Meet Our 2012 Weight-Loss Bloggers

These two young professionals are both hoping to shed at least ten pounds while keeping up with their demanding work schedules.

By: Melissa Romero

Julie at 159 pounds.

Julie Albert

Age: 32

Current Weight: 159 pounds

Goal Weight: 145 to 148 pounds

Height: Five-foot-four-and-a-half

Occupation: Director of events and marketing at Brasserie Beck and Marcel’s.

Current exercise regimen: “At the gym, I’ll run a few miles and usually row for 10 to 15 minutes. I used to work out all the time, but I stopped for a few months this past September and have been slow and not all that motivated. Rough year for me, but now I’m ready to get back on track.”

The issue: “Working for a chef involves long hours and a lot of outside events. There’s always lots of foods from DC’s best chefs, and plenty of wine—not to mention that being a ‘professional food taster’ all the time can be hard to resist when working with so much talent.”

Her trainer: Elizabeth Brooks of Effervescence Training Studio

Look for Julie’s weekly posts every Monday in January.

Frankie at 165 pounds.

Frankie A. Martinez-Blanco

Age: 25

Current weight: 168 pounds

Goal Weight: 155 to 158 pounds

Height: Five-foot-eight

Occupation: Director of advance at the US Department of Education. “My job consists of coordinating all of the logistics for any international or domestic trip that Secretary Arne Duncan undertakes. Then I travel three to five days before the secretary arrives. Once he arrives, I travel with him, briefing him and making sure he stays on schedule.”

Current exercise regimen: “I bike every day to and from work—three miles each way. I also try to go to the gym at least once a week, but haven’t succeeded in the past two months.

The issue: At 25 and with a demanding job, Frankie has found it difficult to dedicate time to making exercise a priority in his life. “I’ve been in the city for five years and still haven’t mastered the technique of active winter living à la Colorado. This blog opportunity hopefully will make me both shed the extra pounds and inspire others like me to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing their socially active routines in the great city of Washington.”

His trainer: Will Noel of Mint DC

Look for Frankie’s weekly posts every Thursday in January.