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Search Warrant
User Contributed Published March 19, 2013
Location Info
1101 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone Number:
Nearby Metro Stops:

Event date and times: March 6, 2013, 12:00 PM

Cost: Free

Phone: 603-714-5454

Official Website

Event Details: Search Warrant is a collection of mobile search histories paired with video portraits of their creators. Internet search engines have revolutionized how we find information, from academic research and restaurant menus to medical advice and the latest ballgame score. Now, smartphones are changing when, where and how we search—and what we look for. Questions flow directly from brain to fingertips to touchscreen, bypassing any self-aware mental filter that might keep us from asking for directions or wondering aloud about the meaning of a slangy idiom. In a society that places a premium on confident all-knowingness, our phones have become truncated diaries of sorts—fleeting logs of our interests, curiosities, and things we may not want to admit we don’t know. Seeing a search phrase or question out of context, we immediately begin to populate the unfinished narrative that prompted it. Some are easy to imagine, while some are opaque. Some confirm the assumptions we’ve made based on the searcher’s appearance, while others subvert them. What does your mobile search history say about you? About the places you’ve been, the work you do, the peculiar questions you’ve had? What unfinished stories does it tell?

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