Valentine's Day is concerned. Treat your lady like the treasure she is with one of these unique gifts. Whether her tastes run to glam gold accessories or tasty chocolates, surprise her with something thoughtful. The best part? We’ve done all the thinking for you, and even kept the wish list to under $50. Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed.

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Creative, inexpensive gifts for the man in your life. By Caroline Cunningham

Let’s all just admit right now that finding a good Valentine’s Day gift for your guy is a headache: this holiday falls too close after Christmas, so his wish list is pretty short this time of the year, most guys don’t go gaga over flowers and chocolate—so those staples are out—and just writing a card seems like you’re skimping. If you’re wanting to make your man feel loved and appreciated this fourteenth, try one of these gifts that’ll make him smile without wiping out your savings.

The rubber wedge ice tray makes the perfectly slanted ice block that’ll keep his liquor cool without watering it down as quickly. Whiskey Wedge, $14.95 at Uncommon Goods.

Trade in his cluttered nightstand for this stylish wood dock that’ll keep track of all his necessities, including a dock for his iPhone, hooks for a watch and his keys, and a spot for his wallet. Docking Station, $39 at Etsy.

These geometric coasters make for great urban chic table toppers, as well as give you something to mess around with when he’s watching the game. Table Tiles Coaster Set, $15 at Poketo.

Bourbon and Oregon cherries make the perfect mix to dress up his nightcap. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Cocktail Cherries, $21.95 at Old Faithful Shop.

We know we said no chocolate, but there’s something respectably manly about the Mast Brother’s nautical print-wrapped dark chocolate with almonds, $10 at Dean & Deluca.

A high-quality razor is hard to come by, and the price point on this one is pretty good. Throw in some shave cream and a three blades, and you’ve got all he needs to stay smooth. Harry’s Deluxe Winston Shave Set, $30 at J. Crew.

This triumvirate of tie bars will ensure that he’s well dressed for every encounter. Brass Tie Bar 3-Pack, $45 at Nordstrom.

Sick of his phone dying midday—or worse, mid-conversation? Make sure he’s ready for the long haul with this portable phone charger, $49.95 at Incase.

Flowers die, but a potted plant lasts forever, or at least as long as he remembers to water it—which won’t be necessary with this Self Watering Planter, $50 at Joey Roth.

He is a man of many skills, so make sure he has the tools to match. He can mix up any cocktail with the Bar10der Ultimate Cocktail Tool, $29.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

He’s supposed to swap out his razor blade every week, but in case his stubble says he’s done otherwise, offer him a sharpener to make sure he gets a close shave every time. Razorpit Sharpener, $25 at Uncommon Goods.

If he’s a man of no frills, help mask his musk with this body spray that promises to do one thing: help him smell good daily. Smell Good Daily Eau de Toilette, $32 at Bespoke Post.

For the gamer he was in his childhood—and continues to be whenever you’re not in the house—let him reminisce about his first love, N64, with this Evolution of Video Game Controllers print, $38 at Pop Chart Lab.

He’ll appreciate being able to store his cash in this sleek leather wallet, and you’ll appreciate seeing it on him every time he pays for dinner. Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Leather Wallet, $35 at South Moon Under.

Get him the gift he’d never know to wish for: a get out of jail free card. We’ll leave it up to you to decide how much you’re willing to write off. Off Scot Free, $10 at Jack Spade.

Find Caroline Cunningham on Twitter at @crcunning.

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Perfect presents for the eager millennial in your life. By Kay Wicker

Washington is a veritable mecca for fresh-from-college career hunters. They land their first position in the big city, move into their own digs, and, according their Instagram, they’re as busy as the day is long and feeling very #blessed. Make sure they stay sharp on the job with these must-haves for the young professional.

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