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Home Design Chats Transcripts
Design Dilemmas: Live Chat
Do you have a design dilemma? Help is on the way! Submit your questions for DC designers Liz Levin and Sally Steponkusand they'll write back with ideas and advice during a live chat on Wednesday, September 9 at 11 AM. more
Chat With DC Designers Liz Levin and Sally Steponkus
Read the transcript from these two interior designers, who gave advice on everything from too-masculine bathrooms to light fixtures. more
Diary of a Fixer Upper: Chat About Home Renovation
Heather Goss, who writes Open House's weekly Diary of a Fixer-Upper column, will host a chat Wednesday about her renovation. Heather bought a crumbling rowhouse in Columbia Heights in the fall and has spent the last six months gutting and remodeling the more