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Social Media Boot Camp
User Contributed Published December 21, 2012
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Event date and time: January 26, 2013, 10:00 AM

Cost: $129

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Event Details: Are you tired of hearing your friends and colleagues talk about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—and you don’t have a clue? It’s Time for You to Go Social! This in-depth Social Media Boot Camp will focus on helping you learn what social media is and how to use it effectively. It will give you everything you need to get started in the emerging world of social networking. The goal of this social media boot camp is to take you beyond the “what is it” phase and have you putting social media to work for you. You’ll learn about LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and how to get started using them today. There is no better way to learn than in an interactive classroom setting and with an instructor who is prepared to answer your questions. In this “hands-on environment” we will review the most popular social networks and discuss their effectiveness, including how to choose which one is best for you. You will be setting up your social media profiles, so be ready to have some fun! Part one starts off with you gaining an understanding of what social media is, how it directly affects you and why you should be using it. At the end of part two, you’ll leave with a portfolio that will move you toward building your social media footprint—that allows you to begin engaging with your family, friends and colleagues online. In Part One of this Boot Camp You Will Learn: - What social media is - What Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are - Who is on them? What do they do there? Why You Should Care - What other Social Networks are out there such as Pinterest, YouTube and Google - Where to Begin? Which Networks Matter? - How to simply get started with social media - How social media connects people - chatting and sharing In Part Two of this Boot Camp You Will Learn: - How to build and use social media to grow your network - The basics of keyword research and how to use it to optimize your profiles for the search engines - How to manage your account and how to change your privacy settings - How to get friends, connections and followers—and who to friend, connect with and follow - When and what to post, update or Tweet - Social Media tools, tips, applications and best practices - How to manage your online reputation Who Should Attend: This Boot Camp is designed to meet the needs of people who do not know where to begin with social media. The course was created for those who consider themselves to be at beginner level in social networking. Prerequisites: - Basic PC skills and internet knowledge is required - You must have a working email address and know the password - Please bring your laptop - Optional: Bring headshot and any photos you would like to use on your social networks. You can bring these either on your flash drive, in your email or on your mobile phone (you should know how to download from your phone) This workshop is presented by Romona Foster. Romona is a highly endorsed social media trainer teaching professionals how to leverage and brand their businesses through the use of social media! She is an engaging speaker who is passionate about all things related to social media marketing. Romona trains both groups and individuals on how to use LinkedIn, how to market on Facebook, all about Twitter, Constant Contact, Microsoft Office - and coming in 2013, Google . She is also a certified Constant Contact Social Media Marketing Expert Presenter and Email Marketing Expert Trainer.
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