Book Reviews - Autobiography/Memoir
Book Review: “The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books” by Azar Nafisi
Reviewed By Bethanne Patrick
The author explores the no man’s land between life and art. more
Book Review: “Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ’n’ Roll Group” by Ian Svenonius
Reviewed By John Wilwol
A local underground rocker with the scoop behind bad reviews. more
Book Review: “My Beloved World” by Sonia Sotomayor
Reviewed By John Wilwol
Life lessons from the Supreme Court justice. more
Book Review: “When We Were the Kennedys” by Monica Wood
Reviewed By John Wilwol
A moving memoir of losing a father the year JFK died. more
“Barack Obama: The Story” by David Maraniss
Reviewed By John Wilwol
Maraniss doesn’t miss a detail about Obama, from childhood to Harvard Law. more
Book Review: "To the Last Breath" by Francis Slakey
Reviewed By John Wilwol
A Georgetown professor chronicles his climbing and surfing adventures. more
Book Review: House of Stone by Anthony Shadid
Reviewed By Drew Bratcher
Anthony Shadid’s final book tells of restoring his great-grandfather’s house in Lebanon. more
Don't Kill the Birthday Girl
Reviewed By Drew Bratcher
Few writers are more qualified than Sandra Beasley to pen... more
Modigliani: A Life
Reviewed By Drew Bratcher
Several years ago, longtime DC biographer Meryle Secrest wandered into... more
My Father at 100
Reviewed By Drew Bratcher
Ron Reagan, the youngest of Ronald Reagan’s children, returns... more
The Grace of Silence
Reviewed By Drew Bratcher
Every family has secrets, some more sensitive than others. In... more
Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War
Reviewed By Elizabeth McNamara
Before she met her husband, Alison Buckholtz’s life was similar... more
Things I’ve Been Silent About: Memories
Reviewed By Arla Shephard
For many of us, the secrets we keep and the... more
The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington
Reviewed By Alec Mouhibian
Washington is a citadel of public service; therefore, it is... more
. . . And His Lovely Wife: A Memoir From the Woman Beside the Man
Reviewed By Ruth Samuelson
—By Ruth Samuelson When journalist Connie Schultz married Sherrod Brown in... more
Men May Come and Go but I’ve Still Got My Little Pink Raincoat: Life and Love In and Out of My Wardrobe
Reviewed By Leslie Milk
I confess—when I saw that little pink raincoat on the... more
“Love You, Daddy Boy”: Daughters Honor the Fathers They Love
Reviewed By Dana Schwartz
If there’s an unwritten rule that there’s a special... more
No Such Thing as a Bad Day
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
Jimmy Carter's former chief of staff has written a... more
Life So Far: A Memoir
Reviewed By Ellen Ryan
It was 1963, a year before segregationist Howard Smith... more
Home and Away: Memoir of a Fan
Reviewed By David Yalowitz
Washington transplants who have sat in FedEx Field or Camden... more
The Inextinguishable Symphony: A True Story of Music and Love in Nazi Germany
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
Martin Goldsmith has a lot to be proud of. A... more
Conversations With Papa Charlie: A Memory of Charles E. Smith
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
This collection of vignettes about the author’s grandfather isn’t literature,... more
Along the Inca Road: A Woman’s Journey Into an Ancient Empire
Reviewed By Laura Freschi
“If you’re just beginning your journey,” a friend advises... more
Breaking Apart: A Memoir of Divorce
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
“I think of divorce now as something akin to a... more
Reviewed By Laura Freschi
When Kogan, a Potomac native, landed her second assignment... more
The Games We Played: A Celebration of Childhood and Imagination
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
I guess you could call this a gift book, something... more
Pearl’s Secret: A Black Man’s Search for His White Family
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
 Former Washington Post reporter Henry, an African-American, tells of searching... more
Christmas in Plains: Memories
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
 Drop the “s” from the name of former president Carter’s... more
Ciao, America! An Italian Discovers the U.S.
Reviewed By Katharine Burgess
 This chronicle of a witty, somewhat cynical Italian journalist spending... more
JFK, Nixon, Oliver Stone and Me: An Idealist’s Journey From Capitol Hill to Hollywood Hell
Reviewed By Jeff Deck
 As a law-school graduate working for Senator John Kerry... more
The Ride Together: A Brother and Sister’s Memoir of Autism in the Family
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
The chapters of this unusual, modest book alternate between narrative... more
Rescuing Patty Hearst: Memories From a Decade Gone Mad
Reviewed By Laura Thomas
 In 1975, when she was a preteen, the author and... more
A Certain Somewhere: Writers on the Places They Remember
Reviewed By Aili Petersen
Preservation, the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s magazine, launched... more
Dispatches From the Muckdog Gazette: A Mostly Affectionate Account of a Small Town's Fight to Survive
Reviewed By Molly Browne
 “Returning becomes an act of rebellion,” Kauffman writes. “But just... more
Anyone Can Grow Up: How George Bush and I Made It to the White House
Reviewed By Nandita Khanna
Time columnist and CNN panelist Carlson explores Washington politics... more
Swim Lessons: Ten Secrets for Making Any Dream Come True
Reviewed By Jessica Flint
For 118 days in 1997, Bethesda author Nick Irons swam... more
Ever Is a Long Time: A Journey Into Mississippi's Dark Past
Reviewed By Rob Blair
 “In Mississippi,” Eubanks writes, “. . . the ghosts of... more
Nine Hills to Nambonkaha: Two Years in the Heart of an African Village
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
 This is a Peace Corps memoir in which the Peace... more
Cork Boat
Reviewed By Julia Feldmeier
 After former Bill Clinton speechwriter John Pollack was featured... more
Virgin Territory: Stories From the Road to Womanhood
Reviewed By Julia Feldmeier
 I liked Virgin Territory so much that after I’d read—and... more
The Weight-Loss Diaries: A Tale of Binges, Guilt, Fat Days, New-Me Shopping Sprees, Exercise, More Binges, and How I Learned to Deal With My Lifelong Weight-Loss Struggle
Reviewed By Ann Limpert
 “Get a Bikini-Ready Body in Two Weeks!” “Lose Weight and... more
Telling Others What to Think: Recollections of a Pundit
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
“Pseudo-events abound nowadays, especially in campaign seasons,” Edwin Yoder writes.... more
Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
 Harvard is hot—or a hot potato.In January came university president... more
On Hitler's Mountain: Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
It’s strange to realize that there are people among us... more
Will's Choice: A Suicidal Teen, a Desperate Mother, and a Chronicle of Recovery
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
“We give our children life; we think we know everything... more
One Soldier's Story: A Memoir
Reviewed By Jason M. Breslow
In April 1945, the Nazis were losing their grasp on... more
What the Dog Did: Tales From a Formerly Reluctant Dog Owner
Reviewed By William O'Sullivan
Full disclosure: This book—about a woman, indifferent to dogs all... more