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Art and Acquisition Panel
User Contributed Published February 19, 2013
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Event date and time: February 28, 2013, 7:30 PM

Cost: Free

Phone: 202-630-2278

Event Details: Conversations with Artists and Their Collectors. On February 28, 2013, the Artinista Art Advsiory, ArtSee and the Catalyst Projects will host a panel Discussion on the relationships between artists and collectors. Art and Acquisitions: Conversations with Artists and Their Collectors, will take place at Hamiltonian Gallery at 7:30 pm and feature some of D.C.’s top collectors and the artists that they admire. The panel will feature Philippa Hughes, collector and founder of the Pinkline Project, artist Cory Oberndorfer, collector and artist J.T. Kirkland, artist John M. Adams and collector Henry Thaggert. The conversation of the panel will explore how they make their decisions in selecting art, why a particular artist may continue to be a part of their collection and their thoughts on the current D.C. art market. As artist it is important to understand how a collector responds to their work. The hosts of the panel hope to bring some insight in to how to approach and foster a collector, artist relationship. Each of the panelists has had extensive experience in these interactions and was chosen for their knowledge of both the D.C. and national art market. The range of panelists will also bring varying opinions on different levels of collecting and producing work. The collectors on the panel, Philippa Hughes, J.T. Kirkland and Henry Thaggert, each have an established art collection of local or national work. While Hughes and Kirkland have focused most of their collecting on the D.C. area, Thaggert will bring a broader perspective of collecting and where D.C. falls short in a desirable market. Cory Oberndorfer and John M. Adams were both brought on to the panel by their collectors, Hughes and Kirkland respectively, to explore their relationships and how they were able to find a home for their work through these two collectors and others. The Artinista Art Advisory, ArtSee and Catalyst Projects worked together on bringing this distinguished panel together because they felt it was necessary to directly explore the D.C. market and hopefully give the community a sense of what is necessary to cultivate more of these interactions and transactions. “The DC area is rich with resources for art and artists. With this panel discussion we hope to foster a continuing dialogue between artists and the community around them,” says Gail Vollrath, Co-Founder Catalyst Projects. As three groups with very different missions, their goal is the same, cultivating the D.C. art scene and supporting local artists and collectors. This panel will hopefully reinforce those ideas and bring to light the necessary tools to nurture the relationship between artist and collector.

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