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Owner's Name Value Neighborhood/City Square Footage
1Jim Kimsey$45.5MMcLeanMain House: 21,000/Wright House: 2,698
2Steve Case$20.4MMcLean16,137
3Rodney Hunt$20.3MMcLeanunknown
4Robert and Elena Allbritton$19.7MGeorgetown14,966
5Ryuji Ueno and Sachiko Kuno$18.1MGeorgetown10,110
6Debra Lee$17.7MMassachusetts Avenue Heights10,897/the home for sale: 4,462
7John and Sharon Rockefeller$16MCrestwood16,658
8Robert and Louisa Duemling$14.2MKent6,227
9Hestia International LLC$13.7MMassachusetts Avenue Heights11,616
10Moeen Qureshi$13.5MMassachusetts Avenue Heights11,478
11Mitchell Rales$12.5MPotomac11,685
12Christine Rales$11.9MMassachusetts Avenue Heights10,332
13Melvyn Estrin$11.5MMassachusetts Avenue Heights12,713
14Ed and Penelope Peskowitz$10.6MSpring Valley10,452
15Daniel Snyder$10.5MPotomac19,419
16Robert Hacker$10.4MGeorgetown6,625
17Gerald and Helen Halpin$10.3MAlexandria5,984
18Dwight and Martha Schar$9.9MMcLean11,592
19Eugene and Carol Ludwig$9.4MBerkley12,740
20Tom and Rachel Sullivan$9.1MPotomac25,880
21Apeks LLC$9.1MMcLean16,221
22John and Angie Marriott$8.8MPotomac15,044
23Robert and Aimee Lehrman$8.8MMassachusetts Avenue Heights8,999
24James and Jill Tonkel$8.7MGeorgetown10,001
25Tom and Ann Friedman$8.7MBethesda11,420
26Robert and Arlene Kogod$8.7MMassachusetts Avenue Heights12,628
27David and Katherine Bradley$8.7MMassachusetts Avenue Heights8,820
28David and Carrie Marriott$8.5MBethesda15,350
29SRS POTOMAC LLC$8.5MPotomac16,727
30Ryuji Ueno and Sachiko Kuno$8.5MGeorgetown30,500
31Ted and Lynn Leonsis$8.4MPotomac19,689
32Earl F. Glock,Trustee$8.3MMassachusetts Avenue Heights15,902
33Robert and Anne Bass$8.2MGeorgetown7,179
34Alan Dabbiere$8.1MMcLean7,850
35Earl and Amanda Stafford$8.1MMcLean20,258
36"John Rogers and Deborah Lehr$8.1MMassachusetts Avenue Heights8,148
37Randall Odeneal$8MMcLean12,641
38Armeane and Mary Choksi$8MKalorama8,159
39Stephen and Maxine Phillips$7.9MAnnapolis19,610
40Adrienne Arsht$7.8MMassachusetts Avenue Heights6,581
41Mark Ein$7.7MGeorgetown6,956
42Suzanne and David Hillman$7.7MMcLean11,813
43Edward and Debra Cohen$7.5MSpring Valley10,858
44Peter and Nina Fitzgerald$7.5MMcLean12,005
45Paul Horvath$7.4MGeorgetown8,305
46Kenneth and Carolyn Brody$7.3MMassachusetts Avenue Heights5,192
47Kingston Property LLC$7.3MMcLean14,198
48Richard and Chris Fairbank$7.2MLorton3,344
49Michael and Kellie Ballard$7.2MPotomac12,800
50C. Boyden Gray$7.2MGeorgetown7,458

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