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October 1998 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Dream Houses

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Capital Comment Will Maureen return to Channel 9? . . . Al Gore's top veep choices . . . The Supreme Court's best boss.


Where & When Van Gogh at National Gallery . . . Simon Estes at Kennedy Center . . . Washington Opera does Fedora . . . Taste of DC.

What Freud Got Right He was wrong about women but not everything. By Ken Adelman.

Cries and Whispers The White House wanted the president of South Vietnam to disappear. Thus began a story of deadly diplomacy. By Kai Bird.

On the Money Books to help you with money and the market. By Richard Victory.

Building the Future This year's picks for the Business Hall of Fame. By Leslie Milk.

Searching for a Lost Father Fifty years after her father was killed by a mine in World War II, the author set out to discover the man she never knew. By Susan Hadler.

My Favorite Painting No one knows art better than those who guard it. By Bill Heavey.

Thou Shalt Not Joe Califano is waging his own war on drugs. And woe to those who get in his way. By Christopher Shea.

Free Fall at Fifty How do you celebrate your 50th birthday and prove that you're still young at heart? Simple: Jump. By Owen Ullmann.

Inside "America's Most Wanted" A popular television show tries to solve the brutal murder of a young DC woman. By Lydia Strohl.

Call Me Mommy What happens when a globetrotting writer puts her career on hold to devote herself to four little boys. By Diana McLellan.

Dream Houses A remodeling boom is making old houses new again. Here's what it costs, who can help, and how to do it right. By Diane Granat.

Bethesda's 30 Best Restaurants

What's New

Dining Out

Wine Adviser


Luxury Homes

Singles Hot, Hot, Hot. By Alicia Abell.

First Person Playing Hard. By Joel Harrison.