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These creative offerings are way better than a pair of socks and a cheesy card. By Douglas Bair

With a little more than a week remaining until Father’s Day, you still have plenty of time for shipping and handling to ensure you show up at brunch with a sharp gift in hand.

From skin-care kits and bourbon spa packages to nautical office decor and leather-bound historical writings, we have you covered this year with options that will put your siblings’—or last year’s—boring pair of socks to shame.

And if Pop’s more of an active type, head over to Well+Being to see gifts that will keep dear old Dad’s cholesterol in mind with gym packages and athletic gear.

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Lucky for last-minute shoppers, almost all of these chic picks are available locally. By Diana Elbasha

With just a little more than a week left before Mother’s Day, it’s about time to stop procrastinating. After booking reservations for brunch and maybe even a mother-daughter spa sesh, what remains—besides your shrinking budget—is the hardest piece of the puzzle. What do you get the woman who taught you to shop—without breaking the bank? That’s where we come in. With 20 of our fave under-$100 picks from around the city (plus a few from the Web), things just got a little easier for you.

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Pamper your favorite lady with massages, blowouts, and awesome sales. By Diana Elbasha
Area spas, like Hela in Georgetown, make it easy to give the never-fails gift of pampering with special Mom's Day packages. Photograph courtesy of Hela Spa.

Treat Mom to a Makeover (Not That She Needs It) 
Bluemercury’s Dupont store hosts Trish McEvoy makeup artists between 10 and 8 on May 10 and 11. Snag a makeover from the pros by booking via phone and purchasing two products. 1619 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-462-1300.

Here’s a steal: A haircut, style, and makeup session at the opulent Karma by Erwin Gomez is $139 this month; $89 gets you an anti-aging facial and lip polish. Can’t make it right away? No worries—the deals are good through the end of the month. 1104 24th St., NW; 202-293-3333.

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From DC-inspired wall art to a luxurious shaving brush, there’s something for every type of guy. By Diana Elbasha

Yesterday we brought you part one of our Valentine’s Day gift guide, dedicated to tracking down creative items for the girls in your lives. Today we offer the flip side. While it can be tricky to shop for guys, with a little digging, you’ll find there’s so much out there beyond ties and cufflinks. We’ve compiled 14 of our favorites for your male valentine, from the athlete to the music lover to the frequent traveler.

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From personalized iPhone cases to flirty fragrances, make her melt with a present that’s sweeter than chocolate. By Diana Elbasha

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to be the recipient of something with a little more thought behind it than the clichéd roses and chocolates. We know this can sometimes be a challenge so soon after winter holiday gift-buying—so Shop Around has compiled 14 creative options for February 14. Combine one (or more!) of these items with an out-of-the-ordinary romantic meal to impress the special lady in your life with a memorable Valentine’s Day—no flowers, candy, or stuffy dinners involved.

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Because there’s nothing quite like unwrapping a whole bunch of makeup at once. By Diana Elbasha

Though they come in all shapes, sizes, and preferences, beauty mavens have a few key things in common: Nothing excites them more than a flawless hair day, a truly long-lasting lip color is the holy grail of a makeup bag, and they’re almost always game to try new products. Which is precisely why they’re a (little) easier to please come holiday time. (Unlike the uber-picky fashionista, she’ll at least do you the honor of trying on your present in the bathroom mirror.) Don’t worry if you’re clueless about beauty—we’ve sifted through our fave top-quality brands to bring you the best of their holiday offerings. From your glamorous girlfriend to the DIY manicurist to the mom who could simply use a relaxing treatment, our beauty gift list—full of our favorite pampering kits for the holidays—has something for all types.

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Or for your husband, brother, best friend, etc. By Sarah Zlotnick

Don’t you love dating during the holidays? That lovely, awkward time when you’re forced to evaluate a fresh relationship and attempt to communicate via material goods that hey, it’s still sort of early but you really like where this is all going and hope to be seeing more of them next year. To top it all off, guys are trickier to shop for than girls—you can’t just wrap up something cool you saw on your fave design blog and expect them to squeal with delight. (As adorable as it looks on your computer screen, that navy polka-dot tie is gonna raise some eyebrows at his next client meeting.) Finding that perfect combination of cool and functional, simple and stylish, and fun but not too childish takes a lot of digging—and you don’t have time for that. Luckily, that’s what we’re here for, so dig we did. And now we present our findings—13 of which come in at under $50.

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From what to pick to where to shop, here's everything we know about present buying. Check back often—this page will be updated frequently. By Sarah Zlotnick

Clarendon Coworker

Silver Spring Scholar

Tysons Techie

Logan Circle Label Lover

Friendship Heights Fitness Buff

Herndon Homebody

Georgetown Hostess

Your Foodie Boss

Your New(ish) Boyfriend

Your Secret Santa

Your Foodie Significant Other

The Serious Fitness Tracker

Fashion Finds Under $50

Washington Books We Love

Foodie Party Gifts

At-Home Exercise Equipment

The Best of Etsy

Home Bar Tools

Fitness Clothes Under $50

Makeup & Beauty Sets

9 Really Good Gift Websites

Good Gift Websites for Guys

Shopping Deals for Our Readers

Websites that Help with Holiday Shopping

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Her idea of fun is a ten-mile run. Her arms are so toned they could rival Michelle Obama’s. She practiced yoga long before it was cool. These no-sweat gifts will get her heart racing. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

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He loves gadgets—especially ones with a cool design. He’s not ashamed to admit he likes Star Trek. He’s helped you with your computer more times than you can count. Show him some thanks. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

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