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Spotted: The Governator

California's Terminator-in-Chief swings through J. Crew

A t-shirt from Gap’s Red Campaign with Bono.

Who: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Where: J Crew on M Street in Georgetown

When: Saturday, November 25 at about 3 PM

What: The Austrian body builder turned Governor of California was spotted this weekend shopping in Georgetown with one of his daughters. The tanned, buffed Schwarzennegger was smiling and shaking hands with well-wishers while browsing J Crew's men's department. He was wearing a fitted red Gap T-shirt stamped with the word "Inspired," part of the Red Campaign launched by U2 frontman Bono to support the global fight against AIDS. Along with his t-shirt, the Governator sported a brown tweed blazer, khaki pants, and white high-top sneakers.

Overheard: While checking out at the cash register, "Ahnold" said in his trademark accent, "Forget the papers. Just put it in the bag."