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Instagram has a you-can't-shop-here problem. This tool fixes that. By Sarah Zlotnick

Like to Know It is the best Band-Aid on the you-can’t-shop-Instagram problem right now, and it’s free to join and easy to understand. Bloggers use the platform to create affiliate links for the products they post about, and when a Like to Know It user likes a photo that includes a Like to Know It URL in the caption, the company e-mails shopping details for the tagged items in the photo. Voilà! You’re one step closer to owning those lace-up Aquazzura pumps your fave fashion blogger posted from brunch last weekend.

Senior writer Sarah Zlotnick can be reached at

This article appears in the October 2015 issue of Washingtonian.

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Because society says you can’t wear your Snuggie everywhere. By Caroline Cunningham

As temperatures start to dip, we can joyfully embrace the return of the blanket scarf. For the uninitiated, a blanket scarf is an oversized scarf, often in a tartan pattern, that can worn as a cozy cape or wrapped around the neck like a giant fluffy collar. They’re warm and wonderful, and the closest fashion has gotten to embracing Tina Fey’s slanket look.

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And it’s oh, so pretty. By Caroline Cunningham
All photographs by Andrew Propp. Photo assistant: Lauren Joseph.

The Heurich House Museum in Dupont has long been an establishment of late-Victorian history, but the carriage house that shares the property has recently gotten a hip, modern upgrade: it’s now a studio space for four local artisans.

On October 2, Brewmasters Studios celebrated a grand opening for the four new studio spaces. Among the tenants are Mallory Shelter of Mallory Shelter Jewelry, artist and painter Rikke Kuhn Riegels, Carolyn Misterek of Matine, and Meredith Akery of Sea Heart City Press.

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And no umbrella should ever cost more than $25. By Caroline Cunningham

If you leave your house this weekend only to get caught in Hurricane Joaquin, you may want to make a pit stop for an umbrella. If you do, though, we don’t recommend ducking in for shelter at these shops--an umbrella from these retailers will cost you quite a bit more than $25. You’re better off stopping in at a CVS for a cheap umbrella to do the job, or just embracing the weather in all its misery.


While they may be the king of outdoorsy apparel, this umbrella’s $108 price tag at Filson isn’t very wallet-friendly, even with the fancy maple wood handle.

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While the traditional, knee-high rain boots can do the trick when puddle jumping or wading into a creek, wearing ten pounds of rubber on your feet isn’t strictly necessary when you’re just hoping to get to and from work without soggy socks.

Not only are these boots lightweight, they also won’t look as awkward with your professional outfit, and you may even get away with wearing some of the solid-colored pairs all day long. With the torrential downpours headed to Washington this weekend, it might be time to invest in a good pair of rain shoes.

These easy black booties will keep your feet dry without crimping your style, $68 at J. Crew.

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Photographs courtesy Filson.

Seattle-based outfitter Filson opened its doors on September 29, bringing outdoorsy apparel to Washington in the form of their "unfailing goods." After Shinola, Filson's sister brand under Bedrock Manufacturing, vacated the space to move into their gorgeous permanent storefront on 14th earlier this month, Filson was able to take over the 1543 14th Street address to open up shop.

“We are thrilled to be coming to DC,” said Filson president Gray Madden in an interview with Washingtonian. “People in DC appreciate the quality and history of our brand.”

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Check out the new Filson shop on 14th. Image courtesy Filson.

Seattle-based Filson Opens on 14th Street

The outdoorsy men’s shop opened the company’s eighth store on September 29, taking over Shinola’s former location between Q and Church streets. The shop will feature some of the brand’s most iconic outerwear, but as D.C. is Filson’s southernmost location, keep an eye out for jackets in lighter weight material. The new store’s address is 1534 14th St., NW.

Workshop With FashionBoss Brittany Rawlings

Fashion Group International, a global non-profit that helps members become more effective in their fashion and design careers, is hosting a workshop with FashionBoss CEO Brittany Rawlings on Wednesday night from 6 to 8 PM. FashionBoss is an online, one-stop-shop for everything you need to start and run your own fashion business, and Rawlings will be giving in-person tips and advice tonight at the General Assembly. Tickets are available at Eventbrite for $10 for FGI members and $20 for non-members, or cost $25 at the door. The event is taking place at the General Assembly, 1133 15th St., NW on the 8th Floor.

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The city's most fashionable flocked to Anderson House last night, and we have the Instagram posts to prove it. By Caroline Cunningham

The ten best dressed in Washington were honored last night at Washingtonian's Style Setters Party at Anderson House. The ornate venue made the perfect backdrop for the even more elaborate outfits, which guests didn't hesitate to share on social media. Take a peek at some of the stylish guests in the best Instagram posts of the night below.

Style Setters || DC's Best • @washingtonianmag

A photo posted by Tamon (@tamon_) on

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Photographs courtesy Warby Parker.

DC has been awaiting the arrival of a Warby Parker shop since their "Class Trip" traveling showroom first rolled into town in 2012. The visit was followed by another bus stop in 2013, and now, finally, a brick-and-mortar store.

Though the brand started online with a home try-on ordering system just five years ago, it has expanded rapidly in recent years, with 14 storefronts across the United States, one of which opens on Saturday, September 26, at 3225 M Street in Georgetown.

Shop Around took a quick tour of the new Georgetown space with the brand's eighth employee--they've now grown to hundreds--who is in town from New York for this weekend's opening. She shared about how the store had preserved the original exterior of the store, bringing some branded touches to the interior with their custom illustration wall paper and a window wall mural by artist Jason Munn.

Keeping with the literary themes that the brand's name is based on--Warby Parker comes from the names of two of Jack Kerouac's characters--the store is lined with bookshelves filled with a rainbow of volumes, all sourced from independent bookstores.

Though Warby Parker glasses are easy to purchase online, the showroom will give customers the chance to try on more than five pairs at a time, purchase any non-prescription glasses on the spot, and have their frames adjusted. And before the end of the year, another Warby Parker shop will be opening at The Shay development in Shaw, where shoppers can also have their eyes examined to get their most recent eye glasses prescription.

Take a look inside at the new shop below, and stay tuned for Warby Parker's second opening at The Shay.

Update: A previous version of this post listed this store as number 15. It is the brand's fourteenth store.

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On Saturday, Washingtonians can head to Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase to hear The Good Wife costume designer Daniel Lawson and Politico reporter--and former Washingtonian fashion editor--Kate Bennett chat about fashionable workwear at the Lafayette 148 New York Fall 2015 collection presentation.

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