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Biking 10-plus miles to work on Friday? At least look awesome while you do it. By Caroline Cunningham, Ryan Weisser

Prepare to ride to work in style with helmets, jackets, and gloves that will help keep you cool, safe, and comfortable on your route. Take advantage of the technological advancements in these smart products that are designed with urban bikers in mind.

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These leggings are practically works of art. By Caroline Cunningham

Whether you’re a runner, a yogi, a cyclist, or a HIIT fanatic, leggings are likely a staple of your athletic wardrobe. If you’re none of these, then these 10 pairs of funky printed, pattered, and stand-out-even-in-a-dark-spin-studio tights are going to make you wish you worked out.

These aren’t your basic black leggings that are all function without the fun—these are the tights you buy to inspire yourself to get out of the winter rut and into a new sweat routine.

Rag & Bone athletic leggings? Yes, and they’re beautiful and available through Intermix’s new fitness apparel and accessories collection. Rag & Bone jean chevron print leggings, $228 at Intermix.

We’re not totally sure what’s going on here—maybe a window with a tree branch?—but like a good piece of abstract art, we think these are pretty cool. Revitalize leggings in Geo Run Print, $58 at MPG.

Swashes of bright colors and a cloud-like pattern across the waistband on these leggings will get your workout off on the right foot. Foreverun running tights, $150 at Nike.

This scaly pattern in shades of pink and purple is anything but boring. HeatGear Armour 29” print legging in aubergine, $49.99 at Under Armour.

If you’re not ready to go full-on neon at your next yoga class, try on these black and white floral leggings for size. Floral cropped active legging, $19 at Joe Fresh.

Not only does the blue swirl remind of us of a Van Gogh painting, the mesh calves will help make sure you don’t overheat in your next spin class. If You’re Lucky Pant, $108 at Lululemon.

If Lululemon is borrowing from Van Gogh, then Lucas Hugh must have Picasso on the brain. Bonus: there’s a built-in pocket for your cell phone. Lucas Hugh Leadlight printed stretch leggings, $410 at Net-A-Porter.

Take a trip somewhere tropical in these Hawaiian-print inspired tights. Floral Fade Sonar capri, $74 at Athleta.

These tights are an inverse mullet—a pattern party in the front with matte navy business in the back. Zella Adrenaline running tights, $64 at Nordstrom.

Every woman should feel like a superhero when she works out, even if it’s just the endorphins talking. Super logo graphic leggings, $45 at Adidas.

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What’s the man version of “whimsical”? By Tanya Pai
The burrito-print Brogamat bag. Photographs courtesy of Dan Abramson.

Here at Well+Being, we love a good yoga session almost as much as we love a nice burrito. Now, thanks to Dan Abramson, there’s a product that combines the two. Abramson, who’s based in San Francisco, is the creator of Brogamats: extra-long, extra-thick yoga mats designed with men in mind but appropriate for “people of all walks of life, all genders, all Lululemon budgets, and all levels of earthy pretentiousness,” as the website declares. Even more fun than the mats themselves are the bags to put them in, which come in solid colors or printed with man-friendly things like bears, plaid, and, yes, an image of a foil-wrapped burrito (though it’s unfortunately currently sold out).

Brogamats are available online, along with Abramson’s Kickstarter-funded Yoga Joes—a collection of GI Joe look-alike toys molded into traditional yoga poses, aimed at getting a wider audience interested in the practice. Both would make a great gift for your favorite yoga enthusiast with a sense of humor; it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts, after all.

Don’t see the perfect design? Abramson happily takes suggestions—“the best ideas come from people around me,” he says via e-mail. Our picks for Washington-centric versions: seersucker (the official unofficial Washington summer uniform), a Metro map (for when you want to be simultaneously relaxed and tense), and an all-over Shackburger print so you can dream about what you’ll be doing after yoga. Check out the current Brogamats bag collection below, and share your design suggestions in the comments.

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Be bold and bright or sporty and simple. By Melissa Romero

Every year, we’re excited to take on spring race season. But more often than not, dressing appropriately for a springtime race can be tough, given the fickle weather. We’re here to help. Find the perfect race-day outfit below, whether you’re a no-frills, minimalist runner or want to make a fashion statement while pounding pavement.

You’re an athlete at heart who loves all sports—including running. This Under Armour long-sleeve tee is soft and breathable, thanks to the hole in the back, while the reversible printed sports bra lets you decide how to wear it on race day.

Under Armour Fly-By Long-Sleeve, $43; Lululemon Run Crop II, $86; Moving Comfort Switch It Up Racer, $36; Nike Air Pegasus +3D, $100.

You’re the type of runner with only one goal in mind: to set a new personal record. This minimalist outfit keeps it simple in black and white and won’t distract you from achieving your goals.

Athleta Turbocharge Tank, $59; Nike Luxe Running Tights, $120; Brooks Pureflow 3 Shoes, $100; H&M Hairbands $3.95.

In a pack of thousands of runners, you want to stand out on race day. Channel spring with this bold ensemble, complete with a built-in sports bra, colorful shorts with a zippered pocket, and a matching hydration bottle to complete the look.

C9 Women’s Layered Run Tank, $20; New Balance Graphic Shorts, $48; Nathan Quickshot Plus, $20; Newton Energy Gateway Trainer, $119.

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From major padding to sustainable materials, these new designs pack features that claim to make you a better runner. By Melissa Romero

Is it just us, or are running shoes looking wackier these days? We’re not talking about the eye-catching neon and tie-dye color trend—we mean insanely thick padding and Vibrams made of hemp.

It’s not just about appearance when it comes to these new shoes. The shoe companies claim that with the unconventional designs come more benefits, from better running form to reduced injuries. What do you think of these odd-looking shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

1) Hoka One One

Dubbed “clown shoes,” these highly padded shoes have attracted ultra-runners such as local pro Michael Wardian. The design allows runners to feel like they’re on a rocking chair, and despite the size, reviews say the shoe is extremely lightweight. $130 to $170.

2) Vibram CVT Hemp

Described as the “casual cousin” to Vibram’s current CVT LS line, these casual shoes are made with sustainable hemp up top and rubber on the soles. Wearers can push down the backs to wear them as slippers. Available in August for $100.

3) Vasque Ultra SST

Available in March and designed specifically for trail runners, the newest Vasque shoe model is also thick-soled. Vasque has combined the outsole, midsole, and insole into one to provide extra protection from roots and rocks. The laces can be tucked in, too. $170.

4) On Running Cloud

Who said the minimalist shoe was dead? On Running’s new Cloud line is fully cushioned but still lightweight. Its unconventional shoelace design also allows you to easily slip the shoe on and off, and the sole is designed with 16 separate cushioned pods to react to every movement. $110.

5) Altra Olympus

The Altra Olympus is designed with a foot-shaped toe box that allows you to run trails in a more natural position. Altra designed the shoe in efforts to reduce ankle sprains, stone bruising, overstraining, knee pain, forefoot pain, and impact. $130.

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Fool even your most fashionable girlfriends with these printed leggings, cozy jackets, and cute tops. By Melissa Romero

We spend plenty of time in workout clothes—but always find ourselves wishing we could rock the comfy outfits at the office or out to drink with friends. Luckily, brands such as Gap and H&M have stepped up their gear game, offering cute and functional sweat-wicking tops, printed leggings, and more. Even Lululemon has a new line of everyday wear, coLab. Check out our favorite stylish workout pieces that can go from work to the gym to drinks in no time.

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Give your workout bag an upgrade with these stylish totes. By Melissa Romero

You already know the must-have beauty products to bring along to your next workout—now here’s a roundup of gym bags to store your gear in style. There’s something here for every gym-goer, from Athleta’s yoga-mat-toting bag to the hiking-friendly backpack by Burton.

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Look picture-perfect even after a midday workout. By Kelsey Lindsey
These seven beauty products make the post-workout clean-up process that much easier.

Letting out some work frustration at the gym during your lunch break is pretty rewarding. Not so great: the hassle of showering, blow-drying your hair, and changing back into work clothes. Make the process easier by stashing these essential beauty products in your gym bag. The best part? They’re all less than $13 and can be found at your local drugstore.

1) Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant ($9.99) 
This prescription-strength deodorant keeps working long after you have.

2) Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($6.99)
No time to shower? These refreshing face and body wipes will keep you smelling fresh. (Your coworkers will thank you.)

3) Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets ($4.99) 
Rid your face of excess oil and sweat with these shine-eliminating sheets.

4) Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner ($9.95) 
Redness-reducing rose-petal water in this alcohol-free toner helps calm Santa-flushed cheeks to a healthy glow.

5) Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream ($12.99) 
Streamline your beauty routine with this all-in-one foundation formula that hydrates and brightens your complexion.

6) PSSSSST Dry Shampoo Spray ($6.79) 
An oldie but a goody, this dry shampoo refreshes your locks with an unscented formula designed to absorb excess oil.

7) Almay Wake Up Under-Eye Concealer ($7.19) 
Bring new light to tired post-workout eyes with this refreshing under-eye concealer.

Do you have a favorite beauty product to use after a workout? Share it with us in the comments.

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The tracking app sends friends real-time location updates during your outdoor activity. By Kelsey Lindsey

I’ve never been one for scare tactics, but when a friend had a particularly nasty run-in blocks from my apartment, I began to look for ways to keep safe during my solo runs through DC.

One way was to try out Road ID, a free smartphone app that sends friends real-time location updates during your outdoor activity. Contacts can follow your route from start to finish, tracking any suspicious pauses or lapse in activity along the way. Here’s how it works:

1. Start your Road ID session by setting an estimated workout time and choosing up to five emergency contacts. Don’t worry about exceeding this pre-set time—you can add more in 10 minute increments if you’re feeling especially ambitious mid-jog.

2. Select a message to be sent via text to your contacts once you begin, or create your own.

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Workout gear and accessories you can buy this holiday season when you’re in a pinch. By Melissa Romero

Not to freak you out, but Christmas is in exactly one week. That means it’s time to buckle down and do some serious online shopping. To help you get started, we rounded up 15 last-minute stocking stuffers for the fitness buff in your life. Now whip out that credit card and start shopping!

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